Episode #12: Turban Fever

Secaucast show

Summary: Guest Co-Host: Iron Sherv from Cambridge, MA In this episode: Islam at the airport, lab coat pheromones, highway hookers, pussy whiskers, burka by law, Turkish anemas, driving online, raki rendezvous, Muslim in the mist, atheism unleashed, parkedhead misfire, and the A-rab is traumatized by T. Links: Anterior cruciate ligament Drivers Ed Racing Game Raki Music: "The Decisive Battle" by Jenova Project Intro Music: "Tora Tora Tora" by U.S. Bombs Outro Music: "Arabu Andaluz" by Fishtank Ensemble Intro and Outro music courtesy of the Podsafe Music Network Podcast Mentioned: You Are The Guest! Direct Download: Secaucast_2006-09-28.mp3