Kayak Fishing 101 With Shane Davies [CR EP 35]

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Summary: Kayak fishing 101 is the main topic of this weeks episode of Catfishing Radio with guest Shane Davies of River Run Guide Service. Shane is a Kayak fishing expert and shares some of his knowledge on kayak fishing, safety, and what to look for when purchasing a kayak for fishing. This show is not specifically about fishing for catfish but more so an overall kayak fishing overview, hence the name Kayak Fishing 101. The show starts out with the normal announcements including an overview of recent iTunes reviews and other announcements. If you have not done so already, please take some time to complete our 2012 survey. You can check out all of the premium products if you would like to learn more about fishing for catfish and also help support the show and website. The proceeds from these products are what allow us to continue to produce free content, articles, catfishing videos and the catfishing radio podcast. Fall is a great time of the year to check out our splat fishing techniques program. The music on this show is the song Catfish Fishing from Guthrie Kennard.   Kayak Fishing 101 with Shane Davies, River Run Guide Service We start the main show with an introduction to Shane Davies and River Run Guide Service. Shane guides on the upper Brazos River as well as on the Devil’s River and some rivers in the Texas Hill Country. Shane fishes on rivers that are generally very shallow and clear and are only accessible by canoe, kayak or airboat. Fishing from a kayak allows Shane to access these smaller shallow bodies of water and gives him the ability to access some very remote areas that would be otherwise unavailable to him. Some of the highlights of the Kayak Fishing 101 Segment are: An overview of gear and discussion of kayak differences The difference between sit in and sit on top kayaks and which Shane prefers and why An overview of the other basic gear needed for kayak fishing including rod holders and other items A general overview of the startup costs and some of the more advanced equipment available What Shane suggests everyone do before they go out and buy a kayak (how to choose a fishing kayak) The advantages and disadvantages if buying a ready to fish kayak versus rigging your own Safety aspects to consider How fishing from a kayak can improve your catch Planning ahead for fishing tackle and gear based on patterns   Fishing Small To Medium Sized Rivers Again Shane fishes on the upper Brazos River as well as several other rivers in Texas. These rivers are small compared to big rivers like the Mississippi River and many of the others we have talked about in the past on the Catfishing Radio show. They also have a distinct difference as they have crystal clear water in many cases which can be an advantage when it comes to finding and catching fish on these rivers. In this section of the show Shane talks about some of the basics of how he goes about locating and catching fish when he has clients fishing with River Run Guide Service. Shane provides an overview of some of the basics he uses for locating and catching fish and provides some tips and tricks.   Show Wrap Up – Catching Bass With Rattlesnakes Wrapping up the show we discuss the book Goodbye To A River about the Brazos River and then talk about a fish story of Shane’s that went viral. I won’t go into all the details here but be sure to listen to this story on the podcast and then check out the pictures of Shane Davies catching bass with a rattlesnake.   Contact Shane Davies River Run Guide Service You can find Shane and River Run Guide Service on Facebook or on his River Run Guide Service website or call him at 214-418-9786