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Catfishing Radio - Fishing Podcast From Learn To Catch Catfish

Summary: Catfishing Radio from Learn To Catch Catfish covers catfish fishing tips, tricks and information to help anglers learn how to catch more and bigger catfish. Catfishing Radio is the first and only podcast radio show dedicated to helping catfish anglers with their fishing needs and promoting the sport of catfishing (catfish fishing). Catfishing Radio is posted by Chad Ferguson, a veteran professional catfish guide and catfish bait manufacturer.

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 Finding Catfish In Transition Periods [CREP 37] | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 41:25

Show Summary: This Catfishing Radio podcast covers everything you need to know about transition periods including what a transition period is, how it affects the fishing and what you can do to help you locate and catch fish during a transition period. Catfishing Radio is back with Episode 37. My goal was to do a show once a month the first week of each month for a while and I got behind schedule due to a horrible cold and a major computer disaster. I am back up and running now with a new computer and finally kicked the cold so I am working on getting back on track. Episode 37 Introduction The show starts out with some introductions and announcements. Show Schedule - My plan was to go with a show schedule of once a month. I may ultimately go back to a bi-weekly show but for now the plan is to do a podcast at least once a month and if it works out to be able to do more then so be it. iTunes Subscribers - There was a major technical issue with the website and how it communicates with iTunes. I will spare you the technical details (I don't even completely understand them). The important thing is you need to go back into iTunes on your iPhone, iPad or computer and subscribe again to make sure you get the downloads when a new show is released. You can follow this link to find the show on iTunes, then just click the subscribe button. Transition Periods and Fishing For Catfish I've had a ton of recent questions submitted through the site and about transition periods. These were from anglers wanting to know what I mean when I made reference to transition periods in a pat podcast, what a transition period is and how it impacts the fishing. Due to all the recent questions I felt this was a great topic for Catfishing Radio. Transition periods are what happens anytime the seasons change. Here in Texas we really don't have four distinct seasons so many of the transition periods that occur are not as significant or noticeable but in other parts of the country they may be. Anytime the water temperature goes through a significant change and experiences warming or cooling you have a transition period. The transition from Winter to Spring or Summer to Fall is a great example of transition periods. When we come out of Winter you go from having a cold water period where many of the fish are concentrated in tight groups in specific areas of the lakes. Then a warming trend occurs heading into Spring and it moves these fish, often to shallower water. During this time when the water temperature has not stabilized, it's common to experience trends where the water warms and then cools again and temperatures may fluctuate up or down drastically. These transitions often cause the fish to move to shallower or deeper water both in search of food and their preferred water temperature and then with changes in temperature again, they may move back. This can often cause very erratic patterns and changes where fish move from day to day or week to week, or may even be in drastically different depths from morning to afternoon or at different times of the day. This means you may have to adjust your approach on locating and catching fish from day to day and may need to greatly vary your approach during these times. Some things to consider during these times include: Searching Various Depths - Don't fish "spots" focus on finding fish on your sonar and fishing areas where you can verify there are fish holding. This is always going to be the most productive approach. Drift Fishing - During transition periods fish are often much less concentrated than they are when they are in a good pattern. For this reason drift fishing can often be a good approach to fishing because it allows you to target these scattered fish and still be productive. Anchoring can be equally productive as well. Show Wrap Up The wrap up of the show includes: Catfishing Insider: This is a project I have been working on for a while.

 Flathead Catfish With Robby Robinson [CR EP 36] | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 33:33

Catfishing Radio is back with the first episode in Season 3 of the Catfishing Radio show. It’s been a long break since September of 2012 when we did Episode 35 Kayak Fishing 101 with Shane Davies. In this show I cover what’s been going on since the break and then talk flathead catfish with Robby Robinson (aka Katfish). I’ve been getting emails daily from people wanting to know if the podcast was gone for good. I just took a break from the podcast for the holidays like I have each year but started the break earlier this year, and didn’t announce that was what I was doing. In 2013 season 3 of Catfishing Radio will be a bit different, I begin to touch on that in this episode and will go into more details in the future. I start this show with some background on the break between seasons, and what has been going on with Learn To Catch Catfish. I’m making some major changes behind the scenes to make information easier to find in the future and provide better resources to help anglers in their quest to catch catfish. I also cover briefly the new look of the website and why this was done and talk about the free ebook that has been released, Catfish Gear 101. In the coming days I will be releasing the second free ebook in the series Catfish Tackle 101 and then another free ebook titled 12 Tips To Help You Catch More Channel Catfish. Be on the lookout for all of these, all you have to do is sign up for Catfishing Secrets.   Show Sponsors Winter is coming to a close and this is a great time of the year to start gearing up to catch spring blue catfish. The Spring Blue Catfish Techniques ebook walks you step by step through exactly how to go about locating and catching blue catfish in March, April and May in detail. I tell you exactly where, when and how to catch HUGE numbers of blue catfish in step by step detail. You can learn more at or on the products page. Team Catfish and Brute Outdoors also sponsor the Catfishing Radio show for this episode.   Flathead Catfish 101 With Robby Robinson The guest on this week’s show is Robby Robinson and the topic is flathead catfish. Robbie is a seasoned flathead catfish angler that lives in Ohio and catches impressive numbers of big flatheads. I wanted to do a show on flathead basics and Robby was the first person that came to mind when I was trying to come up with a guest. Outside of making trips to Virginia to catch big blue catfish, Robby is a flathead fishing machine. Robby and I talk about some basics for flathead catfish including his preferred gear for flathead catfish including rods, reels, hooks, tackle and catfish bait and then go into some of his tips for locating and catching flathead catfish. Robby provides some great tips for locating and catching flathead catfish regardless of your experience level.

 Kayak Fishing 101 With Shane Davies [CR EP 35] | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:03:30

Kayak fishing 101 is the main topic of this weeks episode of Catfishing Radio with guest Shane Davies of River Run Guide Service. Shane is a Kayak fishing expert and shares some of his knowledge on kayak fishing, safety, and what to look for when purchasing a kayak for fishing. This show is not specifically about fishing for catfish but more so an overall kayak fishing overview, hence the name Kayak Fishing 101. The show starts out with the normal announcements including an overview of recent iTunes reviews and other announcements. If you have not done so already, please take some time to complete our 2012 survey. You can check out all of the premium products if you would like to learn more about fishing for catfish and also help support the show and website. The proceeds from these products are what allow us to continue to produce free content, articles, catfishing videos and the catfishing radio podcast. Fall is a great time of the year to check out our splat fishing techniques program. The music on this show is the song Catfish Fishing from Guthrie Kennard.   Kayak Fishing 101 with Shane Davies, River Run Guide Service We start the main show with an introduction to Shane Davies and River Run Guide Service. Shane guides on the upper Brazos River as well as on the Devil’s River and some rivers in the Texas Hill Country. Shane fishes on rivers that are generally very shallow and clear and are only accessible by canoe, kayak or airboat. Fishing from a kayak allows Shane to access these smaller shallow bodies of water and gives him the ability to access some very remote areas that would be otherwise unavailable to him. Some of the highlights of the Kayak Fishing 101 Segment are: An overview of gear and discussion of kayak differences The difference between sit in and sit on top kayaks and which Shane prefers and why An overview of the other basic gear needed for kayak fishing including rod holders and other items A general overview of the startup costs and some of the more advanced equipment available What Shane suggests everyone do before they go out and buy a kayak (how to choose a fishing kayak) The advantages and disadvantages if buying a ready to fish kayak versus rigging your own Safety aspects to consider How fishing from a kayak can improve your catch Planning ahead for fishing tackle and gear based on patterns   Fishing Small To Medium Sized Rivers Again Shane fishes on the upper Brazos River as well as several other rivers in Texas. These rivers are small compared to big rivers like the Mississippi River and many of the others we have talked about in the past on the Catfishing Radio show. They also have a distinct difference as they have crystal clear water in many cases which can be an advantage when it comes to finding and catching fish on these rivers. In this section of the show Shane talks about some of the basics of how he goes about locating and catching fish when he has clients fishing with River Run Guide Service. Shane provides an overview of some of the basics he uses for locating and catching fish and provides some tips and tricks.   Show Wrap Up – Catching Bass With Rattlesnakes Wrapping up the show we discuss the book Goodbye To A River about the Brazos River and then talk about a fish story of Shane’s that went viral. I won’t go into all the details here but be sure to listen to this story on the podcast and then check out the pictures of Shane Davies catching bass with a rattlesnake.   Contact Shane Davies River Run Guide Service You can find Shane and River Run Guide Service on Facebook or on his River Run Guide Service website or call him at 214-418-9786  

 Ohio River Catfish with Captain Paul Willett [CR EP 34] | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 53:07

In this weeks Catfishing Radio podcast we head out to the Ohio River near Henderson Kentucky and talk with Captain Paul Willett of Camo Fish Guide Service. Captain Paul Willett is based in Henderson Kentucky and fishes the stretch of the Ohio River in that area, and definitely knows his way around catching some big blue catfish. This is part of our ongoing coverage on big river catfishing and the catfish baits and catfishing techniques used for catching all the different catfish species. You can learn more in our other episodes with Brad Durick, Daryl and Jason Masingale, Ryan Casey, Bill Dance and Jeff Williams. The show starts with announcements and updates including some information on where I have been and why there was such a long lapse between episode 33 and the current show. Other updates include: Please take a few minutes to complete our 2012 listener survey Recent reviews on iTunes End of summer sale – Use coupon code LABORDAY for 15% off all products between now and September 4th   Camo Fish Guide Service – Captain Paul Willett This segment of the show starts with an introduction to Paul Willett and Camo Fish Guide Service and some background on the area of the Ohio River where he fishes. Paul fishes a long stretch of the river that covers about 170 miles. He is the only Coast Guard licensed catfish guide on this area of the river. He not only fishes for catfish but also fishes for stripers and hybrids also. Paul provided some information on current and how it impacts the blue catfish bite and and talks in depth at how much the current impacts the catfish bite and how to read current to locate blue catfish. Paul also talks about drifting and anchoring and the difference between the two and how he determines when to drift and when to anchor and how a moving bait impacts the catfish bite. Next there is an in depth discussion on bait presentation, catfish rigs, how he uses his catfish boat in the process of fishing and presenting the baits in the right way. Paul uses a 7’6” MH Tangling With Catfish Rod, 80 Lb Braided Line, Shakespeare Tidewater Level Wind Reels and talks about his preference for inexpensive fishing reels. For leader line he uses 60 lb monofilament and and a large circle hook with the size tailored to the fish he is targeting and explains how current impacts catfishing with circle hooks and we have a discussion on the difference between using circle hooks in lakes and rivers. For bait he uses shad, mooneye and skipjack and has a variety of different presentations on how he rigs his cut bait.  he also explains a method he uses for his slip sinker rigs and three way rig and attaching his weights so he can quickly and easily change his weights based on the current. Next Paul provides some information on drift fishing in rivers and shares how he determines his drift speed using a trolling motor and how important drift speed is and why and how important the proper bait presentation is in rivers. Channel catfish are also an option in the Ohio River and we talk some about how and where to locate channel catfish in rivers. Finally Paul provides some information for beginners on his biggest tips for locating and catching blue catfish in rivers which is using fresh bait. No matter what type of bait it is, it needs to be fresh and fresh bait will always work better than frozen bait. His second biggest tip is on bait presentation and rigging. There is a ton of more information in this show not included in this summary and this is a must listen show on locating and catching blue catfish in rivers. There is also a lot of information that will apply to locating blue catfish in lakes and reservoirs also. You can contact Paul Willett through his website Camo Fish Guide Service or on Facebook at his Camo Fish Guide Service page

 Catfishing Q&A [CR EP 33] | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

  I’m really behind on things with the website and have not posted any articles or videos in the past week and a half or so. I’m posting this episode of Catfishing Radio behind schedule also. My wife had surgery last week and things have been hectic with her being down and out, as well as getting ready for her to have surgery. I had planned on talking about some more channel catfish topics this week but with everything going on I had to change plans at the last minute so in this weeks show I am doing some “catch up” on some catfishing Q&A answering some of the questions I have been “sitting on” in my email inbox.   Catfishing Radio Episode 33 Here are some of the questions covered in this weeks show.   Getting Bites But Cannot Set The Hook I have recently taken up fishing and am learning slowly how to catch these critters. I have my rig pretty much worked out with a slip bobber. I will probably will try a smaller treble hook based on my findings so far. I get quite a few bites but am having difficulty setting the hook, I am not sure on the catfishing techniques. I am about 50 feet above the fishing hole. Do you have any suggestion on setting a hook when you are vertical above the hole by that distance. Any suggestions on setting the hook would be appreciated since I am pretty new to this.   Fishing Reports, Trust Them Or Not Was thinking about heading up to Pomme De Terre lake here in Missouri for a few days of camping and catfishing, and checked out the fishing report. It stated that cat fishing was fair to slow. My question is do you pay any attention to these reports and more importantly should someone like myself without much fishing experience pay any attention to these reports? Really looking forward to trying out the techniques in the Summer Catfishing e-book and the secret channel catfish rig.   Catfish Reels I am trying to decide what is the best line to use to set up an Abu Garcia 550C3 for a catfish reel. I am in the middle of Kansas mostly all pond fishing! No real big catfish 2 lb. to 10-12 lb. range is biggest so far.   Lake Turnover After the lakes are done with the turn over does the dead zone go away at the bottom of the lake for a time because of the turnover?   Choosing Hook Size How do you choose the hook size and what kind of hook do you use for catfish hooks? I really enjoy the videos on the web site great job!   Trophy Blue Catfish and The Double Hook Rig I fish for very large blue catfish and flathead catfish on the Mississippi just south of St. Louis in Missouri ( Jefferson County near Herculaneum )we have very large trophy class fish here and my largest is a 65 pound blue caught on a 6 inch live goldfish from shore at that. I hooked into a giant the other night and lost it from the stinger hook coming undone I was using a 6 inch creek chub, leader of 40 lbs, Berkley big game line. The snell knot was tied correctly it just slipped, maybe from bumping and fighting the fish. i use nothing less than 30-40 pound mono main line due to very rocky terrain and hang ups, less if we are in a sandy area. I am considering using some off shore angler tight line for a leader but it is stiff and hard to snell on the stinger.running an 8/0 gamakatsu octopus/cirle to a 6/0 back hook. Could it work well if I tied the first hook with a palomar knot then snell the front hook on a double hook rig? I know on single hook rigging i have never lost a fish from a palomar knot. the catfish rigs I use are off shore angler trophy class 20-50 rods from Bass Pro Shop with Garcia 6500 catfish reels loaded with 40 pound main line and or 30 pound catfish ugly sticks with 5500's and 25 lbs test for the large channel cats.

 Hot Summer Catfish, Day Vs’ Night [CR EP 32] | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

With record heat across much of the country I have been getting pounded with questions about catching catfish in the Summer and in the heat and how high temperatures impact the fishing. This weeks episode of Catfishing Radio we discuss of the hot summe...

 Missouri Catfish With Ryan Casey [CR EP 31] | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 42:04

Well, I swore back in episode 30 of Catfishing Radio that I was going to get off of the big river catfish topic. We have covered the topic a lot this year after episodes with Bill Dance, Brad Durick, Jeff Williams and the Masingale Brothers I feel like this has been the season of river catfishing. I planned on doing a question and answer show this week and also talking some about how the heat impacts fishing but somebody or something just didn’t want that to happen. After three failed attempts at recording a show due to the power going out, phone calls, door bells and just general craziness I gave up and decided to air this interview on the podcast this week.   Catfishing Radio Episode 31 – Missouri Catfish with Ryan Casey Ryan Casey is a catfish guide located in St Louis Missouri and owns and operates Show Me Catfishing guide service. I have been following Ryan on Facebook for a while now after I saw this video he did with the guys at Team Catfish. I started watching some of his catfishing pictures on Facebook and what struck me was….. This guy is whacking blue catfish right below the St Louis arch, how freaking cool is that. Let me tell you it was cool enough for Mike Iaconelli to come fish with him when he was hosting the City Limits Fishing TV show.    The other thing that hot me was Ryan Casey is catching some awful big blue catfish in the Mississippi River. It was then I decided we needed to do an interview for the Catfishing Radio show! After several months of trading messages back and forth I finally pinned Ryan Down long enough to talk to him! The show starts out with an introduction to Ryan Casey and Show Me Catfishing. We talk about the area he fishes on the Mississippi River and some of the basics of his catfish guide service (including fishing in front of the arch) and then get into the nuts and bolts of his catfish tackle, rods and reels, catfish boat and some of his catfishing techniques. This derails into a short conversation about the Humminbird 1198 and running into or over things with the boat (a common issue with those new to side and down imaging) Ryan gives an in depth overview on the types of rods he uses and why, his reel preferences, talks about hooks rigs and more. This includes an overview of what he calls the “Casey Stack Rig”. I’m not 100% clear on what he was explaining with the rig so you can rest assure I will follow up and get some information on that and see about getting it added to the catfish rigs section. Next Ryan explains his preferred catfish baits and including a run down on what he likes to use, when and why he uses them. Finally, Ryan talks about techniques for river catfish and covers some great tips on increasing your success catching catfish in big rivers. He covers the importance of safety on rivers and some of the areas you should key in on to locate and catch catfish. Finally we wrap up the show and talk about some of his catfish “dream destinations” including the James River, Wheeler Lake and more. There is some great catfishing tips, tricks and information in this show and you can rest assured we will stay in touch with Ryan Casey and Show Me Catfishing and be talking with him more in the future.

 Big Rivers, Big Catfish, Big Tournament Wins [CR EP 30] | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

  Recently we have been on a roll on the Catfishing Radio podcast talking about fishing for catfish in big rivers. This is going to be the last river episode for a while. In this weeks show we talk about fishing for blue catfish and catching monster blue catfish as well as catfish tournaments with brothers Daryl and Jason Masingale.  This is episode #30 of the Catfishing Radio show, a major milestone for us! The show starts out with some announcements about upcoming live podcasts with live catfishing questions and answers, information on the Learn To Catch Catfish community and more. Show sponsors for this weeks show are Team Catfish and Brute Outdoors. This is a great time of year for our Summer Channel Catfish techniques and Secret Channel Catfish Rig books so make sure you check them out. You can find all of our learning programs on the premium products  page.   Catfishing Radio Episode 30 Daryl and Jason Masingale are two brothers from Paragould Arkansas. If you follow the catfish tournament world at all chances are you have heard the Masingale boys name at some point. if you have participated in the bigger catfish tournaments and seen the leaders board, chances are their name was on the top of it, or at least very close to the top. These guys are sweeping catfish tournaments across the county and have perfected the art of locating and catching catfish in big rivers across the country. The audio quality in this interview is not the greatest but this show is jam packed with information, so listen closely! We start with a brief introduction with Daryl and Jason. Here are some statistics they provided. 127 POUND AVERAGE IN KING KAT TOURNAMENTS 8 TIME CABELAS CLASSIC QUALIFIER 5 TIME BIG CAT QUEST QUALIFIER 2009 CABELA’S CHAMPIONSHIP RUNNERS-UP 2010 BIG CAT QUEST CHAMPIONS 2011 BIG CAT QUEST CHAMPIONSHIP RUNNERS-UP 2011 CABELA’S “ANGLERS OF THE YEAR” POINTS CHAMPIONS We start with a brief introduction to Daryl and Jason Masingale. Daryl got a bug one day to catch a big blue catfish and talked his brother Jason into going fishing with him on the Mississippi river and the rest was history. They cut their teeth on the Mississippi River, Ohio River and Tennessee River and the rest was history. We talk about their preference for catfishing in lakes or rivers and which one they prefer and why, and the brothers had much different opinions on this topic, including some amazing numbers for trophy fish on Wheeler Lake in Alabama. Daryl and Jason talk in depth about the catfish tackle, catfish rods and reels they use, catfish rigs they prefer, catfish baits and the gear they use on their catfish boat. Once we get the gear discussions out of the way Daryl and Jason share some great information on locating and catching catfish in the rivers, and some information on the techniques they use as well as some great information on river catfishing safety. You can find Daryl and Jason online at the Masingale Catfishing Facebook page. Once you are finished listening to the show, make sure you head over to the Learn To Catch Catfish community and let us know what you think about this show and feel free to ask any questions you might have. You just never know, Daryl and Jason may show up and answer your questions. Be sure to check out our premium products page and help support the show also!

 River Channel Catfishing and Team Catfish Updates [CR EP 29] | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:00:14

In this weeks Catfishing Radio show we talk with Jeff Williams of Team Catfish and get updates on some of the latest catfish tackle innovations from Team Catfish as well as new rods on the market including the iCat, Catfish Warrior and High Standard Ro...

 Red River Trophy Channel Catfish with Brad Durick [CR EP 28] | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 55:44

  Catfishing Radio Introduction We start this weeks show with announcements and information: Thanks for the recent iTunes reviews. We have surpassed 100 reviews  on iTunes. Thanks to those that have taken the time to leave a review. The Learn To Catch Catfish Community is now online go to to check it out. We will be adding new features and information as things progress. There will be some exclusive events coming up in the near future only available to members of the Learn To Catch Catfish Community. The channel catfish are on fire. Be sure to check out the Summer Channel Catfish Techniques program and the Secret Channel Catfish Rig. Catfishing Radio Episode 28 On this weeks episode of Catfishing Radio we interview Captain Brad Durick of Brad Durick Outdoors. Brad is a catfish guide on the Red River and not that shallow muddy Red River that runs between Texas and Oklahoma. Brad is a catfish guide fishing out of Grand Forks North Dakota on what most people refer to as the “Red River of The North”. When most people think of catching channel catfish they think of catching a bunch of smaller 1-3 lb catfish using prepared catfish baits like punch bait, dip bait  or other form of “stink bait”. That’s the way we do it here in North Texas and we catch a lot of channel catfish. The “Red River of the North” is the premier trophy channel catfish fishery in the country when it comes to BIG channel catfish and Captain Brad Durick knows all about them. Most people don’t think of big trophy class fish when they think of channel catfish, they think of blue catfish or flathead catfish but Captain Durick proves everyone wrong because he catches some monsters and he is the go to guy when it comes to information on catching these big Red River channel catfish. I am fascinated with these big fish he catches up there, and big river catfishing in general so I reached out to Brad to pick his brain a bit on some of the catfishing techniques he uses and exactly how he goes about locating and catching these monster cats. Here are some of the topics covered in this show: The catfish boats that are used for fishing in this area and how the water level impacts the river fishing. The absence of blue catfish and flathead catfish in the Red River. The average size of fish on Red River and channel catfish being an average of about 28” and an average weight of 8 or 9 lbs The catfish rods, catfish reels, fishing line and catfish tackle he uses on the river. Adjusting to low water and high water conditions. His research on low water conditions and high water conditions and how it impacts the fishing there. The baits they commonly use for Red River Channel Catfish Catfishing with frogs The cold water period and when the action starts. When he fishes and why he shuts down fishing on October 1. Reading the water and current when fishing a river and what the water tells you. Using electronics as a backup to reading the water and side imaging and sonar impacts. The huge differences between lake fishing and big river fishing. Keeping fishing logs and the importance of keeping good records. Anchors for drifting in heavy current. Beginner advice for an experienced angler to get on the water and learn The In-Fisherman Catfish Fever Book Simple areas to look for when catfishing rivers. To get out on the water with Captain Brad Durick visit his website at Brad Durick Outdoors or give him a call at 701-739-5808

 Catfish Conservation, Central Texas Top Catfish Lakes and More [CR EP 27] | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

On this weeks episode of Catfishing Radio we bring a very special guest on the show, Mr. John Tibbs with Texas Parks and Wildlife. John is the Inland Fisheries District Supervisor with Texas Parks and Wildlife office in Waco Texas covering much of the central Texas area. John is also heading up the research for the blue catfish slot limits that have been introduced on several Texas lakes. Before the interview we do the show announcements. I screwed up the podcast episode numbers. Last weeks show on Sonar, Down Imaging and Side Imaging was episode 26 and this is actually episode 27 Thanks to the sponsors Team Catfish and Brute Outdoors for being a sponsor of Catfishing Radio. We are running a sale THIS WEEK ONLY, it ends on Sunday May 13th at midnight. Use the coupon code MAY2012 for 15% off any of our premium products (except Jug Fishing 101). You can find all of these on the products page for quick reference. This is the time of the year for catching amazing numbers of channel catfish. Check out the Summer Channel Catfish Techniques program and fish those techniques using the Secret Channel Catfish Rig. If blue catfish is more your speed then the techniques outlined in the Spring Blue Catfish Techniques program will still work. We have a BIG announcement coming up soon. Make sure you keep a close eye on the website! Catfishing Radio Episode 27 We have John Tibbs on the show. John and I  cover the following topics: Catfish Conservation – Texas Parks and Wildlife has an experimental slot in place on Lake Lewisville, Lake Waco and Richland Chambers Reservoir here in Texas. Anglers can keep a full bag limit of fish less than 30”, everything between 30 and 45 inches has to be released and anything over 45 inches the anglers can keep one per day. They are studying what they can do to increase the populations of trophy catfish on these lakes and what kind of impact they can have on the fisheries. John and I discuss this program, what they are doing, how they are studying the trophy catfish populations and monitoring the impact of this program. John provides a sort of 50,000 foot overview of what is taking place with this. He also covers what the plans are in the future if this program has impacts on these fisheries and what would take place. Trophy Catch and Release - John and I have a conversation about trophy catch and release and how the attitude has changed towards the catch and release of big catfish over the years and the support level that is coming from anglers and even from jug fishing anglers. Catfishing Popularity Is Growing – We discuss the popularity increase in catfishing across the country and the popularity of Texas catfishing. The catfish is the second most popular fish in Texas second only to bass and even beats out the “anything” anglers who are out on the water. John and I discuss this and discuss the attitude of Texas Parks and Wildlife towards catfish anglers. How Long Does It Take A Catfish To Mature – We discuss how long it takes a catfish to mature and how a 10 lb blue catfish in one lake can vary greatly in age from different bodies of water and some of the factors that impact these growth rates which is everything from the water body to the genetics of the fish and some of these “super fish” that have been stocked in one of his lakes. Black and White Catfish – Black and white catfish or what many anglers refer to as a “holstein” catfish are popping up in lakes all over the country. We discuss what causes this weird black and white appearance, albino catfish, pigment mutations in catfish and even color variances in flathead catfish. Catfish Populations – We discuss the populations of catfish in lakes and rivers across Texas and with the increasing popularity of catfishing if bag limit decreases are needed to keep healthy fish populations and exactly how Texas Parks and Wildlife is monitoring this and what the responses are.

 Sonar, Down Imaging, Side Imaging and 360 Imaging For Catfish [CR EP 26] | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:00:16

  In the last episode of Catfishing Radio we discussed bank fishing for catfish tips and common mistakes focusing on increasing the success of anglers fishing for catfish from the shore, regardless of which catfish species you target. In this weeks show we are flipping things around a bit again and focusing on the catfish boat anglers and discussing different sonar technologies along with choosing a fishfinder for catfish. If you are looking into purchasing electronics for the first time or considering upgrading the existing equipment on your boat, there is valuable information on this Catfishing Radio podcast.  This will help you better understand the different technologies and make a more informed decision when purchasing. We start the show off by discussing the different technologies, down imaging (or down scan), side imaging (or side scan), traditional 2d sonar (broad band) and the latest and greatest technology, 360 degree imaging and outline each of these different technologies and how they pertain to fishing for blue catfish, channel catfish and flathead catfish.   2D Sonar (Broadband) 2D sonar or broadband sonar is the typical sonar technology that has been around for year. This shows the bottom contour, arches for fish, bait fish and gives you a good picture of what is going on directly below the boat when you pass over an area. This is an essential tool if you are going to target catfish (especially blue catfish). Older units are available in black and white and newer units have color screens that provide a higher level of information due to their color readouts.   Down Imaging and Downscan Down imaging or downscan technology also looks directly below the boat (like traditional 2d broadband sonar) but provides a much more detailed picture. It allows you to see more definition in the fish, structure and cover below the boat and provides a much clearer picture.   Side Imaging and Sidescan Side imaging or sidescan shoots a sonar beam on either side of the boat (or one side if you choose that option in the settings) and gives you a highly detailed image of what is on either side of the boat. This allows you to see cover, structure and even balls of threadfin shad and gizzard shad. The side imaging range is adjustable on most units and allows you to see out as far as several hundred feet but to get a clear picture with detail that is usable you have to look at a much more narrow range.   360 Degree Imaging This is the latest technology from Humminbird. The 360 degree imaging technology provides a highly detailed image (like side imaging and down imaging) of everything below and surrounding the boat and will function while sitting still. This is a new technology that comes with a premium price tag.   Choosing a Fishfinder For Catfishing – What Features To Look For I am constantly getting phone calls, emails and talking with clients who fish with me at North Texas Catfish Guide Service who have either just made a purchase of one of these technologies or are about to make a purchase. The technology is confusing and they often come out with what I consider to be a waste of money or a bad purchasing decision not giving them the features they need. These opinions are based on my long term use of the Humminbird 1198c and the different features available. Brand – My suggestion is to stick with Lowrance or Humminbird, nothing else.  They are the two undisputed leaders in this market. My preference is Humminbird because they are made in the USA, everything is self contained within the fishfinder for installation (except the transducer) and Humminbird hastop notch customer service (something Lowrance has really struggled with for a long time). Screen Size – When using down imaging and side imaging screen size has a MAJOR impact on the functionality of the unit and being able to really see what is going on. Always go with the biggest screen possible.

 Bank Fishing For Catfish Tips and Common Mistakes [CR EP 25] | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

I get emails and messages from people constantly wanting more information on bank fishing for catfish (catfishing from the shore or without a catfish boat) and it has been a while since I have spread any bank fishing love around so this weeks episode of Catfishing Radio is all about bank fishing. It’s a bank fishing love fest. If you are a catfish angler that fishes from a boat, you need to listen to this show also though because there is still some great information in this show that will help you in your quest to catch more and bigger catfish.   Catfishing Radio Episode 25 I start this episode with the typical announcement as well as an explanation for my recent absence from the website, and why I have not been doing any updates or podcasts over the past couple of weeks due to an illness in the family and some unfortunate circumstances. Make sure you check out the Learn To Catch Catfish Facebook page Make sure you follow us on Twitter Make sure you check out our Youtube channel Special thanks to Brute Outdoors and Team Catfish for sponsoring the podcast! I follow up by talking about the spring blue catfish bite and how the fishing is really heating up. If you plan on fishing for catfish this spring you need to check out the Spring Blue Catfish techniques program we have available. The time will also be coming very soon to turn your attention to the red hot channel catfish bite. For that I suggest the Summer Channel Catfish Techniques program and the Secret Channel Catfish Rig fished with punch bait like Sudden Impact Fiber Bait or Sure Shot Catfish Punch Bait. Next I move into the topic of bank fishing for catfish covering information on blue catfish, channel catfish and flathead catfish and some of the most common mistakes I see anglers making when they are shore fishing (this really applies to all species of fish not just cats). Fishing Where The Fish Are Not – I talk about learning seasonal patterns of the fish and the bait fish (like threadfin shad and gizzard shad) and how these seasonal movements affect the fish. I also talk in depth about anglers that chose a fishing location as a matter of convenience instead of choosing a fishing location based on where the fish should be, and how doing a little work and putting some extra effort into your fishing trip can pay off in a huge way. Choosing Your Fishing Location – I talk about using the knowledge of fishing patterns and catfishing techniques and finding good locations to fish. Using tools like the Navionics app, Navionics Hotmaps and Google Maps you can find areas to fish are not over pressured and also have access to the depths and structure you need to fish based on the seasonal movement of catfish. Catfish Tackle – I talk about using the right catfish rods, catfish reels and catfish rigs based on the areas you are fishing, where the fish are and what depth of water you need to be fishing and how specialized equipment and rod holders can give you access to not only make really long casts but also cover a lot of water. This gives you the ability to get to fish you might otherwise not be able to get to. Getting Off The Bank – Least but not least  I cover some cheap ways to get off the shore and out in the water so you can get to the fish without buying an expensive boat and you can really get access to some amazing areas to fish, some that cannot even be accessed by big boats. An Angler Kayak can be picked up new relatively cheap or even used on websites like Craigslist for a couple of hundred dollars.  A Belly Boat or Float Tube is also a cheap option to get you access to some great fishing areas for next to nothing and can also be found used. There are a lot of inexpensive options to find a way to get to the fish. Last but not least, if you enjoy the information we share here on the website and on the podcast, be sure to tell your friends and post links online to the Learn To Catch Catfish website!

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Being successful on the water fishing whether you target blue catfish, channel catfish or flathead catfish depends just as much on knowing what you are doing wrong as knowing what you are doing right. In this weeks episode of Catfishing Radio we take a look at common fishing mistakes I see many anglers make, and also cover some of our always popular catfishing questions and answers.   The show starts out with introductions: Please take a few minutes to check out our page on iTunes and leave is a star rating and write a quick review Check out the Spring Blue Catfish Techniques ebook and training program as well as our other products Thanks to Team Catfish for sponsoring Catfishing Radio. Thanks to Brute Outdoors for sponsoring Catfishing Radio. Use coupon code CATCHCATFISH for $25 off any cooler at checkout.   Four Common Catfishing Mistakes Again, this shows is focused on common things I see the weekend or beginner catfish angler doing wrong, and what you should be doing instead to help you put more fish in your boat. These mistakes are: Fishing History – Fishing history refers to sticking to “spots” or areas that have produced in the past repeatedly or even just once and spending valuable time not catching fish because you are in the wrong area, fishing the wrong depths, at the wrong time. The best place to fish can vary greatly depending on the time of year, water levels, changes in wind and water temperature and a variety of other factors. I talk about fishing history and what you should be doing instead. I also talk in depth about fishing new waters and making it a point to fish a new location each and every time you are on the water.   Only Fishing Cover – In this portion I talk about anglers that only fish cover and never focus on where the fish actually are. There are some great catfishing techniques that focus on fishing cover and finding fish under or around cover but as a general rule this is not a good approach, especially if targeting blue catfish. I talk about why you shouldn’t solely focus on fishing cover and how fishing structure is typically a better approach when fishing for blue catfish because threadfin shad and gizzard shad often orient to structure as do blue catfish.   Staying Out Of The Wind – This is a a big one. It amazes me how many people get on the boat with me and say “it’s beautiful out and there is no wind, isn’t this great?”. Not having wind and a lake that is slick as glass is great for someone who is going to water ski but a slick calm lake is an anglers enemy. Fishing is always better when there is some wind and as long is it is safe to be on the water, I am going to fish, regardless of the wind. I talk about how the wind impacts fishing for catfish, how it affects the bait fish and what you should do in response to the wind.   Stick With Familiar Baits and Rigs -  OK, just like fishing history, this is important. I know so many people that stick with what they know and are afraid to try anything different. They fish with chicken livers on a three way rig because that’s what they have always done. Their daddy did it that way, their grandaddy did it that way and that’s the way they are going to do it. Not being willing to try new catfish bait, new catfish rigs, or even just slight variations in catfish rigs can be the kiss of death. I talk in depth about thinking outside the box and being willing to try new things.   Catfishing Questions and Answers After the wrap up of the four common fishing mistakes I cover some catfishing questions and answers, answering questions submitted through the website. You can give us a call at 817-381-5604 if you have a question about fishing for catfish. In this show we answer questions about: Fishing with circle hooks, kahle hooks and line alarms or bait clickers and the correct way to fish with these different styles of catfish hooks. American Angler Ultra MT3 Electric Fillet Knives

 Bill Dance and Big River Catfish [CR EP 23] | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

  Catfishing Radio Episode 23 is the first show we have done about big river catfishing and this week’s guest is Mr. Bill Dance, America’s favorite fisherman.   Show Announcements and Introductions We start this weeks show with announcements. Recent reviews on iTunes (please help us by leaving us a star rating and writing a review). Catfishing Radio has been the #1 Fishing Podcast on iTunes over the past two weeks. Special thanks to sponsors Team Catfish and Brute Outdoors. You can use coupon code CATCHCATFISH for $25 off a cooler at If you have a question about fishing for catfish give us a call at 817-381-5604 and you just might be on the next show!   Spring Blue Catfish Techniques The Spring Blue Catfish techniques ebook and program were released last week. This is an in depth guide on locating and catching blue catfish in the spring. March, April and May are some of the best fishing for the year for numbers of blue catfish and the Spring Blue Catfish Techniques program is the key to unlocking your success locating and catching huge numbers of blue catfish and even trophy blue catfish. This program is similar to the Summer Channel Catfish Techniques program released last year and also other books we have like the Jug Fishing 101  program and the Secret Channel Catfish Rig. I have taken my 10+ years experience as a professional catfish guide and bundled it up into a nice easy to understand package to help anglers go out, locate and catch blue catfish with minimal effort, and at a very small portion of the expense of what a guided catfishing trip would cost. Whether you are new to the sport of fishing for catfish or just want to up your game and increase your success on the water the Spring Blue Catfish Techniques program is for you. This is a 125+ page book jam packed with catfishing information and also includes a TON of “bonus” online resources to help you get started. For a limited time you can use the coupon code CATFISHINGRADIO10 to save 10% off the Spring Blue Catfish Techniques program or any of the other products (everything except for Jug Fishing 101). You can purchase the Spring book on the Spring Blue Catfish Techniques page or on the products page.   Bill Dance and Big River Catfish The guest on this weeks show requires no introduction. Without a doubt the most recognized name in fishing in the United States, a well versed and highly skilled multispecies angler, America’s favorite fisherman, Mr. Bill Dance. I really had a lot of phone with this interview and had a great conversation with Bill before and after the interview and am happy to have made a new friend. I think a trip to Tennessee may be in the future for some big river catfishing one of these days! I reached out to Bill Dance to talk catfishing after so many requests for information on big river catfishing. Here in Texas our rivers are shallow (and often narrow) mudholes so I don’t have a lot of experience with fishing for big river catfish. Many of the Catfishing Radio listeners have sent in questions looking for more information on fishing for blue catfish, channel catfish and flathead catfish in big rivers. Bill has been a life long Tennessee resident and has a tremendous amount of experience fishing big rivers. Bill’s recent involvement in Catfish Tournaments peaked my interested and I wanted to reach out to him and talk not only about that but get some information from him on fishing for big river cats! Bill and I talk about some of the basics of big river catfishing including navigating big rivers, safety concerns, what catfish bait to use, locating and catching fish and Bill Dance’s “best piece of advice for learning to catch catfish in your area (whether it be a big river or not). Finally we wrap up the show talking about the Bill Dance Bloopers video, his Signature Lakes project, the many different freshwater and saltwater fishing TV shows and more.


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