Radio Free Cybertron 839 – It transforms my wallet from full to empty

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Summary: This week: New photos of MP-44S and MP-56+ shift some opinions, but Legacy Bludgeon photos really don't. Also, we speculate about next week's SDCC reveals.<br> <br> <br> News<br> <br> Spencer Wyld in our discord got what might be the first replacement batch Victory Saber. <a href="">It came with a broken or missing antenna</a>. Reportedly good otherwise.<br> <a href="">Transformers toy reveal panel at SDCC next week</a><br> <a href="">Retro Reissue Skywarp and Shrapnel Stock Photos</a>; Shrapnel is $29.97 versus the previously standard $34.97<br> <a href="">MP-44S Optimus Prime</a> and <a href="">MP-56+ Rigorous</a> official stock photos; 30,000 and 22,000 yen respectively<br> <a href="">Thunder Machine Soundwave notes from Ben MacCrae</a><br> <a href="">Legacy Bludgeon behind the scenes from Mark Maher</a><br> <a href="">Super7 SDCC Exclusive Super Cyborg “Goodbye Megatron”</a> (there’s also a shirt inspired by Goodbye Megatron boxart, <a href="">picture on TFW</a>)<br>