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Radio Free Cybertron - All of our Transformers podcasts!

Summary: The Original Transformers Internet Radio Show and one of the world's first (if not THE first) podcasts. We've been online since 1999. We discuss topics from around the Transformers world, bring you the news worth talking about, provide insight and commentary. We are the official podcast of

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 Radio Free Cybertron 841 – Cloudcover: The Episode | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:19:04

This week: We talk about toys. A lot of toys. Why are there so many toys? News SDCC Last Call Stock photos collections: Legacy reveals | Studio Series reveals (Autobase Aichi) Pulsecon 2023 announced for September 22nd TF x Stranger Things Collab: Code Red Volkswagen Type 2 Pizza Van (Autobase Aichi) And then pictures of a bunch of early samples In Hand Legacy Mini-Con Jolt: With Legacy Hot Shot (Sonic Bomber Core Facebook) | Size comparisons (Jazz of Stannis on TFW) Jurassic Park Collab JP12 Dennis Nedry robot (TFW) Legacy Strongarm (screenshots on Autobase Aichi) Legacy Detritus (screenshots on Autobase Aichi) And then something received legitimately: In Hand look at Troop Builder 4 pack (screenshots via Autobase Aichi) Side by side of Earthrise Thundercracker and 4 Pack Seeker (@EdPirrie on Twitter) Rise of The Beasts is available to stream now with a Paramount+ subscription

 Transform Squadron 046 – Shining Code Orange | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 52:58

This month: Rob talks Code Orange, Telecoma Senshi, and various Tectors while not realizing his beard is rubbing against the microphone.

 Radio Free Cybertron 840 – It’s wrong, but I want it | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:15:39

This week: We marvel at this week's SDCC Transformers news, especially Commander Class Ultra Magnus, plus we gush and groan over the new Robosen Grimlock. News SDCC Preview Night Generations display featuring Deathsaurus (THANKS, BEN) Just prior to SDCC, Robosen reveals Grimlock (hey look it’s Ben again) Hasbro breakfast with Robosen Grimlock, Powerlinx Hot Shot with Jolt (Also thanks to Ben) Generations Reveal Panel: (TFW)  Commander Ultra Magnus, SS86 Ratchet, Frenzy  Amazon capsule Nova Prime, Tetra Jet Nacelle, and Javelin/Kaskade 2 pack  Studio Series ROTB Nightbird, Core Class Exo-Suit Noah Diaz, Novakane  Legacy Menasor boxset  SG two-pack Rodimus and Sideswipe with Whisper And a bunch of things we’ve already seen and/or own Close-up look at Ultra Magnus (TFW) Not SDCC The surprise reveal from Target: MPM Bonecrusher with caught-on-fire effect parts The whole Toxitron collection started showing up at stores, which also gave us proof and our first looks at Concept Deco Grimlock (mirrored on Autobase Aichi) In hand look at retro reissue Kickback (screencaps on Autobase Aichi) Transformers video for JAXA Moon Rover Optimus Prime (Twitter) Weaponizer ROTB Arcee in hand photos (Instagram) Killerbody To Produce ROTB Mirage and Optimus Primal masks (TFW boards)

 Radio Free Cybertron 839 – It transforms my wallet from full to empty | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:19:36

This week: New photos of MP-44S and MP-56+ shift some opinions, but Legacy Bludgeon photos really don't. Also, we speculate about next week's SDCC reveals. News Spencer Wyld in our discord got what might be the first replacement batch Victory Saber. It came with a broken or missing antenna. Reportedly good otherwise. Transformers toy reveal panel at SDCC next week Retro Reissue Skywarp and Shrapnel Stock Photos; Shrapnel is $29.97 versus the previously standard $34.97 MP-44S Optimus Prime and MP-56+ Rigorous official stock photos; 30,000 and 22,000 yen respectively Thunder Machine Soundwave notes from Ben MacCrae Legacy Bludgeon behind the scenes from Mark Maher Super7 SDCC Exclusive Super Cyborg “Goodbye Megatron” (there’s also a shirt inspired by Goodbye Megatron boxart, picture on TFW)

 Radio Free Cybertron 838 – Exvee has a Sad | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:33:31

This week: John DeLuna returns for an episode while Brian is out and unavailable to buy the Super Shogun Megatron during the recording session, which makes Exvee sad. News New stock photos of BWVS-05 Rattrap vs Terrorsaur (TFW) Possible Yellow Trailbreaker and toy colors MP44 coming? (TFW) Earthspark show bible part of major Paramount document leak (TFW boards) Not much in the way of new info, but interesting concept art and early ideas about the development of the show Loungefly and Funko SDCC exclusives ( In hand images of Buzzworthy Shuttle Massacre Set (screenshots on TFW) First look at Retro Reissue Kickback box Don will have to buy this statue ( Brian has to buy this Super Shogun Megatron

 Radio Free Cybertron 837 – Sunk Cost Trainbot | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:03:31

This week: Let's hope the new GI Joe Collaboration Thunder Machine Soundwave is better than its predecessors. Like, a lot better. News Deathsaurus Update Video TFW has screenshots First engineering pilot/test shot. Plenty to fix, including exact colors and joint tolerances Micromasters shown. Extensive partials of Power Punch and Direct Hit Siege Hound comes up to Deathsaurus’s knee in robot mode GI Joe x Transformers Thunder Machine Soundwave Formerly “Project Jojo” Product listing leaks from JTPrime: Amazon capsule Javelin and Kaskade two pack, and Walmart Retro Skywarp Skybound Comics teases cast for upcoming Transformers book: Autobots, Decepticons (in progress) In Hand look at Earthspark Deluxe Nightshade (mirrored on TFW from hightail creations instagram/youtube) Legacy Strongarm Behind The Scenes from Mark Maher Earthspark is getting a video game (press release on TFW)

 Transform Squadron 045 – No Mercy Robo | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:13:08

Broadcasting from Planet Zone, Rob talks about Rise of the Beasts, Micronauts-inspired Glyos toys, and Machine Robo Martial Arts Robo!

 Radio Free Cybertron 836 – Tyrannosaurus Refuse | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:25:54

This week: We love G2 and we cannot lie. News Transformers Tuesday livestream Screenshot roundup on Autobase Aichi First Look At Junkion Combiner “Junkasaurus” from Mark’s instagram story Core Class Optimus, Bumblebee, and Combat Deck set (pulse) Studio Series ROTB Mirage (pulse) Studio Series ROTB Leader Optimus Primal (pulse) In Hand Images of Retro Perceptor (screenshots via Autobase Aichi) In Hand Photos of Titan Class Nemesis (Alex Chen on Facebook) Stock Photos of Toxitron Collection “Wave 2” (Autobase Aichi) Early Look at SS86 Brawn (screenshots on TFW) Target Exclusive ReAction Beast Wars: Clear Megatron with Golden Disk, Metallic Optimus Primal with Spark (via bearytrek on TFW) Robosen Officially Debuts G1 Bumblebee “Performance” Robot  

 Radio Free Cybertron 835 – Brian will buy it and hate himself for it | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:48:32

This week Buzzworthy Bumblebee is going to break us. Also, more 2024 toy listings leaked. Speculation abounds. News Breaking Leaks from JTPrime: Legacy Universe Deluxe Cybertron Hot Shot, Rock 3, Strongarm PR, Leader Soundwave; Studio Series Core Class Age of Extinction Steeljaw, 86 Leader Springer  Licensing Expo 2023. Casey Collins, Hasbro President of Licensed Consumer Products spoke We will start by celebrating the landmark 40th anniversary of Transformers by providing our licensees with 3D files of the original G1 toys for the first time ever. With this, our partners will be able to reissue original licensed products and reimagined innovations leveraging the authentic vintage artwork from the G1 toy line and Marvel comics. Pulling it all together, we’re digitally releasing the ‘80s animated TV series soundtrack with an exciting bonus track that taps into nostalgia and re-creates the excitement, tone, and pop culture moments of 1984. Skybound and Image Comics get Transformers and GI Joe licenses  First appearance of Transformers and GI Joe in Void Rivals #1, out today. Transformers #1 in October, written and drawn by Daniel Warren Johnson GI Joe books to launch in December and January, both written by Joshua Williamson, drawn by Tom Reilly and Andrea Milana Buzzworthy Tuesday: (pictures mirrored at Autobase Aichi) Troop Builder 4 pack of Quintesson Trooper, G2 Cybertronian Trooper, Decepticon Seeker, and Animated Universe Autotrooper SS86 Ironhide and Prowl Shuttle Ambush 2 pack Reissue Studio Series 07 Leader Grimlock Tokyo Toy Show news: TakaraTomy previews BWVS 05 Rattrap vs Terrorsaur (twitter) No pictures, but TakaraTomy teased Rhinox as next Beast Wars Masterpiece Similarly without pictures, teaser for a “new combination” for MPG line, currently suspected to perhaps be Diaclone Raiden based on a displayed silhouette First leak of Legacy G2 Dead End More in hand photos of Legacy Shadowstriker (mirrored on Autobase Aichi) Super 7 Shows Off Super Shogun G1 Megatron on instagram French retailer site gives first look at Retro Perceptor Box Art The game tie ins keep coming: Transformers x Rocket League featuring Bumblebee inspired car and other elements for purchase The single most expensive licensed Transformers merchandise ever? Kross Studio Rise of The Beasts Collector Set

 Radio Free Cybertron 834 – Space Abhors a Diecast | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:32:14

This week: Join us for our spoiler-free review of Rise of the Beasts. Also, toy leaks rock--er, rock toy leaks, Super 7, Masterpiece news, an interview with the organizers of Cybfest NW, and more! News Just after the show last week: Optimus Prime moon rover Second Jurassic Park collaborative Toy News: Takara Tomy Announces a Special Edition of "Masterpiece G" Kaen Official images of MP-58 Hoist Preorders up with stock photos for BWVS04 Tigatron vs Blackarachnia JTPrime provides more 2024 product info via TFW  LEGACY EVOLUTION LEADER PRIME DREADWING FIRST LOOK First look at Buzzworthy Bumblebee Studio Series 86 Prowl TRANSFOMERS LEGACY EVOLUTION DELUXE BOMBSHELL FIRST LOOK & IN-HAND IMAGES Super 7 Beast Wars Physical Sample picture from instagram And they’re out at specialty stores already?  China getting some cool looking official non-transforming G1 and ROTB action figures Transformers x Fortnite is official And so is Transformers x Roblox! Moor Art Gallery releases Vincent Aseo Beast Wars print Probably the last theater goods for ROTB: Optimus bust popcorn bucket from Thailand Do you want all your golf buddies to know you’re a Transformers nerd? Bettinardi does

 Radio Free Cybertron 833 – Masterpiece Trainwreck | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 58:02

This week: Masterpiece Hoist looks great, and Masterpiece Raiden... Well, Masterpiece Hoist kind of looks great. News First look at MP Hoist and Full Color MPG Kaen + Raiden Legacy Shadowstriker Leaked! Remember how we’d been talking about Side Burn a lot recently…? Packaging prototypes for previously unknown “Earth Wars” subline from the 90s Leaked first look at apparent BWVS-04: Tigatron vs Blackarachnia Symbiote Studios’ SDCC 2023 exclusive plush: Slug/Slag ROTB: Studio Series SS102 ROTB Optimus Prime BTS from Sam Smith | Second post showing mold breakdowns and SS38 reused parts TakaraTomy Ultimate Optimus Primal AMC Theaters getting Optimus Prime Truck Popcorn Tin | Additional Photo ROTB x Fortnite Collab coming? KFC Singapore ROTB Promotion images Events: Details for this Weekend's "Battle in Brooklyn" Event DNA Designs To Release Samurai Armor for Legacy Prowl

 Radio Free Cybertron 832 – We talk about pictures of toys in boxes | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 50:34

This week: Watch out, Robosen. There are some new animatronic Transformers coming your way. News First Look at G2 Toxitron Collection Mirage  In Hand Photos of Shattered Glass Hot Rod  First Images of Beast Wars ReAction Figures  Earthspark Warrior Class stock photos: Jawbreaker, Starscream, and Megatron  First Look at Earthspark Deluxe Nightshade via box stock photo In Hand Images of Legacy Armada Megatron TFW Covers Hasbro during 51st Annual J.P. Morgan Global Technology, Media, And Communications Conference Chris Cocks expressed confidence in Transformers, observing that in a down year, it’s actually up by 9 percent leading in to the release of the movie Regarding Mattel licensing agreement: It makes sense to be able to leverage [Mattel’s] IP, makes “a ton of sense” to be able to find Optimus Prime in Hot Wheels. Retro G1 Thundercracker hitting Walmart shelves ROTB “Animatronic” Optimus Primal First Look  Look out, Robosen! ROTB Auto-Transforming RC Optimus and Bumblebee (In China)  Eat Popcorn Directly from Optimus Prime’s Hollowed-Out Head Dadi Cinema Malaysia Has ROTB Cups with Topper Figurines It’s no Valvotron: Monro Auto Service Centers offers poster, cross-branded service packages, and photo ops with character displays

 Transform Squadron 044 – Sacred Legend Family Dollar | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:06:04

This month, Rob talks about Shin Universe Robo, Beast Alliance toys, and Sacred Beast Legend Bioroid! In that order!

 Radio Free Cybertron 831 – Sub-Deluxe | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:07:20

This week: We really want the new movie and associate toy lines to succeed. Sincerely. Also, another transformer Tuesday live stream, another bunch of toys to pre-order. News Transformers Tuesday:  Senator Shockwave and Orion Pax 2 pack, and Senator Ratbat and Miner Megatron 2 pack Behind the Scenes with extra photos JTPrime also confirmed the Leader figure in this subline is Nova Prime retooled from Siege Galaxy Upgrade Optimus Prime First Look at Studio Series 86 Brawn, Gamer Edition Cliffjumper, first official looks at Gamer Edition Megatron and ROTB Rhinox (screencaps at TFW, including pipeline placeholders) Pipeline: Legacy Core Class Snarl, Deluxes Bombshell, RID Strongarm, Detritus, Cyberverse Shadowstriker, Voyagers Bludgeon and Trashmaster The Robosen segment was just talking about the shrunk down Optimus Prime Hasbro’s Q1 Earnings Report is worse than we thought (breakdown at jeditemplearchives) Net revenues down by almost 15% compared to Q1 2022 ($1 billion vs 1.16) Operating profit down by 85% ($17.9 million versus 120 million last year) They took a $22.1 million loss versus a profit of 61.2 million Q1 2022 Parter Brand revenue down 36% ($132.7 million vs 206.5 million) Saudi Entertainment Ventures partners with Hasbro to produce Transformers theme attractions, three currently planned with more to follow Movie Ticket Exclusive Studio Series Nemesis Prime and Kingdom Burning Optimus Primal In Hand Photos of Nemesis Leo Prime (posted to HKTF Facebook, mirrored roundup at Autobase Aichi) In Hand Photos of Legacy Beachcomber from Pixelmaster (TFW board) In Hand Photos of ROTB Mainline Deluxe Mirage (Hunter Casey on facebook) Official “Pet Vision” filters added on Snapchat and Tiktok (video in tweet) Found the next third party toy Brian will have to buy: Dr Wu Grand Galvatron Newage pokes a different bear with apparently Lego-style Autobot Headquarters building kit concept (TFW) If you’re in Singapore and you like KFC, there’s a ROTB cross promotion menu coming you way

 Radio Free Cybertron 830 – Don of the Jungle | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 52:38

This week: Grimlock is coming from Robosen. So expensive, but so tempting. Also: Don is finally getting the "life-size" Arcee he's always wanted. News Robosen Has Another Transformer In The Works – It’s Grimlock! Hasbro Live Stream next Tuesday, May 16th Via JTPrime and Pixelmaster, a retooled Earthrise Prowl coming in a Buzzworthy two-pack with battle damage remolds Actual First Look At Exclusive Miner Megatron First Look at ROTB Studio Series Optimus Prime, New Photos of Armada Megatron, Nemesis and More from Hasbro China Display Event Box Photos of Studio Series ROTB Rhinox and Gamer Edition Megatron Sam Smith gives behind the scenes details on Nemesis over three instagram posts, including size comparisons with the Ark (mirrored at Autobase Aichi for easier browsing) Stock photos of Earthspark Deluxe Grimlock BWVS-03 Cheetor vs Waspinator Stock Photos Photos of rare Lucky Draw Custom Colors Energon Optimus Rise of The Beasts X Porsche Apparel - At Very Porsche Prices Amazing ROTB Halloween Costumes from Disguise Advanced Graphics Cardboard Character Standees, Including “Life Size” Arcee


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