Radio Free Cybertron 830 – Don of the Jungle

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Summary: This week: Grimlock is coming from Robosen. So expensive, but so tempting. Also: Don is finally getting the "life-size" Arcee he's always wanted.<br> <br> <br> <br> News<br> <br> <a href="">Robosen Has Another Transformer In The Works – It’s Grimlock!</a><br> <a href="">Hasbro Live Stream next Tuesday, May 16th</a><br> <a href="">Via JTPrime and Pixelmaster, a retooled Earthrise Prowl coming in a Buzzworthy two-pack with battle damage remolds</a><br> <a href="">Actual First Look At Exclusive Miner Megatron</a><br> <a href="">First Look at ROTB Studio Series Optimus Prime, New Photos of Armada Megatron, Nemesis and More from Hasbro China Display Event</a><br> <a href="">Box Photos of Studio Series ROTB Rhinox and Gamer Edition Megatron</a><br> <a href="">Sam Smith gives behind the scenes details on Nemesis over three instagram posts, including size comparisons with the Ark</a> (mirrored at Autobase Aichi for easier browsing)<br> <a href="">Stock photos of Earthspark Deluxe Grimlock</a><br> <a href="">BWVS-03 Cheetor vs Waspinator Stock Photos</a><br> <a href="">Photos of rare Lucky Draw Custom Colors Energon Optimus</a><br> <a href="">Rise of The Beasts X Porsche Apparel - At Very Porsche Prices</a><br> <a href="">Amazing ROTB Halloween Costumes from Disguise</a><br> <a href=";section=product">Advanced Graphics Cardboard Character Standees, Including “Life Size” Arcee</a><br>