Finding Resiliency and Staying Flexible with ReRoot Gardens

Team Flower show

Summary: There is no doubt that flexibility is a necessary attribute within the floral industry, but often what must accompany it is resiliency. Paige has had to live this out within her business and is sharing all that she’s learned, including, but not limited to: A continual willingness to shift your dream The importance of listening to your customers Even if you don’t feel fully ready, just do it—one step at a time We’re finishing off with some practical advice about shipping plants (how does one even go about it?!) and plant inventory (what plants should you carry?). ReRoot is home to the magically chill jungle! They are a creative houseplant shop that focuses on connecting and inspiring people with nature. And they just celebrated four years of business! Check out their beautiful shop on Instagram @rerootgardens and order some plants to go at