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 How to Enhance a Tablescape with The Floral Society | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:37:53

If you’re anything like us, you’ll be inspired and touched by today’s conversation with Sierra Steifman of The Floral Society. She has a heart of gold and it’s all geared towards the industry! Our conversation on the podcast covers a multitude of helpful topics, starting with Sierra’s go-to studio tools (all of which you can find available on The Floral Society website). We’re also going into the maintenance of clippers and various types of flower frogs. AND, you’ll hear a topic we haven’t discussed much—tablescapes! Sierra is sharing a few tips on enhancing a tablescape with other decor items, namely candles. Candles have so much diversity in height, width, design, and even in the holders! Listen in to hear Sierra’s favorite designs. At The Floral Society, they create thoughtfully designed floral, garden & home goods inspired by nature. Founded by Sierra Steifman of New York’s boutique floral house Poppies & Posies, they are driven by a love of flowers and dedicated to sharing our expertise with others. Established in 2018, The Floral Society designs and develops tools and objects to awaken the inner creative, encourage the budding florist, and inspire communities to gather. There’s a seat for everyone at their table. Follow them on Instagram @thefloralsociety and shop the site at

 Tips for Photographing Flowers with Texture Florals | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:34:45

Nicole Rossi of Texture Florals (find her on Instagram at @textureflorals) joins Kelly on today’s episode of the Team Flower Podcast! Nicole is an architect turned floral designer, and she founded Texture Florals which provides floral design and styling services for weddings, events, and photo and video production. She views floral design as an art form, and her work is largely influenced by a desire to create the unexpected.

 How to Collaborate with Photographers with Heather Payne Photography | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:38:10

Heather is sharing the ins and outs of photography and the editing process. We are talking through how florists and photographers can interact and work together to streamline processes. Heather is sharing her thoughts on how to choose publications and how florists can collaborate with photographers to submit their shared event.

 Finding Resiliency and Staying Flexible with ReRoot Gardens | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:40:04

There is no doubt that flexibility is a necessary attribute within the floral industry, but often what must accompany it is resiliency. Paige has had to live this out within her business and is sharing all that she’s learned, including, but not limited to: A continual willingness to shift your dream The importance of listening to your customers Even if you don’t feel fully ready, just do it—one step at a time We’re finishing off with some practical advice about shipping plants (how does one even go about it?!) and plant inventory (what plants should you carry?). ReRoot is home to the magically chill jungle! They are a creative houseplant shop that focuses on connecting and inspiring people with nature. And they just celebrated four years of business! Check out their beautiful shop on Instagram @rerootgardens and order some plants to go at

 The Biology of Flower Farming with Bloom and Gray | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:35:27

Joining us today on the podcast is Sarah Gray of Bloom and Gray from Yorkshire, UK. She made the jump from marine biology to flower farming when she grew a few flowers for her wedding. The rest is history! Everything we’re talking about in some way circles back to her passion for biology and how the earth is meant to function. Recently, Sarah has implemented a worm farm. If you’re thinking, “What is a worm farm and should I have one?” then tune in because you’ll find out! On that note, we’re also talking about some of the critters and pests Sarah has to battle, like thrips on dahlias. This is 100% the best episode for flower nerds. We ask Sarah to dive into the biology of growing flowers, and she does not disappoint! You are bound to learn something in this episode! Everything from soil composition to seed starters and so much in between. Sarah has a half-acre flower farm in East Yorkshire, UK. She sells hand-tied bouquets and bouquet subscriptions. She runs workshops in her tipi, provides wedding buckets, and runs a growing YouTube channel all about flower farming. AND, she’s about to launch my first online workshop! Find Sarah on Instagram @bloomandgray and online at

 The Life of a Retail Florist with Sweet Memories Flowers | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:35:03

Juliana McWilliams has such a sweet perspective of the floral industry after growing up in a flower shop and taking it over from her mom. Today on the podcast, she’s sharing many of the lessons she’s learned over the years. We’re chatting about: - Changes within the floral industry - Operating a shop out of a studio - How to decide what arrangements to offer on your website - Tips for handling wedding inquiries - Keeping deliveries and weddings separate - Finding the marriage between old school and new school We’re also feeling all the feels as we talk through the beauty of the floral community. Floristry can be a lonely job—even for extroverts—and finding your flower friends is imperative in seeing success in your business and in the pursuit of your life. Juliana is a wife, mom, and lifelong flower lover. Her love for flowers runs deep as her mom, Shelley, owned and operated Sweet Memories all throughout Juliana’s childhood. The business has now passed from mother to daughter and Juliana is full to the brim with inspiration and ideas to bring the joy of flowers to Visalia, California in a multitude of ways. Sweet Memories currently offers fresh, California-grown, floral arrangements to order on a weekly basis as well as full-service floral arranging for high-end weddings both in the Central Valley and the Coast. Find Juliana on Instagram @sweetmemoriesflowers and online at

 Pricing Sustainably in the Floral Industry with Le Champagne Projects | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:36:53

Today on the podcast, we’re covering two hot topics: sustainability and pricing! Kelly Dickenson of Le Champagne Projects has taken many steps to live a life of low-waste, so that easily translated over to her business. She’s sharing a few ways in which her wedding floral business champions sustainable practices. We’re also chatting quite about pricing within the industry. You’ll hear what types of things you should consider when you’re determining your price and markup (like time, labor, cost of flowers, and more), as well as a few pointers on paying freelancers. It is imperative that floral professionals of all kinds really dig into the floral community and offer a safe place to be vulnerable, transparent, and open to change. This is the best way for the industry to maintain current standards as well as progress into a places of growth! Le Champagne Projects is a boutique floral design studio located in San Diego. Kelly creates whimsical, romantic, and environmentally friendly wedding florals for couples throughout Southern California. Her focus is on sustainability without compromising style. You can find her on Instagram @champagneprojects and online at

 Regenerative Gardening with Blossom and Branch Farm | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:34:44

You will not leave this podcast interview without learning a thing or two from Briana. She is passionate about growing organically and regeneratively, and we’re discussing all kinds of things related to organic growing. Briana has a beautiful perspective of nature and growing, and her passion is contagious! Have you ever heard of invasive plants? Briana is not only defining this term for us, but she’s sharing how we, as an industry, can work together to eliminate these plants in our native environments. You’ll hear a few practical ways you can participate in making this a reality. We’re also chatting about Briana’s efforts to rehabilitate the native habitat around her farm. This has proven to be incredibly beneficial to their growing process! Briana and her husband started Blossom and Branch Farm in 2019. They are a regenerative flower farm that focuses on growing non-invasive blooms and rehabilitating the native habitat around their farm. They sell their flowers at their farm stand as well as offer growing workshops and wedding florals. You can find Briana online at and on Instagram @blossomandbranchfarm.

 Conquering the Obstacles of a Flower Farm with Keep Floral | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:31:41

The year of COVID brought about many hardships, but also countless beautiful flower stories. Emma of Keep Floral is the keeper of one of these inspiring stories. Her flower farm was born in the midst of 2020, and she’s sharing some of the obstacles she’s faced as a grower. We’re also chatting about the importance of sourcing seeds, bulbs, and tubers locally. Not only does this ensure you’re choosing flowers that grow well in your area, but it also gives you a network of growers to learn from! Emma is the lead designer and owner of Keep Floral which is a full-service design studio and flower farm. They offer everything from full-service design services to elopements to corporate installs to workshops to the occasional farmer’s market pop-up—basically, if there are kind people and pretty flowers involved, sign Emma up! Currently, they're celebrating the expansion of their farm which added another 16 50ft flower beds, a hoop house and they're now finalizing the plans to build a brand new studio! Give them a follow on Instagram at @Keep.Floral.

 The In's and Out's of Foraging with Deidre Fraser | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:35:35

Deidre has such a unique business model, and we get to hear all about her partnership with a local restaurant! It’s further evidence that there are so many avenues one can take in the floral industry. Our big topic today is foraging. There’s something about noticing and appreciating a plant in all of its glory. What does one look for when foraging? What should you stay away from? WHY would you want to forage? Deidre has answers and tips for all of these questions! You’ll also hear about the topic of conditioning—what it means and how to do it! Deidre is a full-time specialty gardener, forager, and florist for Restaurant Pearl Morissette, a restaurant at one of Canada's finest winery estates, in Niagara, Ontario. They are a seasonally focused restaurant primarily providing regeneratively grown and responsibly harvested ingredients. The restaurant was named the #4 restaurant in Canada. You can find Deidre on instagram @vibrant_matter, and the restaurant can be found at @restaurant_pearlmorissette or online at

 Finding Your Place with Flowers with Black Girl Florists | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:31:48

Black Girl Florists is a place that celebrates and supports Black women in floral design. They offer a list of Black women in the floral industry that people can shop from. They also provide resources and information to help grow their businesses. It truly is an incredible opportunity for the floral industry to support and embrace inclusivity, and founder Valerie is here to talk with us all about it! We’re also chatting about what it takes to break out of the creativity box to test and challenge ourselves in the realm of design. This is an important conversation to remember that there's space at the table for everyone and that we all need to be open to giving as well as receiving. Follow along on Instagram @blackgirlflorists and visit them online at

 Adding Unique Offerings to Your Floral Business with Castillo de Flores | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:33:54

Castillo De Flores is a small flower business that Daniella started out of her dorm in college when she was going through a difficult time. Flowers are a therapeutic outlet for her—they remind her to keep blooming which she hopes to remind others through her creations. Through her business, she highlights her culture by incorporating Latino factors as much as possible. She has several unique floral offerings that are rooted in her love for her culture, and have become true staple pieces that her clients gravitate towards. You’ll also hear about battling self-doubt, helpful resources for learning floral design, and tips for creating TikTok and Instagram reels. Daniella also gives back to the community by donating blooms to shelters or raising funds for certain causes. And currently, she's prepping to launch a dried floral collection on her website! Follow her on Instagram @castillodeflores7.

 The Joy of Teaching Floral Design with Anne van Midden | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:33:22

On this episode of the podcast, Anne joins us from the Netherlands. We jump right into chatting about making changes in your business and watching it morph into something you love as your dreams and desires change. It is apparent as you listen that Anne has a heart for genuinely connecting with others and teaching them about floral art. She loves it SO much that she accomplishes lesson-planing, recording, editing, teaching, and publishing all of her lessons! She’s a force to be reckoned with, and yet has a contagiously sweet spirit that comes across in every one of her 25+ classes! We’re also chatting about her floral art—what it looks like, what it means to her, and how it affects her creative process. Each of her pieces of art is backed by a grounding and relatable story, so she’s sharing a few of those as well as what mechanics she uses to create her masterpieces. Anne is a floral artist creating foam-free installations for brands, photoshoots, and simply for the sake of art. She also teaches natural floral design to flower lovers all over the world, both in her studio and online. Anne celebrates every time one of her students makes something they are proud of AND this year marks the 9-year anniversary of her business! Follow her on Instagram @annevanmidden and visit her website online at

 Tips of the Trade for Floral Designers with Canaan Marshall | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:39:13

You are in for forty minutes of fun, laughter, and practical advice for florists on this episode with Canaan Marshall! He is a ball of sunshine in a dark world! In addition to the joy he spreads, he has an abundance of knowledge to share. You’ll hear all of the following: Tips for taking care of your cut flowers (including hydrangeas) Necessary design skills for a florist to develop Go-to mechanics for arrangements and installations Elements to consider for design process Delivery tips and more! Canaan Marshall is the owner of Canaan Marshall Designs located in Atlanta and Macon, GA. An old soul, he has had a natural knack for all things growing and green since childhood. He is best known as the vibrant, young fellow to turn your everyday into elegant. He has a seemingly effortless way that he creates and often makes his fans feel as though they could create something just as wonderful too! Give him a follow on Instagram @canaanmarshall.

 Bravery + Sustainability with TJ McGrath | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:32:41

TJ McGrath joins us on this episode of the Team Flower Podcast. He began his floral career taking a big leap away from the corporate world into the floral industry. After working for other floral designers for many years, he began his own business! He’s talking about each of these transitions—from corporate to floral design and then from working for others to starting a business—and all of the challenges and emotions that came with each. You’ll hear how he’s deciding what direction his business can and will take. We’re chatting about sustainability, as this is a major passion point for TJ. He’s giving us a broad definition of what sustainable floristry is and all of the aspects it includes. There is much that goes into a sustainable floral business, and TJ is giving many practical examples of how you could take steps to make your floral business more sustainable as well. Finally, we all know that keeping one’s business organized is vital to efficiency and success. But sometimes, this is difficult to do—especially for those who are a one man or woman show. If that’s you, you’re in good company! TJ is sharing a few tips for keeping organized when you’re going solo. You can find TJ online at or on Instagram @tjmcgrathdesign.


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