Bravery + Sustainability with TJ McGrath

Team Flower show

Summary: TJ McGrath joins us on this episode of the Team Flower Podcast. He began his floral career taking a big leap away from the corporate world into the floral industry. After working for other floral designers for many years, he began his own business! He’s talking about each of these transitions—from corporate to floral design and then from working for others to starting a business—and all of the challenges and emotions that came with each. You’ll hear how he’s deciding what direction his business can and will take. We’re chatting about sustainability, as this is a major passion point for TJ. He’s giving us a broad definition of what sustainable floristry is and all of the aspects it includes. There is much that goes into a sustainable floral business, and TJ is giving many practical examples of how you could take steps to make your floral business more sustainable as well. Finally, we all know that keeping one’s business organized is vital to efficiency and success. But sometimes, this is difficult to do—especially for those who are a one man or woman show. If that’s you, you’re in good company! TJ is sharing a few tips for keeping organized when you’re going solo. You can find TJ online at or on Instagram @tjmcgrathdesign.