The In's and Out's of Foraging with Deidre Fraser

Team Flower show

Summary: Deidre has such a unique business model, and we get to hear all about her partnership with a local restaurant! It’s further evidence that there are so many avenues one can take in the floral industry. Our big topic today is foraging. There’s something about noticing and appreciating a plant in all of its glory. What does one look for when foraging? What should you stay away from? WHY would you want to forage? Deidre has answers and tips for all of these questions! You’ll also hear about the topic of conditioning—what it means and how to do it! Deidre is a full-time specialty gardener, forager, and florist for Restaurant Pearl Morissette, a restaurant at one of Canada's finest winery estates, in Niagara, Ontario. They are a seasonally focused restaurant primarily providing regeneratively grown and responsibly harvested ingredients. The restaurant was named the #4 restaurant in Canada. You can find Deidre on instagram @vibrant_matter, and the restaurant can be found at @restaurant_pearlmorissette or online at