Unique Ideas for Connecting with Your Community The Wild Folk Florist

Team Flower show

Summary: This conversation is likely to have us all “lump in throat” as Natalie shares her heart for her community. She began her farm in 2020 and immediately wanted to open it up for others to experience the joy that flowers bring. You’ll hear several unique ideas and tips for engaging with your community and loving them with flowers. In addition, Natalie is chatting about the freedom you can find when you turn off the “thinking” side of your brain and letting your creativity take over. You’ll also hear her favorite flowers—as difficult it was for her to narrow it down! Natalie's particular "job" is ever evolving! She is predominantly a wedding florist using her own flowers but recently began to incorporate baby workshops and a Pick Your Own Flowers program. She's always thinking of ways to share what she's built on her crazy hill over the past year and is looking to move further into holistic avenues like floral retreats! Follow her journey on social media @thewildfolkflorist or visit her website.