Memento (Christopher Nolan, 2000)

Double Impact show

Summary: 086 - We've done it! Given it's now 20 years ago, we have opened up the year 2000, and what better way to ring in the year than a Nolan film, our first Nolan film - Memento. If you're already a friend of the show, you know Nolan can be a controversial topic for us (or at least one of us), so strap yourselves in because we are going to unpack that whole thing. If you're new to the show - don't worry about it, just join us like a fresh-faced, wide-eyed Guy Pearce and enjoy. Memento is the focus here, but we of course discuss the broader Nolan-verse, as well the Nolan brother (Jonathan), and indeed the Nolan tropes (so many dead wives). But where does this low-budget indie sit relative to the modern Nolan juggernauts? And how does it hold up today? These answers an more, ready for your ear holes now.