From Dusk Till Dawn (1996)

Double Impact show

Summary: 072 - One of the greatest cross-over events of the 90s was the partnership between Tarantino and Rodriguez, the fruits of which emerged as the 1996 mish-mash vampire romp, From Dusk Till Dawn. This movie meant a lot to us growing up, and not just for the Selma Hayek stuff. Ok a little bit for the Salma Hayek stuff (we were teens, give us a break). Looking at this thing with fresh eyes in the land of 2020, this movie only becomes more interesting. It's premise seeming somehow more bold. Tarantino incredibly seeming even MORE creepy. His foot fetish somehow even more pronounced. More, more, more. The list goes on. So join us as we unpack every element of this film of excess from its origin story, plot and all the behind the scenes stuff you come to expect, all in an effort to evaluate how it stacks up in 2020.