How to Deal with Bitterness as a Christian Single

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Summary: Today we’re going to deal with bitterness as a Christian single. Many of us today are hiding a bitter spirit. Maybe some of us feel bitter because we are still single. If you came here today feeling bitter because you are still single, you’re in good company. People are bitter about many things. The good news is that whatever junk is in your hearts Jesus can change all that if you really want Him to.<br> How to Deal With Bitterness<br> as the ROOT Cause of All Sin<br>  <br> I believe the root cause of all evil  is bitter heart. I believe you could trace all sin, we’re going to see in scripture today  that right from the  the big very beginning bitterness was there. What destroys relationships if not bitterness. It’s also bitterness that  causes people to walk into a synagogue or a church or a movie theater and shoot up a joint it’s<br> not anything else but bitterness in the heart. Bitterness causes divorce and adultery. Why you can trace a root of bitterness to absolutely ever sin under creation.<br> Dealing With Bitterness and Your Past<br> A bitter person has a difficult time dealing with the past. I hear bitter people say things like this all the time:<br> “Lord why did this person leave me?”<br> “I can’t believe how my “ex” treated me. Now he’s found someone new, and I’m just stuck reliving  what went wrong. It’s not fair!”<br> “Why did I get such a raw deal?!”<br> How many of us have a hard time letting go over a past hurts, rejections and relationship issues? We are tortured by past hurts, and it makes us bitter. Why I still remember what that sixth grade kid did to me.<br> The Different Types of Bitterness Singles Face<br> Just as there are many types of fruit, there are types of manifestations of  bitterness,. With that let me just say this:<br> You can’t help what happens in your life, but you CAN help how you react.<br> The Characteristics of Bitterness<br> “Pursue peace with all people, and holiness, without which no one will see the Lord:  looking carefully lest anyone fall short of the grace of God; lest any root of bitterness springing up cause trouble, and by this many become defiled…” <br> In our podcast that’s from Hebrews 12:14-15 we will see that:<br> A BITTER PERSON IS A DECEIVED PERSON<br> A BITTER PERSON IS A DEFILED PERSON<br> A BITTER PERSON DUPLICATES HIS BITTERNESS TO OTHERS<br> But how do these processes occur?<br> Bitterness is Deceptive. It’s deceptive on so many different levels. First of all, it’s hard to spot. We may be bitter and not even know it. Or others may be bitter against us, but we will not be able to spot it. Why? Because as the Scripture states, it’s a “ROOT of Bitterness that we must be careful to avoid. We can’t always see everything that meets the eye, even when it comes to our own heart. A bitter person ultimately is a person who holds a grudge against God. This was actually the devil’s first sin. He was self deceived. A bitter person feels he or she deserves better that what God is offering to them. That somehow God is holding back His best from them.  This is deception, and it’s exactly the form of deception the devil used on Eve in Genesis.<br> Bitterness is Defiling.  If we refuse to deal with bitterness that has taken root deep in our souls, and perpetuated by a grudge holding, unforgiving spirit, we can ruin any hope for a joyful life and future successful relationships, romantic or platonic. Bitterness is really a form a pride, and that is why it’s so destructive. In fact, if you think carefully about it, it’s the same root of bitterness Satan had that caused him to challenge God.<br> Bitterness is Duplicating. What do we mean by that? People who can’t deal with bitterness by rooting it out from their hearts,