Ways to rewild yourself without being a hunter/gatherer

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Summary: <p>I am not a party girl. </p> <p>I’ve never really been a party girl. </p> <p>I did sneak out of the house when I was seventeen on a few different occasions to make out with my sort of boyfriend/best friend and play tag/night games at the elementary school with all the neighborhood kids and I skipped class a lot the last month of high school after moving out of my parent’s house. I drank a few times when I was nineteen. </p> <p>But that’s about as wild as it got. Now you know all of my sins ;) </p> <h2><strong>so what does it mean to be “wild”? </strong></h2> <p>When I talk about “wild”, I’m talking about our natural state. The way we were before our cultures changed us.</p> <p>Rewilding is technically a term used in conservation; meaning <strong>to restore the land to its natural state. But we can do the same thing with ourselves.</strong> I’m not saying that we need to become hunter/gatherers again, but rewilding as a soul thing. So here we are, talking about the hippie side of rewilding.  </p> <p>Read the original post: <a href="https://www.folkandco.com/blog/eleven-ways-to-rewild-yourself">https://www.folkandco.com/blog/eleven-ways-to-rewild-yourself</a></p>