Episode 3: Mind The Gap: Avoiding the Mini Meltdown

Hiking In Heals show

Summary: If you’ve ever visited London and traveled on the London Underground, then the iconic phrase ‘Mind The Gap’, is no doubt something you are more than familiar with! But in the bigger picture of the real world, minding the gap works on SO many levels, all the way from business to relationships, to life in general. What are we missing, where are the gaps, what areas do we need to fill? For that very reason, we felt it was totally apt to use it as the title for our ‘in-between guests’ episodes. To allow us to fill that gap with issues, situations, topics or just a good old chit-chat that seems relevant and current not only to us, but also to you as our incredible tribe of listeners. We hope this mantra, and the conversations that follow, lead you to a newer, clearer way of thinking, living and inspiration. ‘Mind the gap - Queens orders’ Show notes: We get real about: . Saying no . People pleasing . Taking time out . False stories . Mini meltdowns Resources: People Pleaser Article: www.sixwise.com/newsletters/06/05/24/how-to-break-free-from-the-self-sabotaging-people-pleasing-habits-in-your-relationships.htm www.hikinginheals.com www.loriharder.com www.thework.com/en