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Summary: Thanks for joining us we’re so excited you are here! Welcome to our podcast Hiking in Heals, with life coach Teresa Coltrin and full time mum and writer Jessica Headey Gandolfi Hiking through life can sometimes feel like we are literally hiking in our heels. As women in today’s modern world the pressure to tick all the social boxes is at its peak. Being perfect, being strong, having it all together, the list goes on. Inspired by our own journeys and life struggles we have come together and are on a mission to empower other women to overcome their fears and tap into their greatness. With special guests and our own personal stories our aim is to bring light and healing to inspire you take your life to the next level. As Coco Chanel once said: “Keep your head, heels and standards high.” We invite you to Kick off your heels, relax and enjoy the show.

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 Episode 16: Hensi Morris, Founder of Lipstick Sister & Clever Woman Club | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 00:55:41

Our special guest Hensi Morris is beyond inspiring with her opportunistic mindset. Hensi has been the President & Founder of Lipstick Sister, LLC for the past 7 1⁄2 years. Lipstick Sister is a membership based platform that was created to bring women together in the spirit of sisterhood by encouraging women to be kind, respectful, supporting and loving towards one another. Hensi is a strong believer that women can achieve so much more by working together! Through Lipstick Sister she has been able to touch many women and help them evolve into their highest potential.  Hensi's latest project the Clever Woman Club is a subscription based book club where the members have an opportunity to meet in person the authors selected for their reading material. Prior to her move to Los Angeles, CA from Mexico City back in 2008. Hensi had a successful career in public relations. We dive into: • Building a community from scratch in a new city • Realizing your worth and charging accordingly • Combining all aspects of empowering women • Making a monthly club subscription more of an experience • Encouraging collaboration not competition • Being kind, respectful and loving towards each other • The ‘AHA’ moment that became the modern woman’s ‘Book Club’ Resources: • www.lipsticksister.com • www.cleverwomanclub.com • www.beckysfund.org/ • @compassionwithactionusa IG: @lispticksister IG: @cleverwomanclub  Please subscribe and leave us an iTunes review and help us spread the word. If you know a phenomenal woman that should be a special guest on the show reach out to us at Hello@hikinginheals.com. Let us know what topics you want us to cover and any special charities that should be highlighted on the show.

 Episode 15: The Power Of The Voice | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 00:36:44

Davina Leone is a young star rising with a powerful singing voice and a heart of gold. She learned early on that she could use her voice to help heal others and that she can share her story to help inspire teens and adults.  Davina was a shy insecure young girl because of years of harassment and bullying. She taught herself how to play the guitar at a young age and began writing and composing her own music early on. Through her passion of singing, Davina found her voice which fueled her not only to live, but thrive. Davina has won two YouTube awards for her successful channel, has opened for OneRepublic at Sundance, performed on E!’s “Hello Ross” and had been featured as a top artist on TV1 France. Most recently, Davina was on season 12 of The Voice. Now, Davina uses her story and singing ability as a platform to reach kids across the country. With her personal story of overcoming bullying and following her dreams, Davina has the ability to captivate and inspire young audiences in a beautifully powerful way.   We dive into: • Finding music as an escape from bullying • Using YouTube as a platform to launch her career • Appearing on ‘American Idol’ and ‘The Voice’ • Celine Dion and Gwen Stefani as mentors • Reaching rock bottom and harnessing a new skill to move forward • Using her voice to tap into her wisdom and inspire youths to follow their dreams • Motivational speaking to inspire teens   Resources: • www.davinaleone.com • www.youtube.com/user/mrsjonas43 • www.instagram.com/davina_leone/ • www.aclu.org If you like what you hear, please subscribe and leave us a review. If you know a phenomenal woman that should be a special guest on the show reach out to us at Hello@hikinginheals.com. Let us know what topics you want us to cover and any special charities that should be highlighted on the show.

 Episode 14: Mind The Gap | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 00:11:40

In this episode we felt called to talk about the devastating event of the deadliest fire in history that has affected our city and state Los Angeles, California over the past week. We talk about the power of community and serving others and how this leads to making true change in the world. We send love, peace and light to the victims of the fires. And we share our gratitude to all those who have worked tirelessly and relentlessly to keep us safe as they worked through days and nights. To all the first responders, ambulance crew, fire departments, medics, doctors ,vets and members of the community, THANK YOU! We are eternally grateful for all you have done and continue to do to serve those affected by the destructive wildfires. If you feel compelled to show your support please check out the links below or check out our charity page on our website, www.hikinginheals.com. Resources: • www.calfund.org/wildfire / www.themalibufoundation.org • www.redcross.org • http://www.habitatla.org/

 Episode 13: Cannabis 101: Medicine of the Future? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:46:53

If you have been curious like we were about all the hype and stigmas about the legalization of marijuana and using the so called drug for medical purposes we have got you covered in this episode.  In this episode our well informed and well educated guest Dr Sherry Yafai MD is a Cannabis and Emergency Medicine physician at Providence St. John’s Medical Center since 2009. She is a member of the UCLA Cannabis Initiative, sits on the Board of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians and has recently been appointed as an Adjunct Associate Professor at Providence St. John’s working with cannabis and cancer research.  She walks us through the basics and helps answer any questions and negative stigmas about the drug and so much more. Tune in and learn the world of Cannabis and what you need to know about how it might be able to help you and your loved ones.  Tune in to hear us chat about: The backstory behind marijuana The difference between THC and CBD Cannabis through the eyes of the physician The need to address the underlying issues behind addiction Medicinal uses of the plant Need for regulation of cannabis Can cannabis really become as widely used as Tylenol  Marijuana as an exit drug for addictions Resources: • www.thereleafinstitute.com/ or Facebook at Releaf Institute • www.highsobriety.com/ • www.cannabisclinicians.org/

 Episode 12: From Single Mum To Bridal Queen Of New York Fashion Week | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:43:18

Makeup artist and beauty liaison Samantha Agostino’s passion and obvious talent for esthetics began early in childhood, she was hired to do her first professional wedding makeup at age 16, and she continues to make her extraordinary mark in bridal, fashion, print and video. For Samantha, esthetics and makeup application represent nothing short of art; her approach is that of a painter, designer and skin specialist all blended into one. She is both meticulous and artful, expertly tailoring each service and application to skin type, coloring, tone...and, of course, vision. Samantha’s work has graced numerous covers such as IAN and NJ Bride and been featured by top publications including Grace Ormonde, Carats & Cake and The Knot. A celebrated bridal fashion specialist, she recently collaborated with international luxury wedding planner Jean-Charles Vaneck and Ellie Youseff Couture for The Villa Casa Casuarina in Miami. Samantha also regularly leads beauty teams for NY Fashion Week, where her work has been highlighted on WWD and Vogue Brazil pages. Tune in to hear us chat about: • Unapologetically standing in your power • Leading New York Fashion Week as a luxury makeup artist • Losing yourself for someone else but coming back stronger • Retraining to rebuild your life • Listening to and following intuitive hits • Time-blocking for work/life balance • Beige walls to a life full of color Resources: • http://samanthaagostinomakeup.com/ • www.wishuponawedding.org • www.ny.covenanthouse.org • www.covenanthouse.org • IG: @samanthaagostinomakeup

 Episode 11: New Horizons, New Perspectives A Singlehanded Journey of Discovery | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 00:41:05

Sail away with us as Margie talks about her journey by herself, singlehanding her boat from San Francisco to HI. Margie Woods is an artist, photographer, writer, teacher and avid sailor. She holds her M.A. in Clinical Psychology and has worked extensively, both in private and group settings helping women to find their unique voices and strengths through the creative practice. She is an enthusiastic singlehanded sailor and was the only woman to compete in the 2016 Singlehanded TransPac Race from San Francisco to Hanalei, Hawaii. Margie plans to race again in 2020 and is currently working on a documentary about women solo offshore sailors, to illuminate and seek answers for the disparity between the number of men and women in these endeavors. Join us as we dive in to: • Being a seeker in life • Sailing singlehandedly across the Pacific Ocean • Listening to, and acting on, your intuitive hits • Rising to the challenges we set ourselves • Inner reflection • Menopause and essential oils Resources: • www.margiewoods.com • www.sailinghaunani.com/ • www.journeybackfilm.com & https://youtu.be/K83KFUiMn-s • www.embodylovemovement.org • www.healthebay.org

 Episode 10: The Journey from 90210 to Abundance Based Living | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:49:31

In this episode we go behind the scenes with actress, writer, poet and so much more Camila Greenberg. Camila Greenberg is a Soul On Fire. Working as an actress in LA for nearly 13 years, she took the pressure of the industry as an opportunity to turn, in her words, coal into diamond: using every challenge to align her more with her spirituality. This year, Camila made the huge leap from the illusion of the material world into the flow of the spiritual. She is currently chronicling her spiritual awakening in the form of a book, a conscious content podcast, and the first ever online church. Join us as we chat about: • The pressures of ‘Hollywood’ as a young actor • Reaching breaking point • Spoken Word Poetry • Conversations with consciousness • Abundance based living • Ego • Concept of circling • Development of the first online church for awakened beings Resources: IG: @camilagreenberg FB: Camila Greenberg www.thetrevorproject.org www.gofundme.com/online-forum-to-support-youth

 Episode 9: The science behind healing through EFT and Matrix Reimprinting | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:56:54

Ready to heal and let go of emotional trauma and stress from the past? You will absolutely love episode 9 with special guest Sonja Courtis. Sonja Courtis was born in New Zealand. A self proclaimed ‘Emotional Wellbeing Specialist’ she lives and breathes emotional and physical wellbeing. She specializes in assisting people find the root cause of their physical and emotional issues, specializing in anxiety, panic attacks, chronic stress, unresolved grief sadness and loss, Birth Trauma, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress disorder) and underlying (emotional) root causes of physical disease. In this episode we discuss: • Longterm effects of childhood trauma • Changing limiting beliefs • Rewiring the brain • Healing vs Curing • Meta Health analysis • Matrix reimprinting and the habitual mind • Chronic stress vs anxiety • Emotional Freedom Technique • Mummy guilt • Freeze response Sonja is trained in: Biocompass® (Meta Health analysis of dis-ease and illness) Matrix Reimprinting (using EFT) NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming. EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique level III practitioner Matrix Reimprinting and Emotional Freedom Technique ambassador Matrix Birth Reimprinting practitioner Resources: www.sonjacourtis.com www.facebook.com/sonjacourtis IG: @sonjacourtis worldanimalprotection.us www.hikinginheals.com

 Episode 8: The Art of Detangling Your Life | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 00:55:55

Kick off your heels and dive in to this special and moving episode with Lisa Silvera, a Radically Optimistic Life Coach - a light seeker, keen listener, wing-woman and an emotional guide. Having harnessed her passion, energy and unrivaled positivity, knowledge and experience, the culmination as resulted in the creation of her life/shift coaching practice coined 'Get Detangled'. Lisa's lifelong affair with LOVE, authenticity, joy, adventure and most of all, striving for HAPPINESS & PURPOSE has landed her in the most extraordinary space. Her greatest inspiration and 'teacher' in her life was her baby brother, Ricardo. "Ricky" was born with severe Down Syndrome and pre-teen, Lisa became one of his primary caregivers. Caring for, and being in her brother's midst fostered an acute sense of acceptance, openness, ability to listen, problem solve, multi task and most of all instilled faith in her. No matter how intense a situation or how entangled we may feel, with good communication and a real desire to be happy and fulfilled, we can all HEAL, LOVE and ultimately LIVE beautiful lives. In this episode we discuss: • Confrontation vs passion • Women as ‘life hostesses’ • Being selfish - good or bad? • People pleasing vs compromising • Comparison and acceptance • ‘Letting’ things happen vs ‘making’ things happen • The joy, pain and life lessons of becoming a primary caregiver to a Down Syndrome sibling • Dealing with the loss of a sibling • How one little change every day, can change everything • Choices • Balance Resources: • www.getdetangled.com (designed by www.jacksonlynch.com) • www.getdetangled.com/get-detangled-with-lisa-silvera-blog/ • FB: www.facebook.com/getdetanglednow • IG: @getdetangled www.instagram.com/getdetangled • TWITTER: @getdetanglednow www.twitter.com/getdetanglednow • Down Syndrome Association of LA www.dsala.org • www.jacksonlynchyoga.com • Yoga Gives Back www.yogagivesback.org , www.hikinginheals.com

 Episode 7: The Creative Visionary and Culinary Goddess Forces behind the Pono Burger Brand | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:03:27

"Women are like tea, they don't know how strong they are until they are put in hot water."   From sound-baths to storytelling rum cocktails, sacred geometry and organic food from farm to table, to alchemy and bio-dynamic farming. There are so many hidden gems you will not want to cut this episode short. We are joined by the creative visionary and culinary goddess forces behind the Pono Burger Brand. Makani Carzino, owner chef of Pono Burger Santa Monica, Makani Venice and Ultimate Burger Kailua-Kona Hawaii, and Andrea Heindel who works alongside Makani as Director of sales and marketing for the brand. Show notes: Episode 7 is quite simply a dreamy, vision led conversation touching not only on food and culinary art, but what it really means to be ‘Pono’. We chat about: • The true concept of Pono • Healthy and sustainable eating and recipes for the soul • Making greener choices that benefit the planet and our environment • Appreciating who you have in your life • Bio dynamic farming • Bankruptcy to award winning restaurants • Goddess women • Vulnerability • Storytelling rum cocktails • Sacred geometry • Trust • Alchemy Growing up on the Big Island of Hawaii, the food sustainability seed was planted within Makani at a very young age. Her parents taught her the value of sourcing and eating locally - from papayas to coconuts to freshly caught fish. Makani now combines her vision for healthy and sustainable eating with the Hawaiian concept of Pono, which means, to do things the right way, or with integrity. A lifelong Palisadian, Andrea has always had a talent for selling and her serving customers both here and abroad. With a career that originated in advertising sales and spanned the globe from Prague to the USA. Andrea now manages Makani’s vision of building healthy and sustainable eating with the Hawaiian concept of Pono. To see the full bios for Makani and Andrea visit: www.hikinginheals.com Charities: • www.healthebay.org • www.nokidhungry.org • www.presentnow.org Articles: Eater LA review of Makani, scroll through to see photos of the restaurant: www.la.eater.com/platform/amp/2018/4/26/17285848/makani-venice-rose-avenue-designrestaurant Makani featured in "The 17 Hottest Restaurants in LA Right Now”, June 2018 www.la.eater.com/maps/best-new-restaurants-los-angeles-heatmap Makani featured in "12 Hottest Cocktail Spots in Los Angeles, Summer 2018" on Eater LA: www.la.eater.com/maps/best-hottest-bars-lounges-cocktails-los-angeles Currently #6 on Trip Advisor: www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g60872-d1722247-Reviews-Ultimate_BurgerKailua_Kona_Island_of_Hawaii_Hawaii.html Resources: • www.ponoburger.com • www.instagram.com/ponoburger • www.facebook.com/ponoburger • www.makanivenice.com • www.instagram.com/makanivenice • www.fcebook.com/makanivenice • www.ultimateburger.net • www.instagram.com/ultimateburger.kona • www.facebook.com/ultimateburgerbigisland • www.amazon.com/Pono-Principle-Doing-Right-Things-ebook/dp/B079KHBMRS

 Episode 6: Health is Wealth - The Secrets to Anti Aging & Following Your Passion Later in Life | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 00:37:45

Join us as we chat with our special guest Dr. Evelyne Leone about: • Changing your life journey in your 40’s • Re-training as a mum of teens • Following your calling regardless of your situation • Integration of traditional medicine and spiritual beliefs • Environmental stress and hormonal imbalance • Managing stress and saying ‘no’ • How meditation works on a cellular level • Healing from the inside out with Conscious Medicine • Gratitude Our special guest, Dr. Evelyne Leone is the founder of the Institute of Conscious Health and is board certified in Regenerative, Functional and Nutritional Medicine by the American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine and the Metabolic Medical Institute. She is a graduate physician from Nova Southeastern University and did her clinical training at the Cleveland Clinic. Dr. Evelyne also holds certifications in Brain Fitness, Ayurvedic Medicine, Yoga, and Reiki. At the forefront of Anti Aging Medicine and Hormone therapy, Dr. Evelyne is supporting her patients to create their own Vibrant Health by increasing Vitality, decreasing susceptibility to illness, and develop awareness of the connection between body and mind. Her integrated model of medicine can stop disease before it starts, and prevent the negative effects of aging. She has helped patients overcome a wide range of issues and chronic diseases from migraines, sleep disturbances, fatigue, digestive problems, eczema, autoimmune disorders, and prevent severe diseases of the cardiovascular, immune, and respiratory systems. Her work as a physician who integrates body, mind, and spirit has lead her to collaborate with conscious leading teachers in spiritual psychology. She is offering group teachings focusing on preventing disease and building stress resistance. She also guides participants to the self healing and regenerative power of the body through scientific understanding, and through the direct experience of breathing and meditative practices. Resources: www.evelyneleone.com IG: @drevelyneleone FB: www.facebook.com/drevelyneleone/?ref=br_rs

 Episode 5: Awakening your Confidence and Soul through Conscious Styling | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:38:28

Amanda Weil spent over 13 years building her career in digital sales and marketing within companies such as Yahoo! and Tremor Video. Her most recent role was as a Senior Executive at Sony Pictures Television, where she brought in a staggering $24M in revenue over 4 years. After spending more than a decade in the corporate landscape, this “amazing career” was no longer satisfying, and her soul was yearning for more. Amanda realized there was a need to revitalize femininity in the workplace to maintain a balanced flow of business, internal harmony and productivity. Amanda saw first hand how women spend so much time climbing the corporate ladder and trying to integrate into a patriarchal workforce, that they forget to actually take care of themselves and nurture their femininity and soul. After a tremendous amount of reflection and inner work, Amanda left the corporate world to deliver a solution for this need and as a result, ‘Accentuated Style’ was born. She now spends her time as a conscious stylist based in Los Angeles working with women to accentuate their confidence and soul through image transformation. This allows them to elevate into the best version of themselves both internally and externally through style so they can go after their dreams with renewed energy and full clarity of who they are. She calls this ‘inner style’ and teaches her clients how to express their inner essence through fashion. Amanda’s greatest measure of success was once how many deals she could close and the size of those deals. Self-love and self-care were put on the back burner constantly causing stomach issues, hormonal imbalances and adrenal fatigue. Her greatest measure of success now is having discovered her authentic self and choosing happiness and wholeness on a daily basis. Amanda’s greatest desire is to share this soul awakening process and lifestyle with her clients so that together we elevate the vibrations of the planet. True confidence is the key to healing ourselves and the world. Today we discuss: • Conquering and leaving the corporate landscape • Conscious styling • Creating confidence through your closet • Image transformation • Eradicating bullying • The importance of teaching young girls and women to love their bodies and their inner beauty Resources: • www.accentuatedstyle.com • www.instagram.com/accentuatedstyle • www.facebook.com/amweilwm • www.changelives.org • accentuatedstyle@gmail.com Email Amanda directly at accentuatedstyle@gmail.com to claim 20% discount on your first personal session, quoting 'Hiking In Heals'

 Episode 4: The Power of Giving and Living Life Through Your Heart | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:47:36

We are beyond excited to share our special guest Erin Toppenberg with you. Erin is one of the most inspiring, gracious and empowering women we are proud to know, and we are so grateful to have her as a guest on the show this week.  Erin Toppenberg's mission is to connect more and more in the heart. Erin is a certified HeartMath trainer as well as being involved in many charities and organizations where the one common goal and purpose is elevating the consciousness and compassion of the world. Erin is the mother of two daughters which fuels her passion to work on the behalf of the empowerment of women and children worldwide. Sitting on many boards, she is a very active member of The Waterbearers Charity, serving as a Co-Founder and Director. Erin was instrumental in structuring the key partnership with Waves for Water campaign to bring clean water to millions of people globally. This has now turned into a women lead, women empowered, focused nonprofit, providing clean water around the world. Erin serves on the Board of Directors for the Fyera Foundation. She especially enjoys working with impoverished ‘at risk’ youth in Nicaragua by providing mentoring, helping with schoolwork and inspiration. She frequently travels to Nicaragua, and incorporates the element of clean water distribution in these trips and across all her endeavors. Passionate about the issue of ending sex trafficking, Erin has attended the past 4 sessions at the UN Commissions on the Status of Women serving as a delegate with Pathways to Peace. Additionally, with all her philanthropic work, Erin is a Universal Kabbalist, and as such is forever seeking a deeper wisdom, a deeper understanding, and a deeper meaning. Today we talk about: • The power and the science of the heart • Breathing from the heart space • Managing stressful situations through your heart • Learning how to live from your heart on a daily basis • The power of giving • The amount of joy the simple act of giving clean water can bring • Women, water and wisdom Resources: The Waterbearers: www.classy.org/campaign/world-water-day/c162749 Instagram: thewaterbearersorg or https://www.instagram.com/thewaterbearersorg/ The Heart Math: www.heartmath.org Agape International Spiritual Center: www.agapelive.com Hiking In Heals: www.hikinginheals.com

 Episode 3: Mind The Gap: Avoiding the Mini Meltdown | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:24:37

If you’ve ever visited London and traveled on the London Underground, then the iconic phrase ‘Mind The Gap’, is no doubt something you are more than familiar with! But in the bigger picture of the real world, minding the gap works on SO many levels, all the way from business to relationships, to life in general. What are we missing, where are the gaps, what areas do we need to fill? For that very reason, we felt it was totally apt to use it as the title for our ‘in-between guests’ episodes. To allow us to fill that gap with issues, situations, topics or just a good old chit-chat that seems relevant and current not only to us, but also to you as our incredible tribe of listeners. We hope this mantra, and the conversations that follow, lead you to a newer, clearer way of thinking, living and inspiration. ‘Mind the gap - Queens orders’ Show notes: We get real about: . Saying no . People pleasing . Taking time out . False stories . Mini meltdowns Resources: People Pleaser Article: www.sixwise.com/newsletters/06/05/24/how-to-break-free-from-the-self-sabotaging-people-pleasing-habits-in-your-relationships.htm www.hikinginheals.com www.loriharder.com www.thework.com/en

 Episode 2: Embracing the Divine Feminine and the Power of Women with Renata Spironello | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:50:48

For almost two decades, Renata Spironello has been helping people from all walks of life improve their health, re-boot their relationships, and find joy in their careers using the psychotherapeutic application of Divine Spiritual Wisdom as taught by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry. She is deeply committed to the positive evolution of humankind, and places special emphasis on working with women. Renata draws upon her extensive background in Naam Yoga and the Harmonyum Healing System, traveling year-round and world-wide as a founding member of the Naam Yoga Teacher Training Team and Harmonyum healing training. Her down-to-earth approach helps students from all over the world make practical day-to-day use of the deep metaphysical laws that exist within the timeless teachings of Dr. Levry. We dig into: • Love • Fear • How powerful we women really are • Divine Spiritual Wisdom • Harmonyum Healing • The teachings of Dr Joseph Michael Levry • Supporting each other • Asking for help • Accountability Resources: Learn more about Renata, her classes and Harmonyum Healing at www.naamyogala.com and follow her on Instgram @renatanaamyoga. Learn more about Dr Joseph Michael Levy: www.josephmichaellevry.com Order your copy of Dr Levry's last book - 'The Ultimate Secrets of Intimacy and Creation': https://rootlight.myshopify.com/collections/books/products/the-ultimate-secrets-of-intimacy-and-creation-by-dr-joseph-michael-levry Donate to Naam Yoga today: http://www.naamyogala.com/community.php National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255 available 24/7 - www.suicidepreventionlifeline.org Find all the information and other links at www.hikinginheals.com If you like what you heard, please subscribe, leave us an iTunes review and spread the word.


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