SOH 010: The Behavioral Interview with Ellis Chase

Secrets of the Hire: College Student's Guide to Job Interview Tips | Resume Tips | Career Advice | LinkedIN Training show

Summary: In this episode we are here with Ellis Chase.  Ellis Chase discusses strategies for nailing the behavioral interview.  Ellis also shares  his book with us.  Make sure you listen in and prepare to gain serious value.<br> Things mentioned in this episode:<br> <br> * <br> <a href=";qid=1415469189&amp;sr=8-1&amp;keywords=ellis+chase" target="_blank">In Search of the Fun Forever Job: Career Strategies that Work</a><br> <br> * <br> <a href=";qid=1415469189&amp;sr=8-2&amp;keywords=ellis+chase" target="_blank">Networking: How to Make the Connections You Need</a><br> <br> * <br> <a href="" target="_blank">The Behavioral Interview Post</a><br> <br> * <br> <a href="" target="_blank">Secrets of the Hire Success Package</a><br> <br> * <br> <a href="" target="_blank">Ellis Chase’s Website</a><br> <br> * <br> <a href=";authType=NAME_SEARCH&amp;authToken=0FV0&amp;locale=en_US&amp;trk=tyah2&amp;trkInfo=tarId%3A1415469079217%2Ctas%3Aellis%20chase%2Cidx%3A1-1-1" target="_blank">Ellis Chase’s LinkedIN Profile</a><br> <br> <br>