Secrets of the Hire: College Student's Guide to Job Interview Tips | Resume Tips | Career Advice | LinkedIN Training show

Secrets of the Hire: College Student's Guide to Job Interview Tips | Resume Tips | Career Advice | LinkedIN Training

Summary: The Secrets of the Hire Podcast : Where we provide job interview tips, resume tips, career advice, linkedin training for college students and recent graduates. College students and recent graduates are having a tough time with the job interview process and the Secrets of the Hire podcast is sought out to be the #1 hub for college students and recent graduates to excel with their job search process.

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  • Artist: Dayvon Goddard | Job Interview Coach | Resume Consultant | Career Coach | College Student & Recent Graduate Careerist


 SOH 028 – How to Build Your Personal Brand Online | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

In this session of the Secrets of the Hire Podcast, we have Ryan Rhoten from  This episode is focused directly on how to build your personal brand online. Resources Mentioned: * Ryan’s Website * Ryan’s Online Brand Assessment * Watch Me Get a Job Interview Course * Secrets of the Hire Job Board

 SOH 027 – Job Searching With Social Media with Joshua Waldman | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown


 SOH 026: Job Interview Tips for 2016 & Beyond | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 53:46

In this session of the Secrets of the Hire podcast we have Mark Babbitt from  We discuss the following: The top 5 job search tips for 2015 and beyond. Why following your passion is bad advice Why you should never follow anything The 2 Questions you need to ask to get ahead of the competition Why you should complete one year of internship experience for every year in college Why google needs you to have 3 to 5 internships Why there is no such thing as the entry level job anymore How to stand out in a global economy 99% of employers are finding people on linked or verifying your personal brand Your linked headline should be where you want to be 5 years from now Why nobody hires students Your linked summary is your resume on steroids How to determine what you value proposition is How you would never find your passion sitting in a classroom Becoming an expert on your subject matter Resources Mentioned in this Episode: * A World Gone Social: How Companies Must Adapt to Survive a World Gone Social – Mark’s Book * * Marks Linkedin Profile * Marks Twitter Profile * Switch & Shift

 SOH 025: My Top 5 Resume Tips | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 29:51

In this session I talk about 5 great resume tips that’s going to help you revamp your resume and take control of your job search process.  I have edited a ton of resumes  and for some reason I seem to come across the same resume mistakes, over and over again. In this episode, I discuss: 1. Why you need to tailor your resume 2. Remove the “Objective” section from your resume 3. Why references aren’t necessary on your resume 4. Your resume is not a career obituary 5. Avoiding the #1 resume mistake Helpful Resources: Free 5S5D Job Search Course SOH Scholarship Foundation Give us a rating and review on iTunes HireVue – Get your FREE demo on how to choose the right candidate for your company

 SOH: 022: How To Build That One Great Resume From Scratch With Joe Konop | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 56:37

In this session of the Secrets of the Hire podcast, I bring on Joe Konop from  A lot of you have reached out to me and you’re trying to determine how to set up your resume.  It seems as though you apply to a countless number of jobs but for some reason or another, the employer doesn’t seem to give you a call for a job interview.  You find that you’re in fact qualified for the position but employers still seem to ignore your resume.  Well, no worries, in this session Joe and I talk you through the resume step by step.  Make sure you have a pen and pad because you’re going to need it. Things mentioned in this episode: * One Great Resume (Joe Konop) * Joe’s Linkedin Profile * 5 essential elements your resume needs (Forbes Article by Joe) * 6 steps to customizing your resume (Forbes Article by Joe) * 5S5D Job Search Process (Free Course)  

 SOH 019: How to Maximize Your Graduate School Experience with Thomas Sumter | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 34:54

In this episode we have Thomas Sumter from Drexel Univesity discussing how to Maximize your graduate school experience.  Thomas is a 1st year graduate student and during this episode, Thomas talks about his first year as a graduate student.  I invite you to listen in on this episode as Thomas tells you exactly what you need to do in order to maximize your graduate school experience. Things mentioned in this episode: * Thomas’s LinkedIN Profile * Drexel University * SOH Job Search Success Package * SOH Scholarship Application

 SOH 018: How to Utilize Your Transferable Skills In Your Next Job Interview | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 26:55

Hey whats up guys and gals!  In this episode we have Sharon Hamersley from and in this episode Sharon and I discuss “How to utilize your transferable skills in your next job interview”.  I created this episode because I’ve gotten a ton of emails from students who cannot find luck landing a job interview.  I also had a ton of you who cant seem to capitalize on your next job interview.  This episode is going to help you do just that.  In this episode, we’re going to how to take what you learned in college and apply it to the job you’re interviewing for. This mentioned in this episode: Sharons Website, The Resume Coach Sharons LinkedIN Profile SOH Scholarship (APPLY HERE) Secrets of the Hire Job Search Success Package

 SOH 017: How to Navigate the Career Fair with Erin Hutchinson | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 34:45

Hey guys in this episode we have Erin Hutchinson letting us know how to navigate the almighty career fair.  At the time of this recording it is early April 2015 and as most of you know, it is the season for career fairs?  Don’t know where to start? Don’t know how to connect with employers?  Well, I invite you to listen in. Things Mentioned in this episode: * Erin Hutchinson on LinkedIN * Secrets of the Hire Success Package * Secrets of the Hire Podcast (LEAVE A REVIEW HERE) * SOH Scholarship Foundation (APPLY HERE)

 SOH 016: Discovering Your Ideal Career with Maggie Mistal | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 49:07

In this session of the Secrets of the Hire Podcast we have Maggie Mistal from  Today’s episode is all about determining the elements of your ideal career.  Now, this episode is EXTREMELY important!  As college students and recent graduates, the last thing we want to do is jump into a career that we absolutely hate, then become stagnant in that position, thus leading to us being stuck at a company for 20, 30, 40 years that we hate. Maggie truly sheds light into how to determine what your ideal career is.  This is truly an episode for the books. Things Mentioned In This Episode: * Maggies Soul Search Career Workbook (SPECIAL DISCOUNT FOR SOH LISTENERS ONLY) * MaggieMistal.Com (Maggies Website) * Magggies LinkedIN Profile * Maggies Podcast (Making a Living with Maggie) * Secrets of the Hire Success Package * SOH Academic Scholarship

 SOH 015: Branding 101 For Your New Business | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 29:35

Hey whats up!  In this episode we have Sunny and Tara from Xavier Creative House.  I decided to record this episode simply because most of you are looking to possibly start your own business.  I know that we usually talk about Job Interview Tips ,Resume Advice, LinkedIN Tips, and professional development tips but this time we are going to switch it up.  In this episode we have two of the top branding strategists in the business of branding your company.  Sunny and Tara shared great tips on how to brand your new business. Things mentioned in this episode: * Xavier Creative House * The Secrets to Branding Ebook * Sunny’s LinkedIN Profile * Tara’s LinkedIN Profile * Secrets of the Hire Success Package * SOH Scholarship (Apply Here) * Dayvon Goddard’s LinkedIN Profile

 SOH 014: How to Market and Sell Yourself in a Competitive Job Market with Pat Schuler | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 43:09

In this session of the Secrets of the Hire Podcast, we have Pat Schuler from  I recently wrote a post on Linkedin which outlines how selling yourself is an integral part of the job search process.  So, instead of just stopping with the post, I decided to get the best sales training manager in the industry on the show. In this session, we discussed: * Kick Butt Sales Training * Gemini Pro * Pat Schulers Linkedin Profile * SOH Scholarship (NOW ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS) * Secrets of the Hire Job Search Success Package  

 SOH 013: Personal Branding for Dummies with Susan Chritton | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 43:05

Hey whats up folks!  In this session of the Secrets of the Hire Podcast, we have Susan Chritton from  Ever since I started the Secrets of the Hire Podcast, I’ve received a ton of emails from those of you who really wanted to figure out what it takes in order to define yourself as a personal brand.  In this session, Susan gives us all of the goods.  Now, let me tell you why Susan Chritton is the perfect person for this episode.  She is the author of the worlds famous book “Personal Branding for Dummies“.  For those of you who read “For Dummies” books in the past, you know that these books take you from idea to inception.  I really hope you enjoy this episode here on the podcast.  SOH Scholarship Progress: For those of you who’ve been listening to the podcast.  You know that I started the very first Secrets of the Hire (SOH) Scholarship at  This scholarship is a general scholarship which will be in the amount of $500!  Guess what? we have $400 raised already.  I just want to give you all a big THANK YOU for supporting me in this endeavor.      In this episode we discuss: – Susans Website Personal Branding for Dummies SOH Scholarship Ultimate Job Search Success Package

 SOH 012: How to Polish Your Resume with Only 15 Questions | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 50:57

In this session of the Secrets of the Hire podcast we have Lisa McDonald from Career Polish.  Ever wonder why you never seem to solicit a response from your resume?  Ever wonder how in the world you send hundreds of resumes to employers but never receive a response?  Well, maybe it’s because you haven’t asked yourself the 15 questions that Lisa McDonald covers in this podcast episode. As mentioned on the podcast episode, I actually had to take a second look at my resume after the recording.  This episode is filled with great tips, make sure you listen in and enjoy! Things mentioned in this episode: * Lisa’s Website (Career Polish) * Lisa’s Guide on the 15 Questions to take your resume from Blah to Boom! * SOH Scholarship Foundation * SOH Scholarship Donation Jar * Leave Secrets of the Hire a 5 Star Review on iTunes here

 SOH 011: Navigating the Applicant Tracking System | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 33:35

Hey everyone!  I have a great podcast episode lined up for you in this session.  A ton of you’ve been emailing me and you mentioned that you are having trouble with your job search.  It seems as though you are sending hundreds of resumes to each and every job you feel you are eligible for, but you get no reply.  Now, the reason you may not be soliciting a response is because your resume probably never made it into the actual hands of an employer.  I know you may be thinking, if my application does not get submitted directly to the employer, then where does it go?  Great question, your application actually goes through the applicant tracking system before it gets into the hands of the employer. Take note, over 70 percent of resumes actually never get into the hands of the employer because of the applicant tracking system.  What can you do as a job candidate, in order to have your resume break through the applicant tracking system?  Well, Robin from Robins Resumes shows us exactly what we need to do in order to increase the chances of our resume making it through the applicant tracking system. Make sure you listen in and take some good notes! Things mentioned in this episode: Robins Resumes Secrets of the Hire Job Search Success Package

 SOH 010: The Behavioral Interview with Ellis Chase | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 35:05

In this episode we are here with Ellis Chase.  Ellis Chase discusses strategies for nailing the behavioral interview.  Ellis also shares  his book with us.  Make sure you listen in and prepare to gain serious value. Things mentioned in this episode: * In Search of the Fun Forever Job: Career Strategies that Work * Networking: How to Make the Connections You Need * The Behavioral Interview Post * Secrets of the Hire Success Package * Ellis Chase’s Website * Ellis Chase’s LinkedIN Profile


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