Cancer research, acupuncture and supplements for Fibromyalgia and other pain top this week's show

KUSP's Ask Doctor Dawn show

Summary: A chemical from bee hives helps slow prostate cancer growth; New research supports use of Resveratrol to lower cardiovascular disease risk; Lack of oxygen may induce cancer growth — a biomarker is found the predicts fast growth phase of cancer; Stem cells produced from skin cells can become new muscle cells for treating muscular dystrophy; How a fibromyalgia sufferer can gradually reduce the anti-anxiety drug she's taking that is affecting her memory; Supplementing the diet for a Peace Corps Volunteer in West Africa; Nutritional advice for someone with broken arm bones; American Cancer Society's recommendations are in line with Dr. Dawn's advice for nutrition for cancer patients on chemotherapy; General discussion about treatments for fibromyalgia — good sleep is very important; More natural anti-inflammatories for knee pain; Phosphodiesterase inhibitors slow lung cancer cell growth in cell culture; The problems of working night shifts, but not on a regular basis; Dealing with residual pain after back surgery to fix sciatica pain; What are best practices when using Glucose monitors for type 1 diabetes? Acupuncture with electrical stimulation is safe for people with pacemakers; UC Santa Cruz is assembling a 10,000 patient database of DNA sequences of 20 types of cancer; Soy protein reduces fat accumulation in those with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease