Chemicals in breast milk, Alzheimer's vaccine, esophageal and breast cancer and other medical news

KUSP's Ask Doctor Dawn show

Summary: Supreme court rejects an absurd medical patent; Epigenetic methylation that turns off immune response explains why a mother doesn't reject a fetus as foreign; Dr. Dawn discourages a caller from getting a motorcycle; Is the lump in my esophagus a lipoma? New Alzheimer's vaccine is tested, but is vaccines a good strategy for an inflammatory disease? Drug and diet advice for a post-mastectomy woman just going into menopause; Integrative care suggestions for a man with esophageal cancer; Questions about high protein, low carbohydrate diets — low glycemic carbs are important; Two callers comment on Florence Williams' book about chemical contaminants in breast milk; A listener uses simply ice cubes to prevent herpes cold sore outbreaks; Low dose naltrexone is an anti-inflammatory that is useful for many diseases, including fibromyalgia