West Nile virus, autism, osteoporosis, avoiding surgery, TIAs, hemorrhoids and much more

KUSP's Ask Doctor Dawn show

Summary: West Nile virus is on the rise again — control breeding sources of mosquitoes; Claims that Serropeptidase removes plaque in blood vessels are not supported by science; Vitamin K for bone density support and vitamins for eye health; How to evaluate if drugs are helping your osteoporosis; How to reduce uterine thickening and avoid a hysterectomy because of fibroids; Are sauna and oxygen therapies for autism good? Nutritional advice for gout includes giving up beer; Try magnesium glycinate to reduce leg cramps at night; Avoiding surgery for shoulder pain from arthritis or rotator cuff impingement; Assessing fish oil quality and the issue of sustainable fish sources for it; Johnson and Johnson promises to remove formaldehyde and other chemicals from their products; Suggestions for painful hemorrhoids; Studies with pancreatic cell cultures show that sugar and carbohydrate intake suppresses fat loss; Hydration and lowering blood coagulation is key to preventing transient ischemic attacks and strokes; Reducing sources of Omega 6 fatty acids is just as important as getting good Omega 3 oils