Just because everyone else is doing it – EP 8

Marital Bliss Podcast show

Summary: This week we expand on the Three Deadly A's of marriage, and we turn our focus for a little closer examination of Affairs. Why it looks like society condones affairs. What is wrong with a little extracurricular activities? Right? Well a lot of problems come from Affairs besides the hurt feelings of the spouse. In the  artical We desire other people - But not each other Talks about how they have lost the loving feeling for each other. While the article The recipe for happiness? An enduring marriage and an affair with lots of sex, actuall goes off and ecurages people to go out and have sex with other people because why? Other cultrues do it so why not Britian? I would actually say the very same reason that you mother would of told you, If Everyone else was jumping off a cliff would you? Just because France, Japan, and Finland thinks it is ok to have infidelity in their marriage doesn't mean that it is good. This author may think that it helps a marriage but it is very one sided. One person is going off and exploring a fantasy land while the one left home with the kids and responsibilities of life is still stuck in life mode. Marriage affairs are just a sign of being selfish and that there are problems in the marriage. These are symptoms to a larger problem that really needs to be addressed and easily fixed. Sure people go off and fantasize about different people they see in the world but acting on those impulses doesn't help the family and if you have kids doesn't show the kids how a marriage is suppose to work. This article completely takes this very important element out. It throws the Vows, or your sacrid promise that you made on your marriage day,  and just applies an eraser to it lit it never happened. There is a  line in the majority of vows of To have and to hold, To honor and to cherish, Forsaking all others, Till Death does you part. When you have an affair you are not honoring your spouse. You are not Cherishing your spouse. You are  forsaking your loved one for some other person. Now I maybe wrong but that seems like some of the most important lines of marriage have been thrown out and deemed insignificant. This raises a very alarming flag, so we have decided to discuss this this week.