Four Common Catfishing Mistakes [CR EP 24]

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Summary: Being successful on the water fishing whether you target blue catfish, channel catfish or flathead catfish depends just as much on knowing what you are doing wrong as knowing what you are doing right. In this weeks episode of Catfishing Radio we take a look at common fishing mistakes I see many anglers make, and also cover some of our always popular catfishing questions and answers.   The show starts out with introductions: Please take a few minutes to check out our page on iTunes and leave is a star rating and write a quick review Check out the Spring Blue Catfish Techniques ebook and training program as well as our other products Thanks to Team Catfish for sponsoring Catfishing Radio. Thanks to Brute Outdoors for sponsoring Catfishing Radio. Use coupon code CATCHCATFISH for $25 off any cooler at checkout.   Four Common Catfishing Mistakes Again, this shows is focused on common things I see the weekend or beginner catfish angler doing wrong, and what you should be doing instead to help you put more fish in your boat. These mistakes are: Fishing History – Fishing history refers to sticking to “spots” or areas that have produced in the past repeatedly or even just once and spending valuable time not catching fish because you are in the wrong area, fishing the wrong depths, at the wrong time. The best place to fish can vary greatly depending on the time of year, water levels, changes in wind and water temperature and a variety of other factors. I talk about fishing history and what you should be doing instead. I also talk in depth about fishing new waters and making it a point to fish a new location each and every time you are on the water.   Only Fishing Cover – In this portion I talk about anglers that only fish cover and never focus on where the fish actually are. There are some great catfishing techniques that focus on fishing cover and finding fish under or around cover but as a general rule this is not a good approach, especially if targeting blue catfish. I talk about why you shouldn’t solely focus on fishing cover and how fishing structure is typically a better approach when fishing for blue catfish because threadfin shad and gizzard shad often orient to structure as do blue catfish.   Staying Out Of The Wind – This is a a big one. It amazes me how many people get on the boat with me and say “it’s beautiful out and there is no wind, isn’t this great?”. Not having wind and a lake that is slick as glass is great for someone who is going to water ski but a slick calm lake is an anglers enemy. Fishing is always better when there is some wind and as long is it is safe to be on the water, I am going to fish, regardless of the wind. I talk about how the wind impacts fishing for catfish, how it affects the bait fish and what you should do in response to the wind.   Stick With Familiar Baits and Rigs -  OK, just like fishing history, this is important. I know so many people that stick with what they know and are afraid to try anything different. They fish with chicken livers on a three way rig because that’s what they have always done. Their daddy did it that way, their grandaddy did it that way and that’s the way they are going to do it. Not being willing to try new catfish bait, new catfish rigs, or even just slight variations in catfish rigs can be the kiss of death. I talk in depth about thinking outside the box and being willing to try new things.   Catfishing Questions and Answers After the wrap up of the four common fishing mistakes I cover some catfishing questions and answers, answering questions submitted through the website. You can give us a call at 817-381-5604 if you have a question about fishing for catfish. In this show we answer questions about: Fishing with circle hooks, kahle hooks and line alarms or bait clickers and the correct way to fish with these different styles of catfish hooks. American Angler Ultra MT3 Electric Fillet Knives