Red River Trophy Channel Catfish with Brad Durick [CR EP 28]

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Summary:   Catfishing Radio Introduction We start this weeks show with announcements and information: Thanks for the recent iTunes reviews. We have surpassed 100 reviews  on iTunes. Thanks to those that have taken the time to leave a review. The Learn To Catch Catfish Community is now online go to to check it out. We will be adding new features and information as things progress. There will be some exclusive events coming up in the near future only available to members of the Learn To Catch Catfish Community. The channel catfish are on fire. Be sure to check out the Summer Channel Catfish Techniques program and the Secret Channel Catfish Rig. Catfishing Radio Episode 28 On this weeks episode of Catfishing Radio we interview Captain Brad Durick of Brad Durick Outdoors. Brad is a catfish guide on the Red River and not that shallow muddy Red River that runs between Texas and Oklahoma. Brad is a catfish guide fishing out of Grand Forks North Dakota on what most people refer to as the “Red River of The North”. When most people think of catching channel catfish they think of catching a bunch of smaller 1-3 lb catfish using prepared catfish baits like punch bait, dip bait  or other form of “stink bait”. That’s the way we do it here in North Texas and we catch a lot of channel catfish. The “Red River of the North” is the premier trophy channel catfish fishery in the country when it comes to BIG channel catfish and Captain Brad Durick knows all about them. Most people don’t think of big trophy class fish when they think of channel catfish, they think of blue catfish or flathead catfish but Captain Durick proves everyone wrong because he catches some monsters and he is the go to guy when it comes to information on catching these big Red River channel catfish. I am fascinated with these big fish he catches up there, and big river catfishing in general so I reached out to Brad to pick his brain a bit on some of the catfishing techniques he uses and exactly how he goes about locating and catching these monster cats. Here are some of the topics covered in this show: The catfish boats that are used for fishing in this area and how the water level impacts the river fishing. The absence of blue catfish and flathead catfish in the Red River. The average size of fish on Red River and channel catfish being an average of about 28” and an average weight of 8 or 9 lbs The catfish rods, catfish reels, fishing line and catfish tackle he uses on the river. Adjusting to low water and high water conditions. His research on low water conditions and high water conditions and how it impacts the fishing there. The baits they commonly use for Red River Channel Catfish Catfishing with frogs The cold water period and when the action starts. When he fishes and why he shuts down fishing on October 1. Reading the water and current when fishing a river and what the water tells you. Using electronics as a backup to reading the water and side imaging and sonar impacts. The huge differences between lake fishing and big river fishing. Keeping fishing logs and the importance of keeping good records. Anchors for drifting in heavy current. Beginner advice for an experienced angler to get on the water and learn The In-Fisherman Catfish Fever Book Simple areas to look for when catfishing rivers. To get out on the water with Captain Brad Durick visit his website at Brad Durick Outdoors or give him a call at 701-739-5808