Big Rivers, Big Catfish, Big Tournament Wins [CR EP 30]

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Summary:   Recently we have been on a roll on the Catfishing Radio podcast talking about fishing for catfish in big rivers. This is going to be the last river episode for a while. In this weeks show we talk about fishing for blue catfish and catching monster blue catfish as well as catfish tournaments with brothers Daryl and Jason Masingale.  This is episode #30 of the Catfishing Radio show, a major milestone for us! The show starts out with some announcements about upcoming live podcasts with live catfishing questions and answers, information on the Learn To Catch Catfish community and more. Show sponsors for this weeks show are Team Catfish and Brute Outdoors. This is a great time of year for our Summer Channel Catfish techniques and Secret Channel Catfish Rig books so make sure you check them out. You can find all of our learning programs on the premium products  page.   Catfishing Radio Episode 30 Daryl and Jason Masingale are two brothers from Paragould Arkansas. If you follow the catfish tournament world at all chances are you have heard the Masingale boys name at some point. if you have participated in the bigger catfish tournaments and seen the leaders board, chances are their name was on the top of it, or at least very close to the top. These guys are sweeping catfish tournaments across the county and have perfected the art of locating and catching catfish in big rivers across the country. The audio quality in this interview is not the greatest but this show is jam packed with information, so listen closely! We start with a brief introduction with Daryl and Jason. Here are some statistics they provided. 127 POUND AVERAGE IN KING KAT TOURNAMENTS 8 TIME CABELAS CLASSIC QUALIFIER 5 TIME BIG CAT QUEST QUALIFIER 2009 CABELA’S CHAMPIONSHIP RUNNERS-UP 2010 BIG CAT QUEST CHAMPIONS 2011 BIG CAT QUEST CHAMPIONSHIP RUNNERS-UP 2011 CABELA’S “ANGLERS OF THE YEAR” POINTS CHAMPIONS We start with a brief introduction to Daryl and Jason Masingale. Daryl got a bug one day to catch a big blue catfish and talked his brother Jason into going fishing with him on the Mississippi river and the rest was history. They cut their teeth on the Mississippi River, Ohio River and Tennessee River and the rest was history. We talk about their preference for catfishing in lakes or rivers and which one they prefer and why, and the brothers had much different opinions on this topic, including some amazing numbers for trophy fish on Wheeler Lake in Alabama. Daryl and Jason talk in depth about the catfish tackle, catfish rods and reels they use, catfish rigs they prefer, catfish baits and the gear they use on their catfish boat. Once we get the gear discussions out of the way Daryl and Jason share some great information on locating and catching catfish in the rivers, and some information on the techniques they use as well as some great information on river catfishing safety. You can find Daryl and Jason online at the Masingale Catfishing Facebook page. Once you are finished listening to the show, make sure you head over to the Learn To Catch Catfish community and let us know what you think about this show and feel free to ask any questions you might have. You just never know, Daryl and Jason may show up and answer your questions. Be sure to check out our premium products page and help support the show also!