Missouri Catfish With Ryan Casey [CR EP 31]

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Summary: Well, I swore back in episode 30 of Catfishing Radio that I was going to get off of the big river catfish topic. We have covered the topic a lot this year after episodes with Bill Dance, Brad Durick, Jeff Williams and the Masingale Brothers I feel like this has been the season of river catfishing. I planned on doing a question and answer show this week and also talking some about how the heat impacts fishing but somebody or something just didn’t want that to happen. After three failed attempts at recording a show due to the power going out, phone calls, door bells and just general craziness I gave up and decided to air this interview on the podcast this week.   Catfishing Radio Episode 31 – Missouri Catfish with Ryan Casey Ryan Casey is a catfish guide located in St Louis Missouri and owns and operates Show Me Catfishing guide service. I have been following Ryan on Facebook for a while now after I saw this video he did with the guys at Team Catfish. I started watching some of his catfishing pictures on Facebook and what struck me was….. This guy is whacking blue catfish right below the St Louis arch, how freaking cool is that. Let me tell you it was cool enough for Mike Iaconelli to come fish with him when he was hosting the City Limits Fishing TV show.    The other thing that hot me was Ryan Casey is catching some awful big blue catfish in the Mississippi River. It was then I decided we needed to do an interview for the Catfishing Radio show! After several months of trading messages back and forth I finally pinned Ryan Down long enough to talk to him! The show starts out with an introduction to Ryan Casey and Show Me Catfishing. We talk about the area he fishes on the Mississippi River and some of the basics of his catfish guide service (including fishing in front of the arch) and then get into the nuts and bolts of his catfish tackle, rods and reels, catfish boat and some of his catfishing techniques. This derails into a short conversation about the Humminbird 1198 and running into or over things with the boat (a common issue with those new to side and down imaging) Ryan gives an in depth overview on the types of rods he uses and why, his reel preferences, talks about hooks rigs and more. This includes an overview of what he calls the “Casey Stack Rig”. I’m not 100% clear on what he was explaining with the rig so you can rest assure I will follow up and get some information on that and see about getting it added to the catfish rigs section. Next Ryan explains his preferred catfish baits and including a run down on what he likes to use, when and why he uses them. Finally, Ryan talks about techniques for river catfish and covers some great tips on increasing your success catching catfish in big rivers. He covers the importance of safety on rivers and some of the areas you should key in on to locate and catch catfish. Finally we wrap up the show and talk about some of his catfish “dream destinations” including the James River, Wheeler Lake and more. There is some great catfishing tips, tricks and information in this show and you can rest assured we will stay in touch with Ryan Casey and Show Me Catfishing and be talking with him more in the future.