FUSION WORLDS - Electro-Acoustic Experience show

Summary: ASTRANOVA’s latest release! "Le Voyage Dans La Lune" By: Corrado Rossi is an amazing tour de force! With an elegant fusion of Jazz, Electronica, Classical and Ethnic Music, Italian Pianist Corrado Rossi's first ASTRANOVA / AMBIENT WORLDS release is an impressive blend of World Fusion. Mr. Rossi's remarkable grasp of melody and harmony is obvious on this outstanding addition to the unique ASTRANOVA / AMBIENT WORLDS label. With superb collaborations from Italy's number one ambient jazz fusion band, The Wimshursts Machine, as well as Indian Sarod virtuoso, Bhargav Mistry on "Flying East", Corrado Rossi's "Le Voyage Dans La Lune" explores exciting new realms within the dynamic World Fusion genre, while retaining a romantic, relaxing European identity. As portrayed by the spiritually uplifting cover imagery of award-winning Canadian photographer, Yuichi Takasaka, "Le Voyage..." transports the listener far beyond earthly confines with magnificent cosmological observations on "Eclipse", "Exosphere", "Message From Earth" and "Aldebaran". "Le Voyage Dans La Lune" truly exemplifies the expansive, uplifting creativity that defines ASTRANOVA's AMBIENT WORLDS Airways... Click here to Link To AAWA’s 1st VIDEO Podcast on U-Tube: Astranova's Ambient Worlds Airways 004 - Zero Digital "G" Video Production: Tree Go Mee Ro Productions - http://www.trigomiro.com Video Editing: Augusto Chiarle Photographic Imagery: MEMSI All this & Much More... on the next Journey on AMBIENT WORLDS: "INVISIBLE CLOISTER" by: SLEEPWALKER coming soon on "Ambient Worlds Journey 4" "CIMMERIA" by: The Wimshursts Machine coming soon on "Ambient Worlds Journey 4" "SERENDIPITY" by: Scott Hill & Jezz Woodroffe from "QUASAR" "HEAT (is Not Made of Tiny Hot Things)" by: Mystikos Quintet from "HEAT" "Zero Digital Gravity" by: Alien Music Club from "Zero Digital Gravity" "Passages Through Time" by: Scott Hill from "Tribal Gathering" "NEUTRON STAR" by: PASCO from "Guardian Angel" "ANDALUCIA" by: Mediterranea from "Snakecharmer"