The Emotional Burden & Challenge of Medical Practice

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Summary: Doctors are always so professional... but do they cry? Oh, yes they do; especially in very dire situations.Do doctors cry? Oh, yes they do, especially when they lose a patient they couldn't save, or have a patient who just will not change their destructive behavior. Those feelings and more are documented in the book, What Doctors Feel, by physician Dr. Danielle Ofri, MD. Dr. Ofri counters the idea that physicians are assumed to be objective, rational beings, who are easily able to detach as they guide patients and families through some of life's most challenging moments. But doctors' emotional responses to the life-and-death dramas of everyday practice, she contends, have a profound impact on medical care. And while much has been written about the minds and methods of the medical professionals who save our lives, precious little has been said about their emotions. In What Doctors Feel, Dr. Ofri has taken on the task of dissecting the hidden emotional responses of doctors and how these directly influence patients.