Magnesium: The Miracle Mineral

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Summary: Research continues to support the health value of magnesium. However, critical deficiencies are on the rise.The research continues to pile up supporting the value of the magnificent mineral, magnesium. However, critical deficiencies are on the rise as well. So, what gives? First and foremost, magnesium is a nutrient you simply can't live without. It is absolutely essential to each and every cell in your body as it helps to generate cell function and is a crucial co-factor to over 300 biologically active enzymes. It helps regulate your heartbeat, is essential to the functioning of your muscles and nerves and is imperative to healthy bones. You can see, then, that if you're not getting enough magnesium into your diet, you could be setting yourself up for any number of health concerns. Dr. Decker and Dr. Holly will explain just how important magnesium is and how you can make sure you and your family members are getting enough of this magnificent mineral.