Unthought of Events – Ep 2

Marital Bliss Podcast show

Summary: Today we talk about what happens when we get a little older, besides the fact that body parts start shifting to new locations. Everyone believes that they know whats going to happen till it happens to them. We talk about when you set up a will inform your beneficiaries of your intentions. Dont keep it a secret. Doing so only leaves unanswerd questions and many time resentment that is plainly unneeded. Inform educate what you want to be done. Think of Living wills, do you want a Do Not Recisitate (DNR). Who do you want to have what? Get a will and read it to your children when they are old enough to understand. This week we also had some fun and introduced Some new segments. The Couple Movie review (Working title) - If our listeners have a better idea please let us know. This week we talk about The Brave Parenting tech We talk about routers and how to use them to keep your kids safer. and Finally we round the show off with... Jana's Reality! We cover the basics of what Jana's reality show addiction entails. Next week we should have a phone Number that you can call and leave a message talk to you later BYE!