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J Bigga Videos (iPod Video) show

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J Bigga is a singer, songwriter and comedian from Las Vegas. if you like Metro Station, Hellogoodbye, A Rocket To The Moon, Brokencyde, Kill Paradise, Hurry Let's Go, Nickasaur, Owl City, Dot Dot Curve, 3oh!3, Scotty Vanity, Jeffree Star, The Ready Set, Scene Kidz, Nevershoutnever, Breathe Electric, Represent, Electric Valentine, Scenes and Sirens, Hollywood Undead, Secret Handshake, A Rocket To The Moon, Rediscover, Breathe Carolina, The Medic Droid or Blood on The Dance Floor you will probably like Js newest songs!

By J Bigga

Matinee Playhouse show

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Matinee Playhouse is for the entire family. Movies that bring back those childhood memories of those double features and the sense of excitement with wonderful movies from your past.

By Radio Memories Network LLC

The Serial Experience show

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Serial Experience takes you back to the days of movie serials that were shown at the local theater each week. Join us as we revisit the great serials of years gone by.

By Dennis Humphrey

Scared Stiff Horror Cinema show

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Scared Stiff Horror Cinema Defining the Horror genre, exploring typical tropes and motifs, such as the haunted house, monsters, zombies and serial killers. Also looking at the principles and logic behind the horror film – some sort of transgression (knowing something not supposed to know) leading to terrible consequences. Questioning why we watch horror films – cathartic enactment and overcoming of society’s worst nightmares. Thus the sociological interest in horror films – and how they portray society’s fears, varying according to the age.

By Radio Nostalgia Network

Mommy Madness show

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Angela Hoover is a mom, a comedian and a part-time bookkeeper who just moved to Las Vegas with her lovable husband and two children (both under the age of four). Our original webisodes follow her as she struggles to manage the family finances, rush the kids from one activity to the next, feed the whole clan, and maintain a little privacy and independence. Follow along as she does things like plan a playdate with other local mothers (think strippers and showgirls), find funny new uses for her old maternity items and sneak in a little "me time" in the bathroom, and does it all with a killer sense of humor.

By Lifetime

Podcast Page show

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These podcasts are for anyone looking for a fun and challenging method of exercise and a healthy way to improve their everyday lives...

By Balanced Body

Peoples Voice Media show

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People’s Voice Media is a innovative social enterprise, based in Manchester, UK, that works in local communities. We believe in the power of social media to get communities talking to each other, to spread news, and to give everyone a voice and a platform from which to use that voice. For more information please visit our website

By People's Voice Media

Performing Animal Welfare Society PAWScast show

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Pat Derby's PAWScasts: the latest updates from the Performing Animal Welfare Society's captive wildlife sanctuaries. Elephants: Maggie's transition from the Anchorage Zoo, Nicholas' bull habitat construction, "Bucks for Bulls" and news of Annie, Becky, Mara, Ruby, Wanda and Lulu. Updates on the bears, tigers, lions, monkeys and all the rest of PAWS' residents. Latest updates from Pat Derby and Ed Stewart regarding wild animals in captivity.

By Pat Derby

Audi Video Podcast show

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World premieres, news, events and interesting features: The Audi Video Podcast. Enjoy!

By AUDI AG, Ingolstadt

Dr. David Brodbeck's Psychology Lectures from Algoma University show

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From the psychology department at Algoma University in Sault Ste. Marie, ON, Canada, here's Dave Brodbeck. Courses this term PSYC 3256 - Advanced Univariate Statistics, PSYC 3196 - Human Evolutionary Psychology and BIOL/PSYC 3506 - Neuropharmacology.

By Dr. David Brodbeck