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Summary: Talking all things Track and Field, Road Racing, Recreational and Trail Running.

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 Episode 56: 29 April 2021 Australian Track & Field Championships (Part 2) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:25:28

Continuing the coverage from the recent Australian Track & Field Championships, Sean and Tim turn their focus to the field and multi events.  Brooke Stratton joins DTT for a feature interview and takes us through the Championship leap of 6.84m which secured her spot on the Tokyo team.  Other interviews include Nina Kennedy, Elyssia Kenshole, Nicola McDermott, Ned Weatherly, Damien Birkenhead, Kathryn Mitchell & Rachel Limburg. Rounding out the interviews, Cedric Dubler and Ash Moloney have an entertaining wrap of the men's decathlon over a beer or two.

 Episode 56: 28 April 2021 Australian Track & Field Championships (Part 1) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:04:29

Down the Track were certainly trackside at the Australian Track & Field Championships, coming home with a number of high profile interviews from some of the nation's best athletes. Episode 56 Part 1 covers the track events from the 100m through to the 10k walk featuring interviews with Rohan Browning, Jake Penny, Hana Basic, Peter Bol, Tess Kirsopp-Cole, Stewart McSweyn, Jye Edwards, Linden Hall & Rhydian Cowley. Sean and Tim talk in detail about each track event providing analysis of how the races panned out, the key players and the ramifications leading through to the Tokyo Olympics. Make sure you tune into Down the Track for the most comprehensive wrap of what was a very significant championship event.

 Episode 55: 9 March 2021 featuring Chloe Stevens, Grace Kelly, and Simone Brick | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:31:24

Yesterday on International Women’s Day, Sean and Tim were lucky to be joined on Episode 55 of Down the Track by Chloe Stevens, Grace Kelly, and Simone Brick. The theme for this year was “Choose to Challenge”. We found out what challenges they’ve each faced in athletics, which women have mentored them in the sport, and what advice they would give to women looking at getting into the sport of athletics.

 Episode 54: 3 March 2021 – Victorian Track & Field Championships Wrap Up (Part 2) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:37:16

In our second instalment of the Victorian Championships review, Mark Stewart, Marty Jackson and Matt Carter join us to talk about their areas of interest - Vertical Jumps, Throws and Sprints. With each detailing their top 3 performances from each event group, we also review a range of different events and age categories across the two weekends of competition to wrap up an exciting few weeks in Victorian athletics.

 Episode 54: 1 March 2021 – Victorian Track & Field Championships Wrap Up (Part 1) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:55:14

Two exciting weekends of Track & Field action have just concluded at Lakeside Stadium for the combined Junior and Open Victorian Championships. Joining Sean and Tim in part one of this two part Championship wrap are experienced coaches Brent Vallance, Peter Benifer, Cathy Woodruff and Gavin Burren to talk on the Walks, Hurdles, Horizontal Jumps and Middle Distance events respectively. With great depth of knowledge across the events and the talent competing, our coaches list their highlight performances and memorable occasions from the five days of competition.

 Episode 53: 17 February 2021 featuring Hana Basic & Morgan McDonald. | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 02:14:47

In another big episode of Down the Track, Sean and Tim interview two of the most exciting prospects in Australian athletics - Hana Basic & Morgan McDonald. A World Junior representative in 2014, Hana Basic has come out of the Covid period in great form over the 100m. In a two part interview we talk to Hana about her recent performances in the Tasmanian gifts before setting the track on fire back in Victoria. In interview no.1 we get to know more about Hana... her life in and away from athletics and her goals and aspirations.  Hana also talked about what it would take to break the 11.5 mark for the 100m, which then leads to interview no.2 recorded after her 11.45 performance at High Velocity Club. A great personality who is now delivering performances that will put her in the eyes of the Olympic selectors, get to know Hana in an entertaining two part interview. Like many of the US based Australians, Morgan McDonald's performances often go under the radar. With an International career that started in 2013 as a junior at the World Cross Country Championships, Morgan is now carving out a career as a professional athlete in the States. What that means for his running and life in general is delved into as he talks candidly about his performances and the life he is building in terms of the training environment, coaching structure and how to stay occupied in what can at times be a very one dimensional world. Sean and Tim close the episode wrapping up the latest domestic and international news. Pre lockdown 3 was a busy time in Victorian athletics and results from the Victorian Multi, Mile & 5000m championships are discussed together with the latest Specialist group news. Sean also provides a summary of the recent ACT Championships in Canberra. And heading back to the US, the recent results of Oli Hoare, Morgan MCDonald and Charlie Hunter make for good discussion points. And in what may amount to a major turning point in the history of Australian Athletics, the appointment of Kate Palmer to head the One Sport initiative closes out an entertaining episode of DTT. Timeline 0.00:00 to 0:03:10  Intro 0:03:10 to 0:44:42  Hana Basic Interview 1 0:44:43 to 1:27:05  Morgan McDonald 1:27:06 to 1:38:28  Hana Basic interview 2 1:38:29 to 2:14:10  Summary of domestic, interstate and international results together with an update on the National Championships and the appointment of Kate Palmer

 Episode 52: 27 January 2021 – Zatopek Recap | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:25:36

Join Sean and Tim for the most comprehensive post-event coverage of the Zatopek. With all events on the program discussed in-depth, this is your chance to relive all the action of another great night of Australian athletics. And as a bonus, the highlights from AV’s High Velocity Club and Country Championships are discussed.

 Episode 51: 22 January 2021 featuring Jake Penny and Ryan Gregson | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:38:55

Down the Track returns for 2021! Joining Sean and Tim is Victorian 100m Champion Jake Penny, and Ryan Gregson, a man who has played a major role in the resurgence of Australian middle distance racing. In early 2020 Jake Penny delivered a number of performances that indicated his sprint career was on the rise.  Moving from the 10.5 to 10.3 range propelled Penny into the National top 10, then a wind assisted 10.17 at the Vic Championships had everyone talking. So get to know the man behind the times in a revealing interview with Jake that delves into the past, present and the potential future of one of Victoria's leading sprint talents. Ryan Gregson joins DTT to talk all things Zatopek and to reveal a little more about his 2020 experiences and the current state of middle distance running. An evergreen of the Australian and World athletic scene, Ryan has great insight into our sport having experienced the highs and lows for well over a decade. Sean and Tim finish the episode covering a range of domestic events such as High Velocity, Milers Club, the Bendigo 5k Frenzy and Zatopek lower grades, together with observations and news on the International front. So have a listen to Episode 51 to keep up to date with all things athletics.

 Episode 50: 3 January 2021 featuring Kyle Murphy and Archie Wallis | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:56:07

Ever wondered about the NCAA experience? In episode 50 of Down the Track, Sean and Tim talk to Kyle Murphy and Archie Wallis about navigating their way into Harvard and Wake Forest Universities respectively, their experiences so far and how the pandemic has impacted their scholastic and athletic ambitions. As expected each story has its unique aspects and can provide good learnings for Australian athletes and parents about the NCAA system and the pros and cons of considering this as a potential pathway. Sean and Tim also chat about whats been happening in the world of athletics as we look forward to the potential return of some sort of Covid normal in 2021.

 Episode 49: 3 December 2020 featuring Louise Sauvage, Richard Colman, and Jaryd Clifford | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:22:53

In recognition of the International Day of People with Disability, Down the Track are very pleased to welcome Australian legend Louise Sauvage to the podcast. Joining Louise as co-interviewers are Richard Colman and Jaryd Clifford.  As Australian athletes with their own long list of achievements, Richard and Jaryd talk to Louise about her post-competitive career experiences and where she sees the Para movement heading in terms of opportunities, recognition, and technology.  With three well-versed people in this field, listeners will come away with some great insights and anecdotes into the Paralympic world. Sean and Tim also provide some updates on what's happening in Athletics across the state, country and world.  So tune in to Down the Track to keep up to date with our athletics world.

 Episode 48: 16 October 2020 featuring Grace Brown | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:47:56

After a promising athletic career across middle and long-distance events, a series of injuries curtailed Grace Brown's progression.  2015 saw Grace's final performances in the Box Hill colours and she essentially disappeared from the athletic world only to reappear barely two years later as an emerging cyclist on the Australian and European circuits. Now signed with the Australian Mitchelton Scott professional cycling team, Grace joins Down the Track to take us through her story... the transition away from running, her initial forays into cycling, life of the professional circuit, and what may lie ahead in her cycling career. With a string of recent performances that have propelled Grace into the spotlight, we talk through her fifth placing in the Individual Time Trial at the World Championships, second place at Liege-Bastonge-Liege and finally her breakthrough European victory at the Brabantse Pijl road race.  Despite the upheaval of 2020, it has been a good year for Grace on the bike and we look forward to following her career both on the roads in Australia and at major races around the world. Sean and Tim also catch up to discuss recent athletic results and Sean does another deep dive into one of his favourite topics - athletic shoe technology.

 Episode 47: 5 October 2020: London Marathon recap and special guest, Jess Rothwell | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:35:53

In a special edition of Down the Track, Sean and Tim analyse all the action from the London Marathon. Although the hype around the Kipchoge/Bekele showdown didn’t eventuate there were still many talking points from a unique event conducted amidst the COVID-19 period.  Jess Rothwell joins us for the second part of the podcast to talk all things nutrition. A world classwalker in her own right, Jess now assists our high performance athletes as part of the Athletics Australia team and speaks of her role and some of the interesting experiences it entails. Jess also dispels some nutritional myths and gives us the low down on life on a dairy farm. So keep up to date with Australian Athletics and tune in to Down the Track.

 Episode 46: 18 September 2020 featuring Kim Mulhall and Bryan Cake. | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:30:30

Newly elected AV Committee member Kim Mulhall joins Sean and Tim for an extensive conversation covering the many aspects of her involvement in athletics.  With twenty-one Victorian State titles to her name, together with a string of National tiles in both Senior and Junior ranks, Kim's experience from grassroots athletics through to international competition enables her to speak with authority on so many issues. As head coach of the Caulfield Grammar athletic program, Kim discusses both the barriers and opportunities that present when working within the school system and broader athletic community, an area of expertise Kim hopes will assist Athletics Victoria to develop sustainable strategies as we emerge from the COVID period. In a candid discussion of her own athletic career, Kim reveals for the first time the story of her PB Discus performance in the US and the question mark that this throw still has surrounding it. In the second of our series focusing on the many and varied clubs that make up our state association, Bryan Cake from the Traralgon Harriers provides a wonderful insight into the club and the characters that have played an important role in the LaTrobe Valley and greater Gippsland region for many decades.  With a wonderful history of community involvement and early recognition of the 'recreational running' boom, the Traralgon Harriers in the traditional black uniform have been a mainstay of our XCR competition, whilst still providing track and field and recreational opportunities for their members.  Timeline: 0:00:00 to 0:03:31 - Intro conversation 0:03:32 to 0:43:58 - Kim Mulhall - champion athlete, school coach, and Athletics Victoria Committee member 0:43:59 to 1:10:58 - Bryan Cake talks all things Traralgon Harriers 1:10:59 to 1:29:54 - Wrap of international results and other athletic news

 Episode 45: 4 September 2020 featuring Catherine Mendes, Peter Benifer, Ella Hose, Craig Wallace, Alice Baquie and Matt Rizzo. | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:46:48

In Episode 45 we've reached out to a number of people involved across the spectrum of athletics... athletes, a coach, a health professional and sports administrator to gauge the impact of COVID-19 and in particular life under Stage 4 restrictions. As expected this hasn't been easy for any of us, but the resounding theme through the interviews is one of hope, positivity, and resilience.  Whether it's been a change to your ability to access facilities, see your coach & squad or even in one case totally changing the way you do business, the lessons and experiences we'll take away from 2020 will be ongoing and continue to impact our lives and sport for years to come, if not permanently. Our thanks to Catherine Mendes, Peter Benifer, Ella Hose, Craig Wallace, Alice Baquie and Matt Rizzo for sharing their stories and opening up about the impacts on their personal, professional, and sporting lives.  Each story is unique in its own way, but the common message around adjusting to restrictions and just getting on with it, typifies the response that will hopefully see Victoria emerge from this phase in the coming weeks. Sean and Tim also wrap the podcast with some of the international news and the positive moves Athletics Victoria is taking to keep athletes, coaches, officials, and athletics fans engaged. If you'd like to follow some of our guests to keep up with what they are doing, here's some Instagram handles: Catherine Mendes - @cat_mendes_ Peter Benifer - @pbssquad Alice Baquie - @alicebaquie Matt Rizzo - @matt.rizzo And for anyone that wants to try a free online Pilates class with Alice Baquie go to: Also here is a link to her website

 Episode 44: 13 August 2020 featuring Alexandra Hulley, Ned Weatherly and Dr Alice McNamara | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:44:23

Hammer throwing super couple Alexandra Hulley and Ned Weatherly join Down the Track for a great discussion on what is often a forgotten event in athletics. Tracking through their international and domestic careers, Alex and Ned speak with passion about one of the more technical disciplines, which although may not share the limelight with track events, certainly doesn’t lack the drama, talent and the characters who make for exciting competition when they step into the ring. And although they have different personalities we get to hear what drives each of them in their quests to make their marks in the sport and how life in general is moving along for them personally and professionally in a changed world. We also catch up with Dr. Alice McNamara to get a first-hand account of life on the COVID-19 frontline. A practising Sports Medicine Doctor, Alice is also manning testing stations several days a week as part of the concerted effort to bring the virus under control. Her insight into the impact the virus is having, together with some clear explanation of close contacts and the need for isolation may fill in the gaps of what you need to know about the current situation in Victoria. And did we mention Alice is a two time World Champion as a representative rower for Australia, seven-time winner of the Eureka Tower stair climb and also a winner of the Empire State stair climb in New York? A fascinating conversation that covers some vital issues we all now face. Another interesting episode of Down the Track as the restrictions ramp up once again. Timeline 0:00:00 to 0:03:07 Intro and welcome Alex Hulley and Ned Weatherly to Episode 44 0:03:08 to 1:02:29 We delve into the world of hammer throwing with our two guests 1:02:30 to 1:33:28 Dr. Alice McNamara joins us to talk about the pandemic and her role on the frontline 1:33:29 to 1:44:53 Episode wrap with some discussion on the World and Australian Cross Country Championships, Melbourne Marathon, new rules around track spikes, and what’s happening at Athletics Victoria. Here’s how you can follow our guests: Alex Hulley Instagram - @alexhulley Ned Weatherly Instagram - @nedweatherly82 Dr. Alice McNamara Instagram - @_alice_mac Podcast – BrowShowPodcast presents Doc, Doc, Goose


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