Episode 44: 13 August 2020 featuring Alexandra Hulley, Ned Weatherly and Dr Alice McNamara

Down The Track show

Summary: <p>Hammer throwing super couple Alexandra Hulley and Ned Weatherly join Down the Track for a great discussion on what is often a forgotten event in athletics. Tracking through their international and domestic careers, Alex and Ned speak with passion about one of the more technical disciplines, which although may not share the limelight with track events, certainly doesn’t lack the drama, talent and the characters who make for exciting competition when they step into the ring.<br> <br> And although they have different personalities we get to hear what drives each of them in their quests to make their marks in the sport and how life in general is moving along for them personally and professionally in a changed world.<br> <br> We also catch up with Dr. Alice McNamara to get a first-hand account of life on the COVID-19 frontline. A practising Sports Medicine Doctor, Alice is also manning testing stations several days a week as part of the concerted effort to bring the virus under control. Her insight into the impact the virus is having, together with some clear explanation of close contacts and the need for isolation may fill in the gaps of what you need to know about the current situation in Victoria.<br> <br> And did we mention Alice is a two time World Champion as a representative rower for Australia, seven-time winner of the Eureka Tower stair climb and also a winner of the Empire State stair climb in New York? A fascinating conversation that covers some vital issues we all now face.<br> <br> Another interesting episode of Down the Track as the restrictions ramp up once again.<br> <br> <strong>Timeline</strong><br> 0:00:00 to 0:03:07 Intro and welcome Alex Hulley and Ned Weatherly to Episode 44<br> 0:03:08 to 1:02:29 We delve into the world of hammer throwing with our two guests <br> 1:02:30 to 1:33:28 Dr. Alice McNamara joins us to talk about the pandemic and her role on the frontline<br> 1:33:29 to 1:44:53 Episode wrap with some discussion on the World and Australian Cross Country Championships, Melbourne Marathon, new rules around track spikes, and what’s happening at Athletics Victoria.<br> <br> Here’s how you can follow our guests:<br> <br> Alex Hulley <br> Instagram - @alexhulley<br> <br> Ned Weatherly<br> Instagram - @nedweatherly82<br> <br> Dr. Alice McNamara<br> Instagram - @_alice_mac<br> Podcast – BrowShowPodcast presents Doc, Doc, Goose</p>