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Summary: Greatness lives within us all. But have you tapped into yours – or is it stuck inside you? Top-ranked real estate and business coach Tom Ferry’s life’s work is all about helping people fulfill their vast untapped potential. Tom Ferry's podcast will give you the knowledge, support, motivation and tools to succeed in business and achieve your true potential. This podcast is designed to help you grow, achieve more, earn more and ultimately, fulfill the greatness within you.

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 David Goggins on RAW Accountability and Facing Your FEARS | #TomFerryShow | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 17:38

David Goggins is an incredible human being. He has self taught himself to push beyond the average boundaries of the human body adding achievements to his belt like being a retired Navy SEAL, a world record holder for the most pull-ups done in 24 hours, an ultra marathon runner and ultra-distance cyclist as well as his most recent accomplishment, self publishing and authoring a world best-selling book. Bottom line, we ALL can learn from this man – whatever goal we may have in mind, no matter what industry or background we come from. No excuses!! In this week’s episode of the #TomFerryShow, I get the highest privilege of being able to sit down with this incredible human being and pick his brain about how he faced his deepest fears and became the person he is today, and what that defining moment was that made him realize he needed to wake up and change his entire life. Learn more:  

 Jay Abraham on Gaining TRUST, RELEVANCY and RESPECT | #TomFerryShow | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 17:38

Jay Abraham needs no introduction. Known as one of the top executive business coaches in the US Jay has worked as a marketing and sales consultant in 500 different industries contributing to $23 billion in product and services sold. Bottom line, he gets it. I mean, he REALLY understands the art of business and selling. I had the privilege of getting Jay on this week’s episode of the #TomFerryShow to pick his brain about his lifetime work around The Strategy of Preeminence, a strategic philosophy that has transformed people’s lives and propelled their business success. I myself adopted these same fundamentals when I first created my business plan and it has honestly been the most poignant pillar of my own life’s work. Watch this week’s episode (above) to get Jay’s proven wisdom knowing you are learning from the best! And I challenge you to adapt some of the pointers Jay reveals in this exclusive interview into your own life and business and let me know the immediate changes you notice. Learn more:

 Steve Harney’s Predictions for the 2019 Real Estate Market | #TomFerryShow | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 51:25

Is it all going to fall apart in 2019? Not according to the “Oracle” of real estate, Steve Harney. The founder of the popular real estate publication 'Keeping Current Matters' says quite the opposite. Although there is uncertainty in the changing market ahead, Steve is certainly confident of how to successfully tackle and approach it. I was lucky enough to get him on a call to talk about the future of real estate and what his best advice is for agents and consumers alike. Catch his wisdom and thoughts in this week’s episode of the #TomFerryShow. For more information and show notes:

 Win More Listings at the Right Price With These New Market Scripts | #TomFerryShow | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 15:20

Doing more of the same only gets you more of the same, and is that what you want for 2019? No, of course not! As you would with your smart phone or devices, you need to apply simple upgrades to your business plan in order to see real progress. The same goes for your real estate listing presentations. After personally talking to some of the top agents around the world, and being involved in various dialogues and coaching calls, I have come up with a shortlist of top upgrades you can make to your own scripts that I KNOW will make all the difference in your approach to your listings in 2019. Bottomline? The more we practice, the better we play and the more we get paid, am I right?! So if you aren’t already practicing with your team or presenting in the mirror over and over again, get to it!! Time is of the essence and when it comes to your livelihood can you really afford to waste even a minute? Learn more from our blog and show notes:

 Video Hacks Learned from the Biggest Real Estate Influencers | #TomFerryShow | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 29:36

Why is video marketing at its most important stage right now? Good question, right? Exactly the same question I posed to my guest this week on the #TomFerryShow, Steve Pacinelli the CMO of BombBomb, a video platform that allows you to build better relationships through email, text and social media. With Steve’s years of video marketing expertise and with the power of the 75 video influencers that won this year’s BombBomb Influencer Awards, enjoy this episode giving you an exclusive low down on the most cutting-edge hacks and tips to get your video marketing game into the major league! Learn more:

 Tom Ferry’s 7 Secret Hacks to Make Your Goals More Attainable | #TomFerryShow | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 12:12

Have you ever set a goal and not followed through with it? Welcome to the club, right? We’ve all been there and know what that feels like. So what exactly does it take to perform at a more peak state to achieve every goal you set? Well, for the first time ever I’m revealing my secret hacks! 7 techniques I have used for decades that have worked for me throughout the years and helped me achieve immense success. I don’t want to give too much away, so just go ahead and listen and see what you think. But, may I give you one piece of advice before you press play on this video? Listen to this with a new perspective so that you hear the small hacks that you may have missed before. Don’t get caught up in the main statement of the technique, break it down, get really specific, and be consistent in your efforts. Learn more:

 6 Steps to Make 2019 Your Best Year Ever | #TomFerryShow | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 11:36

If you’re a successful entrepreneur like me, you will be right on track to setting a meaningful goal for yourself, implementing systems and processes that will help kick start the new year into gear. While in the middle of a planning session myself, I thought about exactly what I do to help myself stay on track of my goals and start the new year on the right path. One thought lead to another, which brought me to these 6 fool-proof strategies, that if you commit to and put into action, will make 2019 your best year ever! Learn more:

 Lessons for Sales Professionals from America's Military Elite | #TomFerryShow | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 22:04

In honor of #VeteransDay we thought we would do something a little different for this week’s episode of the #TomFerryShow. I wanted to share a special interview I shot a few weeks ago with the legendary Coach Bill Hart talking about his new book, “White Collar Warrior,” which blends proven military training with real estate techniques to give you the ultimate sales manifesto. Learn more:

 Controlling Your Unique Story and Slowing Down to Stand Out in a Noisy World | #TomFerryShow | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 25:02

In this episode Matthew Ferrara breaks down three essential lessons to help you see a different perspective in order to gain attention and stand out from the competition in a noisy online world. These three lessons are especially relevant as you put your 2019 plan in place. Remember, your story about your identity alters your beliefs, and your beliefs influence your behaviors. Matthew Ferrara is a philosopher, keynote speaker, consultant, photographer and cancer survivor. He is also one of the brightest minds I know. He currently helps people and organizations think better on the way to achieving their goals. Learn more: Watch Matthew's full speech (via Summit LiveCast):

 Harnessing the Power of Data and Content Marketing to Grow a Modern Sales Business | #TomFerryShow | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 16:58

Everyone wants to build a dream sales team, am I right? But that is no easy feat. My guest on this week’s #TomFerryShow did just that and more for a not-so-little company called HubSpot. Former CRO Mark Roberge sits down with me to talk about the power of data, how you can gain control of your business again by becoming repeatable and scalable, and the 5 top traits of salespeople, all in 16 mins! Learn more:

 Success Secrets from 3 of the Most Successful Women in Real Estate | #TomFerryShow | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 21:30

Together, these three successful women will close more than 900 transactions this year. Here is a 20-minute crash course with their success secrets on how to excel in the real estate business. From tips on hiring an assistant to honing your skills to dealing with a changing market, it’s all here. Don’t miss this one! Learn more:

 Growth Hacks: How Doug Edrington Grew from 100 to 490+ Real Estate Transactions | #TomFerryShow | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 17:41

Selling 100 homes a year several years in a row is never a bad thing but it’s not where Chattanooga, TN team leader Doug Edrington wanted his team to be. So he shook things up, and over the last five years, his team’s growth looks like this: 100 deals… 227… 385… 440… 491! Those 491 transactions led to a whopping $93 million in sales in 2017. Learn more:

 How to Guarantee Success in Q4 and a Changing Market | #TomFerryShow | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 20:50

The market is changing. Are you changing with it? Three world-class real estate agents (who all sell over 650 homes a year) reveal their best Q4 business tips. What are the most important things you need to do in Q4 to guarantee your success as the market changes? Find out the excellent advice they provided on this episode! Learn more:

 Lessons of Success from 8 Extraordinary Individuals | #TomFerryShow | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 21:21

Success takes many shapes and many definitions. No matter how you define it, you need others to help you get there. I’m sharing with you eight fascinating people who have shaped my views, taught me lifelong lessons, introduced new ideas to me and basically helped me become who I am today. These are just a few of many mentors and influencers I’ve known throughout my life. Together, all these mentors create my “arc of perspective.” I hope you enjoy these insights from: Mike Vance, Gary Vaynerchuk, Peter Diamandis, Tom Bilyeu, Nick Bollettieri, Todd Duncan, Tiffani Bova, and Jay Abraham Learn more:

 The Best Strategies to Get More Real Estate Listings - Part 4 | #TomFerryShow | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 18:02

If you’ve followed me for any significant amount of time, you probably know my belief: There’s no wrong way to generate a lead. With that in mind, I’m sharing four more listing attraction systems to wrap up this four-part series! On this episode of the #TomFerryShow, I’ll reveal: • How being more intentional can lead to more referral business • An underserved market segment open for the taking • What many agents miss about online leads • An old-school method that might be ripe for a rebound Which one sounds best for you? You gotta watch to find out… Learn more:


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