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Summary: Harvesting Happiness with Lisa Cypers Kamen broadcasts consciously prepared brain food from the beaches of Malibu, California and on-location. HHTR promotes happiness, well-being and global human flourishing with a diverse and proactive collection of the greatest thought leaders and change agents who are devoting their lives to creating a better world in which to live. Each episode focuses on personal-growth, human-interest, self-improvement, healthy lifestyle and positive psycho-social education.

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 Mythology of Otherness: Building Resilience, Forgiveness, and Connection with John Crowley Ph.D. & Wendy Sanford MFA | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 57:49

When we take a moment to go through the thought experiment of putting ourselves in the shoes of another, the perceived lines of differences begin to fade and we gain a better understanding of the other person and ourselves. Being mindful of our feelings and emotions allows us to decenter and observe the mind’s automatic responses so we can preserve our well-being and make better choices. To discover the daily practices that help us open our minds to healing, Positive Psychology Podcast Host, Lisa Cypers Kamen, speaks with two guests who study the brain’s socio-evolutionary abilities and limitations. John Crowley promotes mindful meditation to reduce stress and overcome automaticity. Wendy Sanford shares the personal journey that inspired her to write, These Walls Between Us: A Memoir of Friendship Across Race and Class, about stepping out of her white privileged upbringing.

 Human Healing: Restorative Practices for Real People and a Better World with Elena Mustakova EdD & Jason Gots | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 57:21

o get in touch with our spiritual side we must clear out, bypass, cleanse, and filter through all of the programming that has told us to be strong, get over it, and feel shame. For humanity to heal, we need to gather quiet moments, reflect on our experiences, and work together in a compassionate, understanding, and principled way. We have the unique opportunity to make the most of our one shot at this conscious life. To gather the tools needed to help us on our healing journey, Positive Psychology Podcast Host, Lisa Cypers Kamen, speaks with two authors who observe and report on how to heal the human experience. Elena Mustakova summarizes the highlights of her book, Global Unitive Healing: Integral Skills for Personal and Collective Transformation and reminds us that it is OK to reclaim our spirituality. Jason Gots shares the inspiration behind the writing of his book, Humanity Is Trying: Experiments in Living with Grief, Finding Connection, and Resisting Easy Answers, and describes how suffering can be a gateway to healing.

 More than Words: Interpersonal Communication and Well-Being with Kory Floyd Ph.D. & Valerie Manusov Ph.D | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 58:35

As we begin to emerge from the pandemic-induced lockdown, many people are starved for human connection. Online social gatherings may not have been enough to regulate our emotions the way that pure, screen-free human touch does. It may feel uncomfortable to be in close proximity to others, shake hands, or embrace friends and family. And, when we do reach out, what do we say to those who are grieving the loss of social connection or the loss of a loved one? To delve deeper into how we can be better communicators, Positive Psychology Podcast Host, Lisa Cypers Kamen, speaks with two professors whose work revolves around the many aspects of human communication and social well-being. Kory Floyd studies interpersonal communication and its effects on mental and physical health. He describes the impacts of the COVID pandemic and the loneliness pandemic on our mental state and how we can create connection through communication. Valerie Manusov studies how behavior is interpreted and the meaning we give to other nonverbal communication cues. She reveals the insights about conflict resolution, the effective communication attributes of trustworthy leaders, and the importance of listening

 Exercise the Wonder Drug: Move the Body, Heal The Brain with Dr. Jennifer Heisz & Caroline Williams | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 58:02

Plenty of information exists about how exercise can boost our immune system and add years to our lives. Emerging research shows that physical movement can also ward off dementia, increase creativity, and help us manage stress. To work out how movement and exercise may be the wonder drug to heal our brains and reduce the need for pharmaceuticals, Positive Psychology Podcast Host, Lisa Cypers Kamen, speaks with two authors whose work focuses on the connection between how moving the body can heal the brain. Dr. Jennifer Heisz describes the research that inspired her book, Move The Body, Heal The Mind: Overcome Anxiety, Depression, and Dementia and Improve Focus, Creativity, and Sleep. During the conversation, she shares the physiology behind why the brain makes it hard for some of us to get moving and how moving more improves our mental health. Journalist Caroline Williams details the evidence behind the findings included in her book, Move: How the New Science Can Set Your Mind Free, and shares the neuroscience of how dance and movement can increase human connection and help us manage stress.

 Psychologically Speaking: Activating Empathy and Other Reward Winning Skills with Dr Adam Stern & Colter Ray PhD | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 58:33

A cancer or other life-threatening disease diagnosis is a difficult blow to the patient receiving the news. The next steps for the patient include sharing the weight of the news with friends and loved ones. For some, certain expectations of support accompany the disclosure. A response can be difficult because the right thing to say differs from person to person. Is it better in some cases not to say anything and just listen? Our individual personality traits make it difficult to apply a one-size-fits-all communication style to all situations. But, to explore how we can show up for loved ones as better humans, Positive Psychology Podcast Host, Lisa Cypers Kamen, speaks with two doctors who research the human condition and communication. Dr. Adam Stern shares his journey of seeing the doctor-patient relationship change when he received his cancer diagnosis as detailed in his book, Committed: Dispatches from a Psychiatrist in Training. Dr. Colter Ray studies how human beings support each other during difficult times and the metrics of an emotional scorecard. He shares his findings and offers guidance for those on the receiving end of hard news.

 Sparking Possibilities: Reigniting Purpose and Meaning with Darrin Tulley & Michael Clinton | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 50:22

The term retirement planning is often used by financial institutions to describe the means necessary to sustain a quality of life after a person’s primary career has ended. This antiquated way of thinking worked for a while, but times are changing. Longer life spans afford people new opportunities to recreate their lives and careers to be more aligned with their authentic selves and to nurture their desires. Healthy 50-year-olds often live into their 90s, so why would one career be enough if there are 40 more productive years in store? To find out more about opportunities available during a second or third phase of life, Positive Psychology Podcast Host, Lisa Cypers Kamen, speaks with two authors who embrace new possibilities to reignite purpose and meaning in life. Darrin Tulley left his CPA practice to practice connecting with people to help them find their joy. Darrin describes the pillars of his book, Live Your Possible: Ignite Your Happy Authentic Self and Live a Fulfilling Life Rooted in Joy, Inclusion, and Love of Possibilities!, and shares the secret sauce of the path to possible. Former president and publishing director of Hearst Magazines, Michael Clinton shares statistics gleaned from his research while writing his inspirational book, Roar: into the second half of your life (before it's too late). Micheal contends that life after 50 is the perfect time to expand horizons and nurture and develop what is important to us.

 Get Smart: Intellectual Humility and Critical Thinking with Mark Leary, Ph.D. & Lee McIntyre, Ph.D. | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 58:11

Research shows that most people believe themselves to be above average when it comes to most things. And, for some, being right has become less of a virtue and more of a defensive stance. Standing our ground on trivial issues may damage our relationships and make us more susceptible to disinformation campaigns. To discover the strategies that help us to increase our critical thinking skills and our intellectual humility, Positive Psychology Podcast Host, Lisa Cypers Kamen, speaks with two experts about their work in what motivates humans to think critically. Mark Leary, a professor emeritus at Duke, describes the three benefits to being intellectually humble, the history of the study of intellectual humility, and strategies to increase connection and creativity by increasing intellectual humility. Author and Research Fellow, Lee McIntyre, shares excerpts from his book, How to Talk to a Science Denier: Conversations with Flat Earthers, Climate Deniers, and Others Who Defy Reason and describes how to practice inclusion with those who absorb the information provided by disinformation campaigns.

 Trust-Falling into the Universe: A Transformational Adventure with Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 59:23

If the cells that make up our bodies regenerate completely every seven to ten years why is it that we hold on to and perpetuate trauma? And, if in every moment of our lives we have a choice about how to feel and how to react, why do some choose to be a victim? Suffering based on someone else’s actions is living amid that person's karmic drama. It disempowers us and eliminates our agency. To discover the transformational practice of spirituality and how we are able to consciously create our lives, Positive Psychology Podcast Host Lisa Cypers Kamen speaks with returning guest Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati. Sadhvi shares her story that is the basis of her book, Hollywood to the Himalayas: A Journey of Healing and Transformation. She reminds us that we have the choice to create our reality, and that forgiveness and compassion for others empower us to have compassion for ourselves.

 Lives of Relationship: Field Notes from the Journey with Mark Nepo & Dan Millman | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 59:54
 Deconstructing Discord: The Rewards of Effective Communication with Amy Herman & Ed Tronick Ph.D. | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 57:47

Have you given any thought to your problem-solving abilities? When discord arises in personal relationships or business affairs, what strategies do you employ to bring about amicable resolutions? Communication issues can be overcome and in many cases, the resolution can solve problems and reward those involved by building deeper, more intimate relationships. To deconstruct how to build better relationships through effective communication, Positive Psychology Podcast Host Lisa Cypers Kamen speaks with two authors about the fine points of solving problems and discord in relationships. Amy Herman discusses some structural strategies for solving communications problems through the lens of fine art taken from her book, Fixed: How to Perfect the Fine Art of Problem Solving, and shares examples of how she assists her highly-sensitive clientele. Ed Tronick is a developmental and clinical psychologist who explains the essential elements of the book he co-authored, The Power of Discord: Why the Ups and Downs of Relationships Are the Secret to Building Intimacy, Resilience, and Trust.

 Logging Off: Life, Death, and Caretaking Our Digital Footprints with Abbey Schneiderman, Gene Newman, Adam Seifer & Cianna Stewart | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 58:28

Are you one of the many people who stray away from talking about your death? If so, you may be making the grieving process more difficult for those you love. From the minutiae of notifying friends and extended family to logging off your myriad of internet accounts the people managing your affairs and assets after you die, have a big responsibility. To put to rest which details are necessary for the death process and what information benefits the overseers of your estate most, Positive Psychology Podcast Host Lisa Cypers Kamen speaks with four people in the estate planning space. Abbey Schneiderman, Gene Newman, and Adam Seifer co-authored, In Case You Get Hit by a Bus: How to Organize Your Life Now. They discuss key information from the book and share personal stories of what can happen to the living after a death. The Host of the Dying Kindness podcast, Cianna Stewart talks about trends in the industry of death, the emergence of death doulas, and the compounded grief little or no death planning can cause after death.

 Women’s Wellness: Taking Charge of Our Health Naturally with Dr. Aviva Romm MD & Dina Falconi | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 59:58

The research of women’s health issues is an underserved area of study. Many women resort to becoming citizen scientists to sort out their symptoms in an effort to put the puzzle pieces together to achieve wellness. Conventional medicine rarely uses natural methods or plants to help women achieve proper wellness, opting instead for pharmaceuticals, which normally only serve to hide symptoms. To get to the root of women’s wellness, Positive Psychology Podcast Host Lisa Cypers Kamen speaks with two women authors who prescribe a natural form of health outside of conventional medicine. Aviva Romm has been a healthcare practitioner for over 30 years. She shares key takeaways from her book, Hormone Intelligence: The Complete Guide to Calming Hormone Chaos and Restoring Your Body's Natural Blueprint for Well-Being, and details her unique journey through medical school. Clinical Herbalist, Dina Falconi describes how she treats patients with whole foods and herbs she has collected in the wild and incorporated into everyday recipes. Her book, Foraging & Feasting: A Field Guide and Wild Food Cookbook offers tips for wild food identification, collection, and culinary use.

 The Grieving Brain: Love, Loss, and Healing with Mary-Frances O’Connor Ph.D. & Daniel Shapiro JD | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 59:59

Losing people we love is a universal human experience. Yet, how we deal with the loss, and grieving comes in different forms for each individual and often it is an extension of the love we felt for the departed. Some may take solace in the company of others to help them cope while others grieve for years in solitude. There is no right or wrong way to grieve and there is no specific length of time it takes for grief to wane. Neuroscience shows that our brains change during grief and after certain treatments for complicated grief, post-traumatic growth can be achieved. To discover ways to restore a meaningful life after a loss, Positive Psychology Podcast Host Lisa Cypers Kamen speaks with two authors who have books that focus on loss and grief. Mary-Frances O’Connor explains the findings from her book, The Grieving Brain: The Surprising Science of How We Learn from Love and Loss and Daniel Shapiro recounts his experience with loss and the lessons he extracted from his grief.

 Suffering and Searching for the Sweet Spot of Meaning with Paul Bloom Ph.D. & Whitney Goodman LMFT | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 51:29

The best things in life may be free, but they are not necessarily easy. The value a thing has for us increases, to some degree, based on how difficult it was for us to pursue and acquire. The more we suffer, willingly or unwillingly, sets us apart from other animals and can even enhance our social status. Why? Because being ‘happy’ all the time is boring. Voicing our grievances and in more extreme cases, self-harm solicits acknowledgment from our fellow human beings. If we are always content with what we have, what role would innovation and imagination have in our lives? To discover the ‘sweet spot’ between distress and eustress, Positive Psychology Podcast Host Lisa Cypers Kamen speaks with two experts of human behavior about the suffering that gives life purpose and meaning. Paul Bloom discusses key elements of his book, The Sweet Spot: The Pleasures of Suffering and the Search for Meaning, and @sitwithwhit creator, Whitney Goodman details the sobering information from her book, Toxic Positivity: Keeping it Real in a World Obsessed with Being Happy.

 Practicing Peace: Contemplative Rituals for Health and Happiness with Agapi Stassinopoulos & Dr. Valentina Onisor MD | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 59:51

Eliminating disease and healing ourselves with positive thoughts sounds like a science-fiction movie to some but to those who are seeking enlightenment, peace, love, and happiness are the next medical frontier. Beyond the world of fad diets, supplements, and fear-based incentives there is a holistic approach to wellness, which many believe is too simple to be true. Whether it is a short prayer of gratitude, a mindful breath in the morning, or a Reiki session with an energy healer, mind over matter is real. To bring to light a transformational approach to overall well-being, Positive Psychology Podcast Host Lisa Cypers Kamen speaks with two women who practice an elevated state of consciousness. Lisa’s long-time friend, Agapi Stassinopoulos discusses her book, Speaking with Spirit: 52 Prayers to Guide, Inspire, and Uplift You, and her conversations with spirit and the beauty of relishing each moment. And, a pioneer of quantum integrative medicine and family doctor, Valentina Onisor shares the healing opportunities of love and positivity and why the time is ripe for integrative healing.


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