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Summary: Learning and discussing Polish Genealogy

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  • Artist: David Newman
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 Episode #3 – Feb 28, 2012 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:49:17

NEWS: RootsTech Family History and Technology Conference was held from Feb 2 to Feb 4th. You can watch and listen to the conference on their website. US Census 1940 Project – An indexing project for the 1940 census that you can become involved with. Who Do You Think You Are? – The third season is upon us. United Polish Genealogy Societies (UPGS) 2012 Biennial Conference will be held April 20 – 23 in Salt Lake City Utah. INTVERVIEW: Greg Witul author of  “Adorned in Light: The Stained Glass of Corpus Christi Church, Buffalo, New York“  informs us about Corpus Christi Church and its beautiful stained glass windows. POCZTA/E-MAIL Nadine, I just found your podcast link on Gen Dobry. I can’t wait to hear your first two episodes.  I listen to my podcasts on the way to work. I’m so excited. My Polish roots are coming from Stevens Point Wisconsin. Big Polish community. There are so many topics you can cover. I wish you much luck and great success. Erin, enjoyed the interview with Father Czesław Krysa and will be looking into ordering a copy of  “A Polish Christmas Eve”. She is very excited to finally have a Polish Genealogy Podcast to listen to. Thank you for doing this for our community. Dave suggests that I try to raise/enhance the recorded volume of the podcast. He finds that he has his laptop volume and iTunes volume maxed out and wishes the podcast volume was set higher especially listening to guests. Peter is interested in Information on the Polish Genealogical Society of New York State (PGSNYS). The PGSNYS website is pgsnys.org Rob liked the Interview with Fr Czesław Krysa. He enjoys learning about customs and traditions. To learn more about Polish Christmas traditions, provided is the link to  St Casimirs Oratory – Heritage Homilies by Fr. Czesław Krysa. Phil writes to the Genealogy Guys (Podcast #231 January 31, 2012): Help my grandmother had 4 first names. I’m wondering if you can five me a suggestion for handling four first names for someone. I’m using Rootsmagic. Here’s the situation, My grandmother Agnieszka Jacheć immigrated to the US in 1923 using her sister Franciszka’s passport. Franciszka had her passport and ticket for passage to the US but fell in love with a guy and didn’t want to leave Poland. She gave her ticket and passport to my grandmother who came in her place. In 1941 my grandmother was naturalized as Francis Olszewski, her married name. There are actually 4 first names. Everyone knew her and the 1930 census lists her as Agnes. Her birth name was Agnieszka. She immigrated as Franciszka was naturalized as Frances. Got any tips? GIVEN NAMES a) Agnieszka pronounced (Ahg Knee – esh – kah) is the Polish version of   Agnes (My wife name is Agnieszka). Agnieszka means (clean, pure) St. Agnes was the patron saint of maidens and children. The name has been quite popular in Poland since the Middle Ages, especially in rural areas. There are 543,168 women in Poland with the first name Agnieszka. b) Franciszka pronounced (Frahn Cheesh Kah) is the Polish version of Frances. Franciszka is the feminine counterpart of Franciszek meaning “of the Franks” referring to the Germanic tribe that settled along the Rhine in the 3rd century A.D. There are 55,587 woman in Polish that use the first name Franciszka. Source of First Name Information: First Names of The Polish Commonwealth: Origins & Meanings by William F. Hoffman and George W. Helon ISBN 0-924207-06-X This book goes into great detail regarding Polish First Names and gives the equivalent spelling for many Slavic and other languages. SURNAMES Regarding the surnames Phil mentioned: JACHEĆ (last letter is a diacritical C) There are 507 people in Poland that use the surname JACHEĆ. OLSZEWSKI derived from olsza, olcha “alder tree” There are 48,245 people in Poland that use the surname OLSZEWSKI Source of Surname Information Polish Surname[...]

 Episode #2 – Dec 22, 2011 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:49:17

SHOW NOTES ANNOUNCEMENTS  There are several ways to interact with the Polish Genealogy Podcast: The podcast can now be downloaded in iTunes. Click on “View in iTunes”. http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/polish-genealogy-podcast/id486168119 Official website of the Polish Genealogy Podcast                                                              http://polgenpodcast.com/ Polish Genealogy Podcast Facebook page                                                                     http://www.facebook.com/PolishGenealogyPodcast Follow the Polish Genealogy Podcast on Twitter                                                        http://twitter.com/#!/polgenpodcast Polish Genealogy Podcast YouTube Channel (Nothing there yet)                       http://www.youtube.com/user/polgenpodcast Email: polgenpodcast@gmail.com Send in your genealogy questions, comments and suggestions about future podcasts. NEWS: 1) Social Security Administration Extends their Freedom Of Information Act restriction to 100 years. Source: Honoring Our Ancestors 2) Website stops Displaying Social Security Numbers for recently dead. Source: ABC News GENEALOGY TOPIC: Getting Started in Genealogy. INVERVIEW: Father Czesław Krysa author of  “A Polish Christmas Eve”. Father Krysa tells us how and why his book was published. To order an autographed copy of the book http://stcasimirbuf.org/polish-heritage/a-family-christmas Upon the completion of the interview the Kolęda “Bóg Się Rodzi” is played. Enjoy. Wesołych Świat, Bożego Narodzenia!!!  

 Episode #1 – Nov 6th, 2011 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:04:23

Dzien Dobry i Witam Państwa. Hello and welcome to the Polish Genealogy Podcast. This is Podcast #1 recorded on Sunday November 6th, 2011. I am your host David Newman I decided to create The Polish Genealogy Podcast after listening to two other great genealogical podcasts. While browsing the internet, I stumbled upon The Genealogy Guys Podcast. George Morgan and Drew Smith along with AHAH Seminars produce a genealogical show that discusses news, events and answers genealogical questions from listeners of their show. George and Drew also record their show on location at various genealogical conferences. You can download, listen and learn more about the Genealogy Guys Podcast by going to their website at: http://genealogyguys.com .  I will put all the website addresses I talk about in the Show Notes While listening to their show, they mention another genealogy podcast called Genealogy Gems Podcast  produced by Lisa Louise Cook. Lisa’s show provides quick and innovative ways to make the absolute most of your research time and create innovative ways to display your family history. She accomplishes this by sharing her research discoveries/tips and tricks on her podcast. She also has interesting guest interviews on her show that brings a more lively genealogy learning experience. You can listen and learn more about the Genealogy Gems Podcast by going to her website at:  http://genealogygems.tv Maria Northcote just started an Australian Genealogy Podcast called Genies Down Under, Her website is: http://www.geniesdownunder.com.au/ There’s no doubt, other ethnic genealogy podcasts are now available. I could not find a Polish Genealogy Podcast, so I decided to create one myself. I have 15 years research experience with my own Polish Ancestry. I’ve traveled to Poland 8 times in the past 11 years. In 2005, I married my wife Agnieszka in Poland. I give presentations on Polish Genealogy to the Family History Center and local area genealogical societies. I’m president of the Polish Genealogical Society of New York State. Throughout the years I’ve acquired a vast amount of knowledge and have networked with others in the Polish Genealogical Community as well as the Polish Community (Polonia). I created this podcast to share my experiences and knowledge with anyone interested in finding their Polish Ancestors, by providing a means for them to learn, at their convenience, how to save time and research effort, to inform them that there is plenty help available, they just have to know where to look. I also created this podcast to help foster a Polish Genealogical Network of people that helps each other with their research. The Polish Genealogy Podcast will be recorded monthly about an hour each episode and cover: 1) Polish Genealogy News/Events 2) Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced Polish Research Topics 3) Answer questions relating to Polish Genealogy 4) Interviews with others in the Polish Genealogical Community. The Polish Genealogy Podcast can be download from ITunes and http://polgenpodcast.com/podcast/ Please also visit the Polish Genealogy Facebook http://www.facebook.com/PolishGenealogyPodcast I will never claim to know everything about researching Polish Ancestry. If I don’t know the answer, I will know where to direct someone to find the answer. I look forward to discussing Polish Genealogy with you. Dowizenia i Dozobaczenia See you and Goodbye David Newman


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