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Summary: Prophetic News is a Christian radio program lifting up the gospel of Jesus Christ. Exposing errors in the church, false prophets, false teachers, and end time events, leading up to the great apostasy and the coming of the Antichrist. We will discuss how some so called ministries pimp for money, manipulating people for their own greedy motives. We want to teach people to give out of love and not out of selfishness. We want to see the witchcraft used on so called "Christian TV" to stop. Jesus overturned the money changers tables and we want to do the same. We hope people like Mike Murdock, Paula White, Steve Munsey, Rod Parsley, Marcus and Joni Lamb, TBN, God TV and too many others to count will repent and stop using fear and manipulation to con people to give offerings. You truly CANNOT buy a miracle. For Susan's ministerial resume go to

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 Sexual Perverts disguised as Ministers of the Gospel | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:49:00

  Does the recent attention about perversion in the pulpit disturb you?   Why do Preachers go bad and why you should run for your life from them?    Homosexuality, adultery, fornication, child molesters,Christian Beware.  

 The Destruction of the American Church-Return to Babylon | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:59:00

Have you noticed the church in America resembles Babylon? Where has holiness gone? All the adultery, fornication, homosexuality, financial scandals, give to get mentality, alliances with cults,what a mess! The destruction of the American church is on the rise. What Can We Do To Save It??

 Rick Warren Tithing Scam with TITHE expert Russell Kelly PhD | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:04:00

 My Guest is Tithing expert, Russell Kelly, who holds a PhD on the subject.   We will talk about Rick Warren and how he has manipulated people to tithe money, when the bible says otherwise.   Russell is the author of the book- Should the Church Teach Tithing? A Theologian's Conclusions about a Taboo Doctrine by Russell Earl Kelly.   His website is----/   You can also view his video series on YouTube, which was filmed in London, England on Revelation TV.    

 Creflo Dollar Arrest-Is it a Warning from God?? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:17:00

Creflo Dollar was arrested for allegedly punching and choking his 15 year old daughter, but what is really going on here??  

 Was Jesus Christ Tempted to Sin-TBN Scandal,Creflo Arrest, | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:06:00

Was Jesus Christ Tempted to sin?? Also,the TBN scandal,Paul Crouch an alcoholic? Jan Crouch an adulterer? Benny Hinn's wife was a drug addict, addicted for over 15 years and had to go to the Betty Ford clinic for her healing. They confess this on his TV program.Creflo Dollar's arrest. Creflo, jail ain't no picnic.

 Part 2-The Rise of Gnosticism with Brenda Johnson | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:35:00

Gnosticism is on the rise. What is this ungodly doctrine and why do they deny that Jesus Christ is God?? Quote from Brenda Johnson-- Gnosticism today in modern movements is closer to the Emerging Church, New Age, Hinduism, Buddhism, paganism and the occult---- (maybe Free masonry and Illuminati type groups---- Helena Blavatsky and Alice Bailey have promoted Gnosticism and the Gnostic Gospels We will also continue our conversation on the "ShacK" and why it is not fit for Christians. Be not deceived-God is not mocked-   1 John 2:22 KJV Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son

 Gnosticism and The Shack-with Brenda Johnson | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:18:00

What is Gnosticism? Can you really become like God? Is this really what word of faith teachers teach? Men like Kenny Copeland, Mike Murdock and Benny Hindu. Is the best selling book "The Shack" dabbling in demonic activity and is this book dangerous for Christians?

 The Dangers of going to the Doctor and Food Safety | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:51:00

Are you always going to the Doctor and not getting any better? Are you a victim of side effects from prescription drugs? Did you know that GMO foods can make you fat? Susan will talk about proper nutrition and your health and remember that Jesus Christ is the only healer

 Current Events and Food Wars- with Phil Armstrong | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:04:00

Our guest today is Phil Armstrong of the "Prophecy Zone" on Blog Talk Radio. We will talk about current events in the news and the food crisis. More people are overweight and sick-could it be the Food??

 Revelation-The First Three Books-with Pastor John Murray | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:07:00

Our guest today is John Murray, Pastor of Tree of Life Christian Fellowship in Nanticoke, Pennslyvania. He is the author of many great articles and a new book- Conspiracy of the Prophets and God's Holy Remnant- His website is--

 MYSTERY CULTS-Does the Church deal with them today??? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:11:00

My Guest is Brenda Johnson and our Topic is "The Mystery CULTS" and sects the early church had to deal with...and whether or not these cults have now come back in our day. Brenda is the host of "As The Day Approaches" on Blog Talk Radio.

 Mary Queen of Heaven? And other false Catholic Doctrines | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:44:00

Mary, was she really the Mother of God? Was she born without sin? Is she the Queen of heaven? Does Jesus live in a wafer? Is there salvation outside the Catholic Church? Is the Catholic Church a Cult??

 Secret History of the Jesuits with -James Sundquist | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:07:00

The Jesuits, a Catholic Military organization-they defend the Pope at all costs. Who are they really and why are they dangerous?? My guests are James Sundquist and Paul Jacobsen.

 The Seven Churches Of Revelation-PART 2---Christine Weick | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:12:00

We are doing Part Two of our interview with Christine Weick, author of "Explain This" a verse by verse explanation of the book of Revelation. The Seven Churches in the Book Of Revelation, and how they pertain to the deception and false teachings of today. Will You Be Ready when the Trumpet sounds??

 Rick Warren Apostasy with James Sundquist and Paul Jacobsen | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:13:00

My guests are Author and Musician, James Sundquist ,and Paul Jacobsen. We will be talking about Rick Warren, Man of Peace or False Prophet? James has written "Who's Driving the Purpose Driven Church" and has two websites-Perfect Peace and Rock To Salt. Paul Jacobsen is a singer, songwriter, and victim of the madness of a purpose driven "church"


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