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Summary: Deep Fried Bytes is an audio talk show with a Southern flavor hosted by technologists and developers Keith Elder and Chris Woodruff. The show discusses a wide range of topics including application development, operating systems and technology in general. Anything is fair game if it plugs into the wall or takes a battery.

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 Episode 51: Exploring Workflow Foundation 4.0 with Matt Winkler | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

In this episode, Keith and Woody sat down with Matt Winkler, the Program Manager for the Workflow Foundation team at Microsoft, to discuss Workflow Foundation 4.0.  We learn from Matt how this release the team revisited the core of WF to increase performance and productivity as well as provide the best experience for developers adopting WF and to enable WF to continue to be a strong foundational component that you can build on in your applications. Thanks to our guest this episode Matt Winkler is the PM lead for the WF Tools team at Microsoft in Redmond.  He’s been at Microsoft for 4 years, first working as the technical evangelist for WF, and then joining the WF tools team to work on the WF4 designer shipping in Visual Studio 2010.  Prior to joining Microsoft, Matt worked as a consultant focused on .NET and BizTalk solutions.  Matt’s originally from St. Louis, and spends most of his non-working time chasing around his two kids.  Matt can be found on Twitter at Matt can be contacted via his blog: Show Notes Windows Workflow Foundation 4.0 Developer Site Download Show

 Episode 50: Behind the Scenes of the .NET Languages with Luca Bolognese | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Ever wonder how your favorite features from C#, VB.NET and F# get selected, implemented and finally reach your fingers? We did too and we found a great person to get the behind the scenes story from Building 41 in Redmond. In this episode, Keith and Woody sat down with Luca Bolognese, former Group Program Manager at Microsoft, to discuss how the languages team decides which features to include in the .NET languages.  We learn also what is coming in NET 4.  Join us for this episode as we uncover some hints on what may be coming in the .NET future, something you don’t want to miss! Thanks to our guest this episode Luca Bolognese has been working for the past 10 years for Microsoft on Generics, ObjectSpaces, LINQ and Dynamic. Until recently he was Group Program Manager for C#, VB.NET and F#. Recently he joined Credit Suisse in London. Before working for Microsoft, Luca worked as C++ programmer and middle tier architect for a large company in Italy. Luca can be contacted via his blog: Show Notes Luca’s PDC09 Session -- Future Directions for C# and Visual Basic Visual C# Developer Center Visual Basic Developer Center Microsoft F# Developer Center Immutable Object Defined Download Show

 Episode 49: Getting the Right Message about NServiceBus with Udi Dahan | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

In this episode Keith and Woody sat down with Udi Dahan, the creator of NServiceBus, to discuss and learn more about this open source messaging framework for designing distributed .NET enterprise systems. The guys chat about how to work with NServiceBus and the best practices with the framework. Thanks to our guest this episode Udi Dahan is The Software Simplist, an internationally renowned expert on software architecture and design. A solutions architecture and connected systems MVP, 4 years in a row, Mr. Dahan is also one of 33 experts in Europe recognized by the International .NET Association, an author and trainer for the International Association of Software Architects, and an SOA, Web Services, and XML Guru recommended by Dr. Dobb’s – the world’s largest software magazine. When not consulting, speaking, or training, Udi leads the development of NServiceBus, the most popular open-source service bus for .net. He can be contacted via his blog: Udi can be found on Twitter at Show Notes NServiceBus Home NServiceBus Documentation  Download Show

 Episode 48: Web Development with ASP.NET MVC In Action Authors | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

In this episode Keith and Woody caught up with the team that wrote the book ASP.NET MVC In Action: Jeffrey Palermo, Ben Scheirman and Jimmy Bogard. The guys discussed the book, what drives their passion around ASP.NET MVC and what is in store for this huge change in ASP.NET development. Thanks to our guests this episode   JEFFREY PALERMO is the CTO of Headspring Systems. Jeffrey specializes in Agile management coaching and helps companies double the productivity of software teams. He is instrumental in the Austin software community as a member of AgileAustin and a director of the Austin .NET User Group. Jeffrey has been recognized by Microsoft as a “Microsoft Most Valuable Professional” (MVP) in Solutions Architecture for five years and participates in the ASPInsiders group, which advises the ASP. NET team on future releases. He is also certified as a MCSD.NET and ScrumMaster.  Jeffrey has spoken and facilitated at industry conferences such as VSLive, DevTeach, the Microsoft MVP Summit, various ALT.NET conferences, and Microsoft Tech Ed. He also speaks to user groups around the country as part of the INETA Speakers’ Bureau. His web sites are and He is a graduate of Texas A&M University, an Eagle Scout, and an Iraq war veteran. Jeffrey is the founder of the CodeCampServer open-source project and a cofounder of the MvcContrib project.   Jeffrey Palermo is responsible for the popular Party with Palermo events that precede major Microsoft-focused conferences. Started in June of 2005, Party with Palermo has grown in popularity and size. Typical events host hundreds of people for free drinks and food and door prizes. It is the perfect way to hook up with friends and colleagues before the conference week begins. You can see past and upcoming parties at where the website has run on ASP.NET MVC since October 2007. Jeffery’s blog is Jeffrey can be found on Twitter at   Ben Scheirman is a software developer specializing in .NET. He has worked extensively on the web on various platforms and languages. Ben is a Microsoft MVP, Microsoft ASP Insider, and Certified ScrumMaster. When not programming, Ben enjoys speaking, blogging, spending time with his wife and five wonderful children or voiding warranties on his latest gadgets. Ben’s blog is Ben can be found on Twitter at   Jimmy Bogard is a principal consultant at Headspring Systems. He is an software developer with six years of professional development experience. Currently, Jimmy is the lead developer on the NBehave project, a Behaviour-Driven Development framework for .NET, AutoMapper, a convention-based object-to-object mapper and the facilitator of the Austin Domain-Driven Design Book Club. Jimmy is a member of the ASPInsiders group, and received the "Microsoft Most Valuable Professional" (MVP) award for ASP.NET in 2009. Jimmy’s blog is Jimmy can be found on Twitter at Show Notes ASP.NET MVC In Action Book ASP.NET MVC Home Page MVCContrib OpenForum – MVC Forum NerdDinner Application and Tutorial Code Camp Server KIGG project on CodePlex Route Testing Louis DeJardin's post Download Show

 Episode 47: What's Coming in Silverlight 4 with Jesse Liberty | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Silverlight 4 is just around the corner and it is the one technology a lot of developers are waiting on to build the next generation of rich Internet applications.  In this episode Keith and Woody caught up with Jesse Liberty at the Professional Developers Conference and discussed what's coming in Silverlight 4 and what it means for developers. Thanks to our guest this episode Jesse Liberty, Silverlight Geek, is a Developer Community Program Manager for Microsoft Lately he has been focused on Component-based, Test-Driven, Cross-platform line-of-business application development, and has led the development of the open source  Silverlight HyperVideo Platform .  Liberty is the author of over two dozen books, and his blog  is a required resource for Silverlight programmers. His twenty years of programming experience include stints as a Distinguished Software Engineer at AT&T; Vice President of Human-Computer Interaction at Citibank and Software Architect at PBS/Learning Link. He can be reached at Complete bio on Wikipedia. Jesse’s blog is Silverlight Geek Jesse can be found on Twitter at @jesseliberty Show Notes Silverlight Team Blog The Silverlight HyperVideo Platform MEF Download Show

 Episode 46: Using PowerShell to be more Productive with Steven Murawski | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

.NET developers have had the .NET Framework to themselves long enough. Why not let the ITPros have some fun and productivity that comes with using .NET? That is why we now have PowerShell. In this episode, Keith and Woody sit down with Steve Murawski to discuss PowerShell for the ITPro and .NET developer communities. The guys discuss the many ways to use PowerShell and how it can save time and sanity for highly productive developers and IT folks. Thanks to our guest this episode     Steven Murawski is a speaker, blogger, podcaster, and writer.  Steven is a co-host on the Mind of Root podcast and a Community Director for PowerShellCommunity.Org, an online community dedicated to helping people learn and use PowerShell. Steve recently started a new position with ProPhoenix, a public safety software company and is responsible for improving application manageability and developing a hosted platform to help provide cutting edge solutions to agencies with limited IT resources. My Blog ( Co-Host - Mind of Root ( ) PowerShell Community Co-Director ( ) StackOverflow ( ) Twitter ( ) Why should I learn PowerShell? Common Engineering Criterial (2009 / 2011) - Build a common ground with IT Pros Velocity - TFS PowerTools - VM deployment - SCVMM Psake - End to end deployment Show Notes PowerShell Team Blog Windows PowerShell Getting Started Guide PowerShellCommunity.Org PowerScripting Podcast Get-Scripting Podcast PowerShell Community Extensions PowerShell Visual Studio WPF Editor Download Show

 Episode 45: Making Sense of What Was Oslo with Lars Corneliussen | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

At PDC 2009 Oslo was renamed to SQL Modeling and it left a lot of developers scratching their heads.  What better way to sort it all out than to talk with someone deep into the stack.  We sat down with Lars Corneliussen to see how this is all going to turn out and it what it means for developers.  Definitely an interesting show as it paints a different picture about where things are going with M, M Grammar, SQL modeling, Entity Framework, Quadrant and so on. Thanks to our guest this episode   Lars Corneliussen is a Developer and Consultant with itemis AG in Lünen, Germany. After his education he specialized in content management and e-commerce. He programs .NET since the very beginning in 2001 and has been blogging, speaking at public events and writing articles for arbitrary technical magazines for the last couple of years. His current interest is model-driven software development, agile craftsmanship and software architectures. He is also involved with Microsoft as a Technical Advisor for the Connected Systems Division. Lars' blog is Lars can be found on Twitter at @lcorneliussen Show Notes Microsoft MSDN Data Development SQL Server Modeling Services “M” Modeling Language Quadrant Introduction to SQL Modeling Services (Video) Open Data Protocol (OData) Download Show

 Deep Fried Bytes Ringtones! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

A lot of our listeners recognize the Deep Fried Bytes theme song.  We thought we’d allow you to carry it with you wherever you go.  Thus, we made DFB Ringtones!  Not only will this impress your friends but it could also score you a free t-shirt, sticker, mug or other prizes if we hear it at a community event.  Here’s how to get it onto your phone. Download the ringtones for your specific device: DFB Ringtone for the iPhone DFB Ringtone for Android and Windows Mobile Windows Mobile Setup Download the file to your computer and then plug in your phone.  Then copy the file to your phone and change the device in settings to use the new ringtone. Android Setup Download the file to your computer and then follow the steps in this article to get the ringtone on your phone. iPhone Setup Download the iPhone version of the ringtone (ends in .m4r).  Save it to a permanent location on your computer.  Then plug your iPhone into your computer and let iTunes launch. In iTunes go to the File->Add File to Library… Once added the ringtone will show up in iTunes under “Ringtones”.   Select your iPhone in iTunes and click on the Ringtones tab. Make sure the ringtone is going to sync with your iPhone and press the “Sync” button at the bottom. After the sync, go to Settings->Sounds->Ringtone on the iPhone and select the Deep Fried Bytes ringtone.

 Episode 44: Soft Skills Every Developer Needs with Brian Prince | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

According to Wikipedia the definition for Soft skills is a sociological term relating to a person's "EQ" (Emotional Intelligence Quotient), the cluster of personality traits, social graces, communication, language, personal habits, friendliness, and optimism that characterize relationships with other people. Soft skills complement hard skills (part of a person's IQ), which are the occupational requirements of a job and many other activities.In this episode. In this episode Keith and Woody sat down with Brian Prince, Developer/Architect Evangelist for Microsoft, to discuss the soft skills developers and software engineers need.  Brian has been speaking at conferences about soft skills for many years.  In true Deep Fried fashion this show is chalk full of stories.  The guys discuss tips for handling one's career as well as life work balance, sales and communication. Thanks to our guest this episode Brian H. Prince is an Architect Evangelist with Microsoft focused on building and educating the architect community in his district. Prior to joining Microsoft in March 2008, he was a Senior Director, Technology Strategy for a major mid-west partner. He has achieved over 13 years Information Technology management and consulting experience including e-commerce, extranets, and business technology. Brian has successfully implemented his technology expertise in numerous industries including real estate, financial services, healthcare, retail and state government institutions. Brian has exceptional proficiency in the Microsoft .NET framework, Service Oriented Architecture, building ESBs, and both smart client and web based applications. Further, he has maintained numerous executive positions where he applies management capabilities in the field of developing marketing and strategy efforts to improve and enhance Web based technologies. Further, he is a co-founder of the non-profit organization CodeMash ( He speaks at various regional and national technology events including TechEd. Brian holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Science and Physics from Capital University, Columbus, Ohio. He is also an avid gamer. Brian’s blog is Brian can be found on Twitter at @brianhprince     Show Notes The Trusted Advisor Soft Skillz: Annual Career Introspection Driving Your Career - Soft Skills to Move You Forward Download Show

 Episode 43: Talking OData and SQL Modeling with Douglas Purdy | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

In this episode, Keith and Woody sit down at PDC 2009 with Microsoft’s Douglas Purdy to discuss all things data. Do you remember Oslo from the previous PDC event? Well Oslo has been rebranded to SQL Server Modeling to help developers store and manage models for the enterprise. SQL Modeling enables you to more productive when building and managing data-driven applications. The guys also get the low down from Douglas on a new web protocol for querying and updating data called OData. Thanks to our guests this episode     Douglas Purdy is a software architect at Microsoft working on software development tools, languages and frameworks. He is responsible for the technical strategy of Microsoft’s data and modeling efforts. His vision is to broaden the franchise of people building applications, allowing non-professional developers and end-users to harness the full power of computing. Previously, Douglas led the “M” team, building Microsoft’s next generation data language and was the group program manager for Windows Communication Foundation (”Indigo”) and Windows Workflow Foundation (”WinOE”). He has been with Microsoft, on and off, since 1998 where he has worked in consulting, evangelism and engineering. Douglas can be reached at   Show Notes Microsoft MSDN Data Development SQL Server Modeling Services “M” Modeling Language Quadrant Introduction to SQL Modeling Services (Video) Open Data Protocol (OData) PDC 2009 Session - SQL Server Modeling Services: Using Metadata to Drive Application Design, Development and Management Download Show

 Episode 42: How to Get More Business from Microsoft Pinpoint | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

In this episode, Keith and Woody sit down at PDC 2009 with Microsoft’s Pinpoint team members Chris Lange and Patrick Stirrat to discuss this new service.  What?  Never heard of Pinpoint? That's what we thought and that's why you'll want to listen to this episode.  Pinpoint is the fast, easy way for business customers to find experts, applications, and professional services to meet their specific business needs. At the same time, Pinpoint helps developers and technology service providers quickly and easily get software applications and professional services to market—and engage customers who need what they offer. Thanks to our guests this episode      Chris Lange Lead Product Manager - Windows, Microsoft      Patrick Stirrat Principle Program Manager   Show Notes Microsoft Pinpoint Microsoft Pinpoint (mspinpoint) on Twitter Download Show

 Episode 41: Developing Better User Experiences with Internet Explorer 8 with Jon Box | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Want to learn why you should look at the Internet Explorer 8 for developing better user experiences? We have just the guy to explain and give ideas around the new features of Internet Explorer 8. In this episode, Keith and Woody sit down with Jon Box, Microsoft Architect Evangelist, to get the scoop on how to use Accelerators, Web Slices and Search Providers in IE8 to keep users informed and updated. Thanks to our guest this episode   Jon Box joined Microsoft as an Architect Evangelist with 20+ years in software development in 2006. He has worked in a variety of environments and languages that include COBOL, Assembler, Clipper, C, C++ (Borland, ATL, MFC, Win32, COM/DCOM), VB5/VB6, and .NET. Before joining Microsoft, Jon was the Microsoft Regional Director for Memphis and a Microsoft MVP (Solution Architect). He also spent the previous six years employed at Microsoft partners doing training, course development, writing, presenting, consulting, and management. Jon co-founded the Memphis .NET Users Group, presented at past DevDays and TechEd, gave MSDN webcasts, and spoke at other Microsoft and INETA sponsored events. In addition to several whitepapers on MSDN on .NET and mobility, Jon co-authored Building Solutions with the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework back in 2004. He also served as the Mobility Editor for the ".NET Developers Journal". Now, Jon lives to help architects leverage the Microsoft platform to build game-changing system innovation. Jon has a more detailed bio on his MSDN blog, Out Of The Box   Jon can be reached via his website: Twitter   Show Notes IE8 home Security: Learn how Internet Explorer 8 helps keeps you safer online. IE8 Product Videos, including performance video IE8 Social Videos on YouTube IE8 Add-ons Gallery Giorgio Sardo’s blog, IE8 Evangelist Screencast: IE8 Web Slices in 3 minutes  IE8 Readiness Toolkit, includes info on testing, development, compatibility, etc. Jon Box’s IE8 blog posts IE Team Blog Download Show

 Episode 40: Silverlight 4 and Behind the Scenes at PDC 2009 with Scott Guthrie | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

What better way to find out what is going on in .Net development than to get it straight from The Gu himself?  Keith and Woody were invited back to PDC 2009 to cover all of the announcements and get the scoop on what the future is for Microsoft developers. The guys sit down with Scott Guthrie, Corporate Vice President of the .Net Developer Platform, and discuss the future of the web and especially Silverlight 4 and ASP.NET Webforms/MVC. The guys also discuss some interesting behind the scene moments of PDC.  But the most important question is what is The Gu's favorite fried food? Listen in to find out!  This is the first of many shows recorded live at PDC 2009, stay tuned for more. Thanks to our guest this episode Scott Guthrie is corporate vice president of Microsoft's .NET Developer Platform, where he runs the development teams responsible for delivering Microsoft Visual Studio developer tools and Microsoft .NET Framework technologies for building client and Web applications. A founding member of the .NET project, Guthrie has played a key role in the design and development of Visual Studio and the .NET Framework since 1999. Guthrie is also responsible for Microsoft's Web server platform and development tools teams. He has also more recently driven the development of Silverlight – a cross browser, cross platform plug-in for delivering next generation media experiences and rich internet applications for the Web. Today, Guthrie directly manages the development teams that build the Common Language Runtime (CLR), ASP.NET, Silverlight, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), IIS, Commerce Server and the Visual Studio Tools for Web, Client and Silverlight development. Guthrie graduated with a degree in computer science from Duke University. Scott can be reached via his website: Twitter   Show Notes Silverlight 4 Beta ASP.NET MVC 2 Beta Microsoft PDC Day 2 Keynote Microsoft PDC09 and Silverlight Round-up Download Show

 Episode 39: Building Composite WPF Applications with Claudio Lassala | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

In this episode, Keith and Woody sit down with Claudio Lassala to discuss Composite Applications in Windows Presentation Foundation. The guys chat with Claudio about how developers can build more robust applications through modular approaches. Composite applications use loosely coupled, independently evolvable pieces that work together in the overall application. Claudio also discusses how Composite applications can allow for better testing and distributed development teams. Thanks to our guest this episode   Claudio Lassala is a Senior Developer at EPS Software Corp. He has presented several lectures at Microsoft events such as PDC in Brazil and various other Microsoft seminars, as well as several conferences and user groups across North America and Brazil. He is a multiple winner of the Microsoft MVP Award since 2001 (for Visual FoxPro in 2001-2002, and for C# every since), and an INETA speaker. He has articles published on several magazines, such as MSDN Brazil Magazine, CoDe Magazine, and UTMag. In order to keep his sanity, he plays lead guitar  on heavy metal band Descent Into Madness. Claudio can be reached via his website: Twitter   Show Notes Composite WPF from Patterns and Practice team Composite Client Application Guidance on MSDN Composite Application Guidance Documentation on CodePlex Download Show

 Episode 38: The Present and Future of Workflow Foundation with Brian Noyes – Part 2 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Following up from the first episode, Keith and Woody sat down with Brian Noyes to discuss the current state of Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation. Brian is working in the community to prepare developers for Workflow 4.0. The guys chatted about how Workflow Foundation benefits other technologies like WCF, SharePoint and SQL Server. Brian also discussed migrating to Workflow 4.0, designing and implementing custom activities, the new rules engine, and debugging workflows. Thanks to our guest this episode Brian is Chief Architect at IDesign, Microsoft Regional Director for the Mid-Atlantic Region, and a Connected Systems MVP. He is a frequent top rated speaker at conferences worldwide, including Microsoft TechEd, DevConnections, DevTeach, VSLive! and others. He is the author of Developing Applications with Windows Workflow Foundation, Smart Client Deployment with ClickOnce, and Data Binding with Windows Forms 2.0. Brian can be reached via his website: Twitter   Show Notes Workflow Foundation on MSDN Beginner's Guide to Windows Workflow Foundation Upcoming Changes to .NET 4: WCF and Workflow Foundation Introduction to Programming Windows Workflow Foundation Download Show


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