The First 100 Episodes of Sex is Fun show

The First 100 Episodes of Sex is Fun

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 SiF #55 - Female Bisexuality | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Play SiF 55 Female Bisexual Full Swap with Swingercast For this episode we "swapped shows" with the Sex Is Fun Podcast. Be sure to listen to their show which can be found at or via our feed at In this episode we discuss female bisexuality. Sex is Fun! Is sponsored by

 SiF #54 - How Do We Make Sex Positive Decisions? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

SiF 54 Sex is Fun! Is sponsored by How Do We Make Sex Positive Decisions? Intro: Let’s explore how we form the ethics of our sex positive community. As a counter culture evolves, how does it set its own standards for ethical behavior? On today’s show we will discuss who makes the rules, how the decisions get made, and we’ll have a little debate of our own. Things to talk about: Leather Leadership Conference What is it? (Taken from The Leather Leadership Conference is an organization dedicated to strengthening the SM/Leather/Fetish community through the development of the leadership skills of community members and fostering a greater sense of connection between and within community groups. The LLC hosts annual conferences where attendees may share their knowledge and experience with one another, fostering a greater sense of unity and understanding within the community as a whole. Minneapolis is hosting LL this year on April 20-22, in its eleventh annual conference. How do decisions get made? Sex positive culture is a movement that responds to our current political climate of sex negativity. In a world of different attitudes toward sex, that it is sinful, that it is sacred, that it is for procreation only; sex positive culture maintains that sexuality is a positive force and should be embraced as such. But that is a wide position and doesn’t always help us make the day to day decisions about our sex lives that we need to make. Are there rules or guidelines we can use to help us make ethical decisions? 1. MMPI, good or bad standard? (Kidder talked a bit about this and I would love to hear more) 2. Safe, Sane, and Consensual-what does that really mean? Actual real life problems for us to discuss (I would be more than willing to act as moderator between you two and also act as devil’s advocate if you happen to hold the same opinions.) How far is too far in BDSM? For people who enjoy giving or getting pain where should the line be drawn? At eighteen you are an adult and capable of making your own decisions. How do we feel about an eighteen year old girl dating a thirty five year old man? How about an eighteen year old boy dating a 35 yr old woman? 18yr old man/18yr old man? 18yr old woman/18 yr old woman? Who gets to make the rules? I think this is a nice topic to end on because it brings up two things. 1. In small communities like this one, YOU get to make the rules. This is an area in our lives where we can really see our opinions making a difference. This is not like voting for president where it can feel like our ballot gets swallowed into the huge mass of vote’s country wide. These are decisions, good or bad, that will affect those near and dear to us. 2. Our community can disagree about things. We don’t always have to reach one unified conclusion. What is important is that we have good decision making skills. In other words, go to Leather Leadership Conference!

 SiF #53 - Coming Attractions at Sex is Fun | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Episode 53: Introduction to Season 5 Retrospect: Hearing from our listeners makes it all worth while. We've heard from many of you that we've helped improve your sexual relationships and helped you have safer sex. Thanks for sharing with us. We'll keep doing our best. What is coming in season 5? Ahh more good stuff. Listen and find out what we are planning. Sex is Fun! Is sponsored by Comment on this show at our FORUM

 SiF #52 - Playing with Sex | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Episode 52: Playing with Sex Sex is Fun! Is sponsored by Comment on this show at our FORUM Help us get some sexy animations and subscribe to our favorite medical animations studio's podcast ghOstcast Episode 52 – Playing with Sex Intro: Sex is fun and we can prove it. In this episode we’re going to be talking about the joys of playing with sex and all the fun that can be had with one of the greatest natural pleasures life has to offer. Catch up: CALL US NOW! We’re getting good questions in our voice mailbox but we need more. So pause the show and dial 206.888.4SEX (4739) and ask us any question that you’ve ever had about sex. You must have questions. There must be things that you’ve wanted to know. I just don’t believe that with an average of 40,000 listeners per show that only .001% have a sex question worthy of being answered on the show. Call on your cell phone and forgo the long distance charges. Call us anytime. If you a nervous about sounding dumb just call and take as much time as necessary. I’ll edit it to make you sound awesome. Besides nobody knows it’s you so who cares. Call, and ask a question do it. Do it now! 206.888.4SEX (4739) Send in a Sex story and win a Sex is Fun Tee. The Show, We all know that sex is fun. 94 % of Americans have it just for the fun of it, but I’ve found myself wondering if we are really having fun with sex or are we just using it as a way to alleviate us from the urge to have sex. Our own feelings about sex and our sex practices. Do we play with sex or do we just use it to get off? Jade and I used to play a lot with sex. We’d get naked and just touch each other and experiment with different kissing techniques. We’d try different positions and we’d try licking and sucking on just about any appendage we could fit in our mouths and stick our tongues in any hole we could find. Not everything we tried felt great or lead to orgasms but it was all fun. Now it seems that we’ve figured out the positions that work best for getting each other off and we get to them, fuck as hard as possible, cum, get dressed and get on with our lives. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, mostly because I’m nearing completion of a new game here at that is for couples. Unlike all previous games that have been designed for play at parties, this game just for you and one partner. I’ve been trying to design this game for years but for some reason I just couldn’t find the right balance of making a game that was engaging for a vast audience of people. Most of the sex games out there are really stupid because Jade and I don’t need a pair of dice or a card to tell us to suck a nipple or give each other oral sex. We’re pretty good at asking for that when we want it. We needed a game that really grabbed us and make us think about sex and play with it in a way that was a bit challenging, a bit playful and a bit naughty. The answer came from you, our listeners wrote me and asked me, how can I get my partner to go down on me, how do I start a conversation about bondage, I like to play hard to get, how can I get my partner to pursue me, I want to be dominated, how can I get my partner to do this to me. The challenges came quite easily because you had all told me what activities you want to try with your partners. So I just wrote down the top 90 activities from both men and women and described the activities on the each card in a very frank manner. Then I needed to figure out a way to make the game worth playing. It just isn’t all that enlightening or exciting to draw a card and do what is on it. I needed to make it engaging so I made it so that each player would have to guess how the other player would respond when given the choice between 2 to 4 sexual scenarios. Read a few of the pillow talk cards Now you get points for guessing what your partner would pick so there is a scoring element. But more importantly, you’ve begun a discussion about the kinds of sexual tastes each of you have

 SiF #50 - Talking Toxic Toys with Topco | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Episode 50: Talking Toxic Toys with Topco Today we talk to Desiree from sex toy giant, Topco Toys. Also joining us in the studio is Jessica and Jennifer from The Smitten Kitten and the Coalition Against Toxic Toys. There has been a lot of confusion about toxic sex toys lately and we're going to get to the bottom of it. Sex is Fun! Is sponsored by Comment on this show at our FORUM

 SiF #49 - If I Could Change One Thing | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Episode 49: If I Could Change One Thing What would you change about your sex partner(s) if you could change only one thing about them? We discuss what we'd change about our sex partners on this very personal episode of Sex is Fun. Sex is Fun! Is sponsored by Comment on this show at our FORUM

 SiF #48 - Circumcision and Foreskin Restoration | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Episode 68: Circumcision and Foreskin Restoration On tonight’s show we will be talking about the practice of circumcision and foreskin restoration. This show is a must listen for all future parents that will have to face the decision of weather or not to circumcise their new-born boys. Sex is Fun! Is sponsored by Comment on this show at our FORUM Catch up: Lorax's Finger-Bang Bet! You can now buy seasons 1-3 on DVD. This includes all the shows and videos plus photos of the staff. Season 3 DVD includes a documentary us going to California to collect our Podcast Award and for the very first time you can get to see what Coochie looks like. Oh and we are producing a show featuring your Sex questions. Please call 206-888-4SEX and leave us a message containing your sexual questions. We’ll play them on the show and answer them. What is circumcision? It is the surgical or ritualistic removal of male foreskin or prepuce. It means that they cut off the skin that would normally cover the head of the penis when flaccid. Circumcision History: The practice of circumcision has been for a long time and may predate biblical references. There are many differing theories of the origin of circumcision and they appear to develop from issues of hygiene, spiritual cleanliness and even political ideology. The Jews adopted circumcision as a religious ritual and preserved this practice into modern times. The circumcision of Abraham removed only the very tip of the forskin that extended beyond the head of the penis. Moses prohibited circumcision for his 40 year walk through the desert and Joshua reinstated foreskin removal at Gilgal. Much of early biblical references of circumcision stated sacrifice of sinful human enjoyment for the sake of holiness in the afterlife. Greeks and Romans on the other hand placed a high value on the male foreskin and even made laws to prohibiting the practice. Thus may have lead to the widespread adoption of circumcision by Christians who appear to have written much of their doctrine simply to separate themselves from their Roman enemies. Pondus Judaeus made it popular for Jewish males to wear a bronze on their residual foreskin to stretch it back over the head of the penis. This may be the first historical reference to foreskin restoration. Metzitah was not introduced until the Talmudic Period (aound 500 C.E.) which was responsible for the style that resembles the modern circumcision with much if not all of the foreskin removed from the penis. Christians continued to bounce between recommending circumcision and condemning the practice apparently largely based on who they wanted to ostracize throughout the years. For instance they took a strong stance against the practice briefly in the first century in Acts 21:25 when St. Paul taught parents that they should not circumcise their children and warned Titus to beware of the “circumcision group” in Titus 1:10-16 A reform movement took place within Judaism around 1843 that declared the circumcision was unnecessary. Sex, Time, and Power. Leonard Shlain theory American Christians continued the practice of circumcision in a failed attempt to prevent male masturbation. In 1949 a British Pediatrician named Gairdner wrote that circumcision was medically unnecessary and non-beneficial and contraindicated because of complications including accidental penis laceration leading to amputation infection and some cases death. America waited another 20 years before addressing neonatal circumcision when the Journal of the American Medical Association published a landmark article by Dr. E. Noel Preston condemned the practice and even stated that it may lead to psychological and sexual difficulties. All of this can be found here. What do we really know about the health reasons for getting cut? Up until a few years ago there was only minor evidence that men without foreskin were less likely to develop infections and ulcers on their that

 SiF #47 - Strap on Harnesses | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Episode 45: Strap-on Dildo Show Intro: Whether it is for gender play, prosthetic purposes or an entertaining a kinky desire, a sexy harness can add an exciting new dimension into your sexual relationship. In this episode of Sex is Fun we’ll be discussing how many couples use these sexy strapon contraptions, how to select one that works for you and how best to use it. Sex is Fun! Is sponsored by Comment on this show at our FORUM Reminders: Donate money Buy Season 3 DVD Sex toy Buyers Guide   Who uses harnesses? Why do couples use harnesses? How do you talk your partner into using a harness with you or on you?   -For prosthetic purposes- -For gender play – -For domination and fantasy- -The great lesbian argument-   Is wearing a harness pleasurable for the wearer?   What kinds of harness options are available? How to choose a dildo?   Tips for using a harness –   No nerve endings means you might not feel it when it pops out or changes angles. Watch it or use your hand as a guide until you get comfortable with your stride Keep the testicles protected in missionary on a man   Closing down: Continue the discussion on

 SiF #46 - The Holiday Buyer's Guide | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: Unknown

Download the Enhanced Show Now! You can find a mp3 version here. Sex is Fun! Is sponsored by Comment on this show at our FORUM On today's show we have The Holiday Buyer's Guide. We divide and conquer the best of the best so you know what to buy your SO for the holidays. Intro -Reminder to call our voice mail line and ask a question. 206-888-4SEX -Swing Set TCG is now for sale. -Season 3 DVD is ready for purchase for $30. All proceeds go to the staff of Sex is Fun. The Best of the Vibes -Eroscillator -Lelo Iris -Hitachi Magic Wand -LayaSpot The Best of the Dildos: -Vixskin Dildos -Feeldoe Slim Best of the Sexual Suppliments -Boom Energy Best of the Fucking Machines: -The Monkey Rocker Best of the Sex Furniture: -Liberator Ramp -Fascinator Throes Best of the Strap-On Harnesses: -Outlaw Leather's Annie-O Best of the Butt Plugs: -Pure Plug Best of the Prostate Stimulators: -Aneros MGX Best of the Lube: -Hydra Smooth -System Jo

 Sex is Fun Radio Show #45 - The Coochie Show | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

While Kidder is sick in bed with pneumonia I decided I'd make my own free-form show. I hope you enjoy it. Love, Coochie Listen to this show now! Sex is Fun! Is sponsored by Comment on this show at our FORUM

 Sex is Fun #44 - Interview with a Mature Gay Man | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Sorry for the delay and the crappy notes but I've got Mononucleosis and I've got a fever that is tearing me a new one. I really wanted to get this one out before Thanksgiving so I decided to risk my life and the lives of other motorists to come to the office and upload this bad boy. It is an interview with a mature gay man who knows more stuff than us. Is a temperature of 103˚ all that serious? Enjoy and "achoo!" It hurts when I move, think, sneeze, and not move, don't think and don't sneeze. Listen to this show now! Sex is Fun! Is sponsored by Comment on this show at our FORUM

 Sex is Fun #43 - Sexual Power | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Listen to this show now! Sex is Fun! Is sponsored by Comment on this show at our FORUM Show Intro: Many people underestimate the powers of their primary and secondary sexual characteristics, in this episode we're going to define what traits you have and how to best use them to entice and excite your partner for mutual benefit.  Start Up: Reminder that we are reviewing toys for our Best of the Best Adult Products Holiday Buyers Guide. Outline: What are secondary sexual characteristics? The sexual characteristics that appear during puberty. In most basic terms, they are visible and tactile traits that help differentiate men from women. In animals this may mean different coloring as in Mallard Ducks and Peacocks.  Men: Facial Hair and Body Hair Larger muscle mass - leading to broader shoulders  Adam's Apple Narrow Hip to Waist Ratio  Women: Larger and rounder Breasts Longer Slimmer Necks More subcutaneous fat - softer skin Wider hip to waist ratio Redder Lips - sign of fertility Secondary sex characteristics are immediate attractors but are not globally required traits. Meaning you don't need to require all of these to attract a mate and that many people prefer subdued traits while others wish for exaggerated traits.  When is the last time you heard a woman say, "Oh and you should have seen his gigantic Adam's Apple. Wow he is hot!"  How to exaggerate your sex characteristics: Make up, padded bras, facial hair grooming, working out, diet, clothing, augmentation.  Primary Sexual Characteristics: What are they?  They are the sex characteristics that you are born with. In simplest terms we are talking about penis and vagina. Or cock and pussy or, schlong and cunt, or dick and twat, or whatever you wish.  Men have a penis, testicles inside of the scrotum Women have a vulva which includes the labia, clitoris, clitoral hood, vaginal opening and inside they have a vagina.  Everybody knows that they have primary sex organs and many people even forgo fully enjoying the secondary sex characteristics and head streight for the genitals. But it seems that very few ever much emphasis on the power that their genitals can have on their sex partners.  A letter to women about their vagina... Between your legs resides an enormous source of power. Men want it, have killed for it and most are willing to pay moderate sums of money for mearly a glimps at it. It is beautiful and complex. Its coloring changes with arousal much like a flower in blossom. It emits a scent that is unmistakably sexual and will arouse a majority of men who are lucky enough to smell the and taste it at the source. Most men and many women enjoy lapping the nectar of your sex with soft wet lips and bright pink tongues. To feel the vulva is to understand delight. It is soft wet and warm to the touch. It welcomes a gentle friendly fingers and repels rough unsavory fumbling. Men remain in awe of your power and spend most of their waking hours pondering the delights and mystery of your sex. They yearn to enter it and be cradled by your inner walls of delightfully soft and warm refuge. To penetrate a vagina with a penis is the apex of life to many men and once inside we are primal and instinctive with an intolerable urge to thrust and coat ourselves in its lubricous spirits. The pleasure it gives is indescribable and unmatchable making us slaves to it and the desire to fill it with the juices of our loins and inject your sex with our life blood...                                        A letter to men about their penis...         Even flaccid it is proud. So exposed and yet unafraid. A large sac that is unearthly soft and supple contains the source of all that is masculine and elemental seeds of life. The slightest touch or trigger will begin its growth as it becomes engorged with hot blood. It grows rigid in the shaft and yet remains soft and spongy in the head. Its color darkens and its parts become defined. The skin slides easily back uncovering the crown and

 Sex is Fun Radio Show #42 - Sex and the Religious Right | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Listen to this show now! On this episode we interview Doug Rutter, a right-winged conservative evangelical christian pastor. What kinds of sex acts are Jesus approved? Sex is Fun! Is sponsored by Comment on this show at our FORUM

 Sex is Fun Radio Show #41 - PME Expo and Farewell to a Good Friend | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Listen to this show on your computer now. Sex is Fun! Is sponsored by Comment on this show at our FORUM In this show we tell our personal experiences from the PME. We also say good bye to one of the founding members of the Sex is Fun Show. Other podcsters mentioned in this show. Leo Laporte 7:35 Taz and Mouse 10:17 Feedburner 10:27 Kitcast/Galacticast 11:05 Violet Blue 11:22 Whispered Pearls 11:25 Twilight and Thebes 11:29 Whore Cast 11:31 Podcast Pickle 12:22 Feast of Fools 17:11 Dawn and Drew 17:42 PK and J 19:57 Cunning Minx 21:33 Grey Dance 23:02 Let's Get Naughty 24:40 Naughty Sheets 24:40 Rosary Army 25:57 Catholic Insider 27:12 Whorecast 31:04 Fetish Flame 31:17

 Sex is Fun Radio Show #40 - Pro Sex Podcasters Roundtable | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Listen to all of our crazy antics now. What happens when you lock 14 pro-sex podcasters in a room for two hours with a microphone and a large silicon sex toy? Find out on this episode of Sex is Fun! Sex is Fun! Is sponsored by Comment on this show at our FORUM Podcasters included in this show Whorecast SwingerCast Rope Cast Polyamory Weekly Fetish Flame Twilight and Thebes Show Sex is Fun! Bathtalk Weekly


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