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Thundering Herd

Summary: Listen to a daily dose of the greatest rants, the wackiest moments and more from The Herd with Colin Cowherd.


 The Thundering Herd: 3/17/14 | File Type: audio/mp3 | Duration: 39:25

Colin Cowherd celebrates "National Fill Out Your Bracket" day and speaks with Jay Wright, Greg Sheehan and Steve Kerr.

 The Thundering Herd: 3/14/14 | File Type: audio/mp3 | Duration: 47:54

Colin Cowherd explains why there's no downside to Phil Jackson joining the Knicks, discusses college basketball and chats with Jay Bilas, Kevin Kelley and Rick Reilly.

 The Thundering Herd: 3/13/14 | File Type: audio/mp3 | Duration: 45:03

Adnan Virk and Herm Edwards talk about Darrelle Revis signing with the Patriots, span the globe and chat with Greg Cosell, Darren Woodson and Bruce Bowen.

 The Thundering Herd: 3/12/14 | File Type: audio/mp3 | Duration: 49:12

Colin Cowherd talks about NFL free agency and chats with Adam Schefter, Mike Tannenbaum, P.J. Carlesimo and Dan Majerle.

 The Thundering Herd: 3/11/14 | File Type: audio/mp3 | Duration: 42:13

Colin Cowherd talks about the dominance of the NFL, the latest with Phil Jackson and chats with Flip Saunders and Tom Penn.

 The Thundering Herd: 3/10/14 | File Type: audio/mp3 | Duration: 40:27

Colin Cowherd discusses the decisions made by New York sports teams, spans the globe, debuts the franchise bracket and chats with George Karl.

 The Thundering Herd: 3/7/14 | File Type: audio/mp3 | Duration: 57:42

Colin Cowherd discusses expectations in the NBA, LeBron James' future, North Carolina's tournament outlook and chats with Brian Windhorst and Bill Simmons.

 The Thundering Herd: 3/6/14 | File Type: audio/mp3 | Duration: 49:28

Colin Cowherd explains why the NFL does it the right way when they cut players and chats with Chris Broussard, Donnie Nelson and Vikings GM Rick Spielman.

 The Thundering Herd: 3/5/14 | File Type: audio/mp3 | Duration: 38:10

Colin Cowherd wonders why the NHL is considering expansion and chats with Jeff Goodman, Urban Meyer and Jeff Pearlman.

 The Thundering Herd: 3/4/14 | File Type: audio/mp3 | Duration: 51:55

Colin Cowherd explains why he doesn't think LeBron James' 61-point performance wasn't impressive and chats with Victor Cruz, Peter King and Jeff Saturday.

 The Thundering Herd: 3/3/14 | File Type: audio/mp3 | Duration: 53:26

Colin Cowherd talks about tanking in the NBA, Jim Harbaugh, John Calipari and more. Plus, he chats with Michelle Beadle, Tom Penn and Bill Romanowski.

 The Thundering Herd: 2/27/14 | File Type: audio/mp3 | Duration: 55:14

Colin Cowherd shares his thoughts on the vetoed bill in Arizona and chats with Steve Stoute, Mel Kiper Jr. and Mike Krzyzewski.

 The Thundering Herd: 2/26/14 | File Type: audio/mp3 | Duration: 56:48

Colin Cowherd discusses Arizona's new proposed laws and chats with Jim Boeheim, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Louis Riddick.

 The Thundering Herd: 2/25/14 | File Type: audio/mp3 | Duration: 43:34

Colin Cowherd discusses Jadeveon Clowney's performance at the NFL combine, Raymond Felton's legal troubles and more. Plus, he chats with Peter Kind and Antonio Davis.

 The Thundering Herd: 2/24/14 | File Type: audio/mp3 | Duration: 43:10

Colin Cowherd weighs in on Jim Boeheim's ejection from Syracuse's loss to Duke, Jason Collins signing a 10-day contract with the Nets and much more.


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