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Summary: A comedy podcast with pop culture repercussions, we record our weekly show on Wednesdays 9PM CDT. Join live and chat or tweet with us, or subscribe to the podcast and leave us phone messages with your questions as you listen at your leisure. The more the merrier, so thanks for tuning in!

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 Episode 558: The November 90s | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:19:01

The holiday season is here, and we are one week out from our annual DeuceGiving episode, which kicks off two months of annual eps - from Christmas gifts to Kaufman's yearly seasonal offerings to Top Tens of Not the Year to Lumps of Coal and much more.   But that's later. Today, we talk November... last year, around this time, we talked best November movies of the 2000s. This time, we take it back a decade and do the best of the 90s -- any film released from November 1 to November 30th in 1990... and 1991... and 1992.. and so on, up until 1999. And to regale our 11th months gone by, Dave, Mikey, and #TwitterlessDrEarl brings in a familiar face, one not seen in a bit -- Dave's Main Street Electrical Podcast co-star Jenn Novotny!  She joins the dudes to discuss their top fives. First, a new game called All Rotten Or Alright, as it's a mixed bag of Rotten and Fresh films from Novembers gone by, then a little Catch Up with Jenn, including her two existing podcasts and a new show upcoming, The Couples Code, which you can look for online soon. Movies discussed and where to find them streaming:   Aladdin (Disney+) The American President (HBO Max) Beauty & the Beast: The Good One (Disney+) Beauty & the Beast: The Hermione One (Disney+) The Bodyguard (HBO Max; Netflix) The Bone Collector (Peacock Premium) Dances with Wolves (HBO Max; MaxGO) Dogma (unavailable) Ernest Rides Again (Peacock Premium; TubiTV; Chicken Soup for the Soul's Crackle) Goldeneye (EPIX; Paramount+) Home Alone (Disney+)  Home Alone 2 (Disney+) Home Alone 3 (the one with the RC car) (Disney+) Miracle on 34th Street (1947) (Amazon Prime; Disney+) Miracle on 34th Street (1994) (Disney+) Mrs. Doubtfire (STARZ) My Girl (Showtime) A Perfect World (Showtime) Robot Jox (TubiTV) The Santa Clause (Disney+) Tomorrow Never Dies (for rental) Toy Story (Disney+) Toy Story 2 (Disney+) Very Bad Things (for rental) The Waterboy (Amazon Prime) The World is Not Enough (for rental)

 Deucecast Classic: The Political Movies | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 57:01

This week, we drop an episode that premiered on November 6th, 2016, including d$, Mikey, #TwitterlessDrEarl, and Pinky (!) -- these are the original show notes from that episode, or find it here.  It's election season here in 'Merica, and to recognize, Mikey, Pinky, and Dave are talking favorite political films!  And who better to bring in to discuss such movies than the President of the Pretentious Corner, the Witt Stillman fan, the Film Historian, the Terence Malick Apologist himself, the honorable Dr Earl. First up, a round of The Ryan Phillippe Game, where you have to name all the films of a certain actor like Kurt Russell, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Owen Wilson or Charlize Theron and more. And then... fave political movies!   People trying to win an election!  Leaders trying to stop a war!  Superheroes trying to stay on the right side of America!  Movies like Lincoln!  Argo!  Wag the Dog! Captain America Civil War! A great recommendation for the movie "Failsafe" as well, if you can find it, and for "Eye in the Sky", which is now available on Netflix. So enjoy the list of political movies and tell us your own faves! DISCLAIMER:  There isn't any talk of the current political climate, nor it's candidates, its merely a list of favorite films involving not just government, but anything where a leadership plays a game of hierarchy for positioning...

 Episode 557: The Jack vs Bobby D Tourney | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 02:00:01

On the way to Episode 600, in which The Deucecast Movie Show will finally payoff it's Big Bracket of Movie Roles.. but there are still spots to fill.  So tonight, the guys match up two Hollywood Legendary Heavyweights -- Jack Nicholson roles vs Robert DeNiro roles. First up, Mikey, Dave, and #TwitterlessDrEarl bring in "The Pride of Noonan", aka, Lil G, aka, Spawn of Ryfun, aka, Garrison to discuss the characters that Jack and Bobby brought to life. After a quick look back to 2012 when Disney and Lucasfilm made a small agreement, then they dive into the bracket... and they even have to call in help. Follow along as Jack Torrence takes on James Dale, Garrett Breedlove vs George Hanson, Frank Costello vs Will Randal, Warren Schmidt vs Harry Sanborn, Jake Gittes vs Bill Rorish, Col Jessup vs Melvin Udell, The Joker vs Daryl Van Horne, Randal McMurphy vs Charley Partanna AND Vito vs Sam and Max Cady vs Pat Solito Jr and Al Capone vs Harry Tuttle and Paul Vitti and Jack Brynes and Travis Bickle vs Michael and Neil McCauley vs Louis Gara and Jake LaMotta vs Jack Walsh and Jimmy Conway vs Sam Rothstein. Only one can make it through.  

 Episode 556: The New Hierarchy of ReFlicktions | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 02:08:01

Another few weeks have gone by, and it's time for another ReFlicktions, which is a wrap up of all the movies that your handsome hosts - d$, Mikey, #TwitterlessDrEarl -- have seen since... well, since the last time we did ReFlicktions.   Amongst the topics discussed... the crap that is Hocus Pocus 2... counting the Werewolf as a movie... lots of Sports Docs... being surprised by the Munsters... loving Amsterdam... hating Barney... Swedish vampires... there is no OF... Mikey loves Krampus... Anya Taylor Joy in the VVitch.. going back to Flo Pugh... Julia & George on-screen...   And Idris Elba fights a lion.     Oh yeah, The Rock changes the hierarchy with his Adamsy Blackness.   Here are the movies discussed and where to find them (at the time of recording)   Hocus Pocus 2 (Disney+) Facing Nolan (Netflix) Werewolf by Night (Disney+) The Munsters (Netflix) Evil Dead (2013) The Redeem Team (Netflix) Amsterdam (in theaters) Mr. Harrigan’s Phone (Netflix) I Love You, You Hate Me (Peacock Premium) Let the Right One In (Showtime) Corpse Bride (HBO Max) Spirit Halloween: The Movie (for rental) Death Hunt (TubiTV) Black Christmas (Peacock Premium) Krampus (Peacock Premium) Studio 666 (Starz) Black Adam (in theaters) Trick or Treat (for rental, in theaters) Bring it On: Cheer or Die (for rental; USA app) Ticket to Paradise (in theaters) The Hunger (HBO Max) Hellraiser (2022) (Hulu) Don’t Worry Darling (in theaters) The Witch (HBO Max) Resurrection (for rental) Last Seen Alive (Netflix) The Illustrated Man (Watch TCM) The Outfit (Peacock Premium) The Stranger (2022) (Netflix) Beast (Peacock Premium) Halloween Ends (Peacock Premium)

 Episode 555: The Most Inept Movie Bad Guys | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:38:01

When you get five and half-a-hunna episodes into your podcast, including 12 Halloween Episodes, you can't always do "Best Villains"... sometimes you have to go the other way, and do the "Worst Villains", or more specifically, "The Most Incompetent Bad Guys" in films. October birthday movies up first, as Blade Runner 2049 celebrates its 5th birthday, The Might Ducks has it's 30th birthday, and The Manchurian Candidate turns 60 (RIP Angela Lansbury!) Guest of the night, Miss Independent himself Jeremy Burgess joins the show to fill us on on Dust on the VCR as well as the update on the upcoming film Don't Die. Then, Mikey, Dave, #TwitterlessDrEarl, and Burgess give their own list of greatly terrible bad guys in film -- written well but played poorly, or the storyline they are given is terrible, or flashy but totally ineffective for any number of reasons. Finally, MikeTober #9 commences, with Mikey giving his recap and ranking of "Speak No Evil", "Dog Soldiers", "The Vanishing" and some other movie I can't remember but he didn't like as much.    Movies mentioned in the show, and where they are streaming at time of recording:   Attack of the Killer Tomatoes (TubiTV)  The Avengers (Disney+) The Dead Zone (HBO Max) Don't Worry Darling (In Theaters; for rental) The Great Mouse Detective (Disney+) Fantastic Four (1994) (unavailable)  Fargo (Starz) Glory Road (Disney+) Halloween Ends (Peacock; In Theaters) It's Alive (unavailable)  Karate Kid III (Showtime) Mars Attacks (for rental) The Princess Bride (Disney+) Signs (for rental) Slugs (TubiTV) Speak No Evil (Shudder) Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (Disney+) Quantum of Solace (Netflix; Amazon Prime Robin Hood (Disney+) V/H/S (Hulu) V/H/S 2: Rewinding Boogaloo (Hulu; Chicken Soup For the Soul's Crackle) X-Men (Disney+; Hulu)

 Episode 554: The Best Henchmen in Film | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:03:01

Halloween is quickly approaching as the fall rolls on, and the spooky movies are already on deck for both Mikey, Dave, and #TwitterlessDrEarl. But before they get to Halloween proper (and the annual Halloween ep coming in a few weeks), they'll spend a little time with some of the other mean, evil, and sometimes incompetent characters of film. First, quick chatter about recent movies taken in, including "Amsterdam" and "Werewolf By Night", then a Rotten Tomatoes game featuring the good, and bad, movies made by the master of horror fiction, Stephen King himself. Everything from the acclaimed like "Stand by Me" to the forgotten, like "The Mangler".  Everyone figures Mikey will win this one too. Right? Right. Then, the Henchmen. Those who don't run the show, but do the bidding of those movie villains who do. Then again, sometimes the Henchmen in question are really the ones in charge. Either way, each of the Deucecast trio brings their own favorites to their lists. Plus... the short career of Alexander Godunov and a multiverse world where Harrison Ford is a dentist on Friends and Tom Selleck wields a whip.

 Episode 553: Glosson is So Extra | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:56:01

Due to a number of factors including a hurricane that kept d$'s vacation totally up in the air and a Sunday night unavailability and Monday night plans that were set then were squashed and of course, the fallback plan... an ep of The Deucecast Extra, all for your listening ears. While Dave makes his way back from Orlando, Mikey, and #TwitterlessDrEarl welcome in the Pride of Eatonton, the Spawn of Ryfun, Lil G in the hizzy, along with Wyoming's Best Hope, J Roth. The first hour consists of a look at Ep 6 of "She-Hulk: Attorney at Law", in which we determine that Mikey hates Baltimore... and then some MCU News, with the Deadpool teaser. Then, "Andor" episodes 1-3, with all the characters and themes and Blade Runner vibes throughout. THEN... about 54 minutes in... Steve Glosson. The man, the myth, the legend calls in and gives his take on Andor... Thor and Thor Love & Thunder... and weird aliens in Star Wars and Good Will Hunting and Fantastic Four and The Eternals and Dibello the Lawyer and classic Steve Glosson and The Big Honkin Show's return and Rise of Skywalker and Michael hates "Willow" and "Blade" and Superman II's Donnor Cut vs Donnor party

 Episode 552: The Franchise Role Tournament | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 02:01:01

Because we are on the downslope to Episode 600, and we've done 21 of these and need to do at least 11 more... its TOURNEY TIME. Mikey, Dave, and #TwitterlessDrEarl are ready to put another movie role into the Big Bracket, to figure out what the greatest movie role of all time could be.  This episode, it's picking out the greatest roles from franchises. The rules.... must be a character who appears in at least FOUR theatrical releases, no matter how brief, and can be played by the same or different actors.  Star Wars and Marvel are intentionally excluded, with one brief exception. And for the first time in any DCMS Tourney... Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings make their appearances.  To do such a big event, the Deucecast trio need help -- enter the Pride of Buford Georgia, Spawn of Ryfun himself, Lil G, and Friend of the Show Roth from Wyoming, picking up last minute invites to be a part of the madness.  Transformers go tet a tet... the wizarding world has a rumble, as does Middle Earth... action stars attempt to keep it in the family, while dynamic duos take on crime stopping wiseacres... will G's push for Ethan Hunt finally be successful?  What happens when two of Mikey's icons face off?  Is it fair to make #TwitterlessDrEarl decide a match from movies he's never seen?  Probably not, but here we go! 

 Episode 551: The Return of Captain ReFlicktions | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 02:05:22

Another September, another fall begins, and another round of ReFlicktions takes shape as Mikey, Dave, and #TwitterlessDrEarl come together once again to give the lowdown on 12 movies (d$) and 5 movies (Ear) and 133 movies (Mikey, taking over for Pinky in the moviewatching sphere)   In the show... Earl taps into his Zennieal side... Liam Neeson disappoints again... Dave goes Sports Doc... Mikey's worst movie... bad 80s heroes... uncomfortable supermarket conversations... original films of good remakes... Viola Davis kicks arse... and a delight romp from 1940       After Yang (Showtime) On the Count of Three (Hulu) Bodies Bodies Bodies (in theaters) Blacklight (EPIX) Italian Studies (Hulu) Happening (AMC+) Lost in Space (Hulu) Back Roads (Amazon Prime; TubiTV) Rogue Agent (AMC+) Hollywood Bulldogs (Chicken Soup for the Soul’s Crackle) The Civil Dead (unavailable) Untold: Operation Flagrant Foul (Netflix) Untold: The Girlfriend Who Didn’t Exist (Netflix) Untold: The Rise and Fall of AND1 (Netflix) Me Time (Netflix) Spin Me Round (AMC+) The PEZ Outlaw (for purchase) Samaritan (Amazon Prime) Honk for Jesus, Save Your Soul (Peacock; Peacock Premium) Quantum Cowboys (unavailable) The Return of Captain Invincible (Hoopla; Night Flight) Elvis (HBO Max) The Yards (Paramount+) Barbarian (in theaters) Solaris (HBO Max) Solaris (HBO Max) End of the Road (Netflix) Pinocchio (Disney+) Body of Lies (Paramount+; Showtime) The Woman King (in theaters) Confess Fletch (in theaters; for rental; on Showtime on 10/28)     Pearl (in theaters) The Shop Around the Corner (HBO Max) Candyman: The David Klein Story (PLEX)

 Episode 550: Summer Winners and Losers | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:47:17

As the Summer movie season comes to a close Dave, Mikey, and TwitterlessDrEarl discuss their favorites and not so favorites of the summer.

 Episode 549: The Extended Editions | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:51:14

Still Beautiful. Still Gorgeous. Still Malick. As Labor Day passes, so goes, for all intents and purposes, the #FanBoySummer which comes to a close with one final guest, one final top five as provided by those in the Discord. Mikey, d$, and #TwitterlessDrEarl welcome back The Pride of Tifton Georgia, the Spawn of Ryfun, Lil G, Garrison to the show, and he brings to the table an extended alternate topic... that being Extended Editions and Directors Cuts of our Fave Films. Several opinions come up on the Justice League and Zack Snyder's famed edition... the slapstick of Superman and the alternate cut... Mikey cheating... Garrison channeling Sergio Leone... watching films in TV series form... Terrence Malick stuff... Mikey's Star Trek convention discoveries... watching The Tuxedo... Peter Jackson's directors edition of the Lord of the Rings... aliens of the Abyss... and a movie that lasts over five hours... Plus, d$ plays off DaveSplosion 2022! These are the films discussed in the episode at the time of recording... no idea where all the extended editions are, but the originals are here, unless otherwise noted   The Abyss - STARZ in wet Almost Famous - STARZ in Fever Dogs Amadeus - for rental Apocalypse Now Redux - Netflix Blade Runner - HBO Max City Hunter - TubiTV Game of Death - STARZ in Hi Ya; TubiTV H8ful Eight extended - Netflix The Highlander - Amazon Prime; HBO Max; Peacock Interceptor - Netflix Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair - HBO Max The New World - for rental Once Upon a Time in America - Netflix Payback - unavailable Police Story 2 - HBO Max Southern Comfort - TubiTV Superman II: The Donner Cut - for rental The Tree of Life - for rental The Tuxedo - for rental Until the End of the World - unavailable Waterworld - STARZ in wet Zack Synder's Justice League - HBO Max

 Episode 548: The 2022 Mostly Correct Fall/Winter Movie Preview | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:49:00

For the first time in over two years, the Deucecast crew -- Mikey, d$, and #TwitterlessDrEarl takes on a Herculean task... listing the movies coming in the fall and winter of the year. The Spring/Summer preview (ep 526) got most of the movies right, but when it comes to fall and winter, leading into award season, it's a total crapshoot. But we are up for the challenge. We list most of the major releases into theaters and streaming, with the knowledge that any of them can move without warning.   Two Pinocchio films, new Kevin Smith, is Fletch even relevant anymore, Sidney Pointier gets his due, Zac Efron on a Beer Run, Olivia Wilde v Flo Pugh, Tyler Perry's Jazzman, d$ geeks out over new Russell AND new Baumbach, Mikey says "Dominatrix", #TwitterlessDrEarl loving some Tar, Anne Hathaway heads to another Oscar, She Said journalism, Amy Adams Amy Adams Amy Adams, Tom Hanks bad accents, Whitney biopic, Sarah Polley's critical love...  And dozens and dozens and dozens more. 

 Episode 547: The One with Kaufman | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:34:12

Only two weeks left in our newly iconic #FanBoySummer, and we chose to handpick our final two losers winners, we mean, and one guest we wanted to bring back is a beloved past and future guest. But since Paige Davis was not available, we invited on our lovely pal Jenny Kaufman! First, catching up with Kaufman after her refusing to come on the show since last Christmas, the Birthday movies kick in for August of previous years. Then, Kaufman leads the game!  A rousing game of IMDb, giving d$ a chance to actually play it!   Then, the Top 5 movies from the Friends cast... of which some of the friends have a plethora of movies to choose from, and some... do not.  Among things discussed... Mikey's kids makes everyone feel terribly old with "the late 1900s"... explaining filesharing to the kids... Limewire... life in a non-streaming world... Friends in animation... missing Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip... why some Friends were more successful than others...  And stick around for cool Chillicothe chatter, and hot Bluey talk...    Along Came Polly (for rental) American Crime Story: The People vs OJ Simpson (no freaking idea) Analyze This (for rental) Boss Baby (FX Now) Charlie's Angels (HBO Max) Easy A (for rental) He's Just Not that Into You (HBO Max; Peacock Premium) The Iron Giant (HBO Max) John Carter (Disney+) Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted (for rental) Masters of the Universe (HBO Max) Office Space (FreeVee) The Opposite of Sex & How to Live With Them (for rental) Rock Star (for rental) Scream (Paramount+) Serving Sara (for rental) The Shrink Is In (unavailable) 17 Again (HBO Max) Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (unavailable) Romy & Michelle's High School Reunion (Amazon Prime; Paramount+; EPIX) Romy & Michelle: In the Beginning  The Whole Nine Yards (for rental)

 Episode 546: Man, I Feel Like ReFlicktions | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 02:05:01

As the season comes to a close and #FanboySummer winds down, it's time for the final ReFlicktions of the season!  All the movies that Mikey, #TwitterlessDrEarl, and Dave have seen, including new flicks in theaters, old flicks to finish a movie list, and lots of documentaries. Join the show next week when Kaufman makes her return, and Lil G Ryfun shows up in two weeks to finish up the summer!    Some of the things discussed... Mikey observes BJ Novak's political mentality... which Chernobyl do you start with... forgetting Grey Man already... Jordan Peele's movie ranks... Mikey finishes a movie goal... the best "people in peril with the solution right there" movies... loving (or hating) Bullet Train... Don McLean loves him some Don McLean  Movies discussed and where to find them at the time of recording...    All the Old Knives - Amazon Prime As They Made Us - Showtime  Before/During/After - Amazon Prime; EPIX; Paramount+ Bullet Train - in theaters Cavalcade (1933) - for rental Chernobyl: The Lost Tapes – HBO Max Clean - AMC+  The Day the Music Died - Paramount+ The Day Shift - Netflix  DC League of Superhero Pets - in theaters Emily the Criminal - in theaters  Fall - in theaters The Grey Man – Netflix Hearts of Darkness - for rental  Honor Society - Paramount+  LA Slasher – Amazon Prime Luck - AppleTV+ Making Waves -  Amazon Prime Marcel the Shell with Shoes On - in theaters  Nope – In theaters Not Okay - Hulu Oslo, August 31st - for rental; Mubi Prey - Hulu Score: A Film Music Documentary - TubiTV; Chicken Soup for the Soul's Crackle  Secret Headquarters - Paramount+  Shania Twain: Not Just a Girl - Netflix  Super Greed: The Fight for Football - Peacock Premium Thirteen Lives - Amazon Prime Trainwreck: Woodstock '99 - Netflix  Under the Skin - HBO Max Vengeance – in theaters Westworld – HBO Max Where the Crawdads Sing - in theaters Woodstock '99: Peace, Love, & Rage

 Episode 545: Follow the Science!!! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:28:00

The Deucecast chooses to pod smarter, not harder, this time as the word of the day is SCIENCE!! Whether "she blinded me" with it, or its "My project" or just WEIRD, today #TwitterlessDrEarl and Mikey and d$ talk about "Science Movies". How to define that? We ask our guest, the latest loser of #FanboySummer, "Chewbubba" Andy! The topic tonight is all about the science, but first the crew takes on the Denzel Game for the first time in a while... a little chit-chat with Andy to find out who he is and what he's about... Then tackling the broad spectrum of "Science Movies" (which is different than "Sci-Fi Movies"), the guys give their picks of their favorite movies about Science, Technology, Mathematics and more.  We'll discuss the career of Andrew Niccol... dunking on Math teachers... Harland Williams whereabouts... Apollo films... Tesla v Westinghouse... storm chasers... life on Mars... the vision that is Jennifer Connelly...  And more mentions of Jacqueline Bisset than all previous episodes combined...    Apollo 11 (Hulu) Apollo 13 (for rental) Awakenings (Netflix) A Beautiful Mind (Peacock Premium) Contagion (Netflix; HBO Max) The Current War (for rental) Gattaca (Netflix) The Imitation Game (Netflix) Jurassic Park (HBO Max) The Manhattan Project (for rental) The Martian (for rental) Moneyball (Hulu)  Real Genius (Starz) Rocketman (for rental) Se7en (Netflix) Short Circuit (Showtime) Something the Lord Made (HBO Max)


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