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Summary: Soundcentury is the Indie Rock and Alternative Energy Source. Soundcentury features unsigned, indie rock bands from small towns across the world and serves them up through informing articles and professional quality podcasts. In addition, Soundcentury delivers the latest news on emerging alternative energy companies.

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 Phish Remix Fall Tour 2010 | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: Unknown

As I mentioned in the previous post, I neglected to renew my domain name and so down went this site for a little while. Sorry about that. Thought I would get things cookin’ again with a little Phish remix ( of some of their songs from the recent fall tour. I got a little bit from a whole lot of shows including Halloween in Atlantic City. The band has definitely tightened things up a bit, but they still know how to set sail and get lost in the jam. The New Years run should be quite epic and if I were able to make it to just one of the shows, I would pick the first night at Worcester. I think this show is going to absolutely rock. If you just stumbled upon this site in your Internet travels, welcome. If you come back every couple weeks, you will be able to listen to a new podcast featuring a cool band from New England, or a set of music I throw together. The podcast is also available through I-Tunes. ( Just search Soundcentury. Happy New Year!!! I am feeling that 2011 is going to be a good year (: Oh, and if you still are looking for tickets for the Phish New Years run, make sure to visit ( This is a fantastic website connecting the Phish community. This podcast features Phish – Remix Fall Tour 2010 ( – Cookin’ on Three Burners ( – Push it Up > Ted Nugent (http:// – Live it Up

 Welcome Back Soundcentury | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: Unknown

Well, the site was down for a few days as I forgot to renew my domain name :( Things have just been crazy busy and I kind of threw Soundcentury on the backburner. I considered bagging the whole project, but I am coming up on the one year anniversary of the site and I really want keep going with it. I may limit my podcasts to just two a month. I wish I had more time to dedicate to this, but I just do not. But, the good news is that I will be rocking the site for at least one more year, shedding some light on some really cool bands from around New England. I have also been getting more into messing around with loops derived from funk and rock. Here is a little something I have been messing with. So, expect a new band up here soon and sorry about the site being out for so long. Take it easy, Dan

 Hot Day at the Zoo | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: Unknown

When I think of a hot day at the zoo, I envision flies swarming around piles of polar bear pooh, chocolate ice cream streams flowing down crying kids faces, strings of pink bubblegum oozing off the grimy bottoms of my shoes and an overall feeling of wanting to leave nearly as much as all the poor animals locked up around me. Actually, I also think of peanuts too. Which is weird because I think that is just due to the presence of peanuts in a lot of kid’s books about zoos. Truthfully, I have not been to a zoo in a really long time, and I think that has quite a bit to do with the fact that I don’t really believe any living thing should be locked up in a cage and gawked at… These days, when I think of a steaming afternoon at the ol’ zoo, I also think of the New England based progressive bluegrass, rock and roll quartet Hot Day at the Zoo. The popular string band brings thoughtful songwriting to the table and sets it neatly with a pioneering technical sound that brings together new and old Americana. Hot Day at the Zoo has released three rock-solid albums, including their latest, Zoograss, which was released in January, 2010. The band is out touring around as I write this, so go on over to their website, and discover more about this fantastic New England band. They are supposed to be incredible live. This Soundcentury Podcast features: Michael Hurley – Can’t Help Myself > Bruce Haack - Maybe this Song > Michael Hurley – Open Up – Hot Day at the Zoo – Gypsy Moon > Long Way Home > One Day Soon – Brick – Good High – Iron Maiden - Prowler


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