Herding Code show

Herding Code

Summary: A weekly discussion featuring K. Scott Allen (odetocode.com), Kevin Dente, Scott Koon (lazycoder.com), and Jon Galloway.

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 Episode 2: AJAX Frameworks | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Last week I posted the first in a new podcast series with K. Scott Allen (a.k.a. OdeToCode), Scott Koon (a.k.a. LazyCoder), and Kevin Dente. We got some great feedback, but we decided to ignore it and continue the podcast. So here’s another one! But seriously, this one’s a lot shorter (too short?) and you’ll hopefully [...]

 Episode 1: “Hello World” Edition | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

We’re starting up a technology round table podcast. By we, I mean: K. Scott Allen (a.k.a. OdeToCode) Scott Koon (a.k.a. Lazycoder) Kevin Dente Jon Galloway Our goal here is to provide you with some interesting discussions loosely centered around the world of development on the Microsoft platform. We’ve just finished our first show, and – [...]


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