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Skarlata Ojara show

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Programa musical de la actualidad de la escena reggae en Cataluña que se emite en ContrabandaFM (91.4 FM de Barcelona) los miércoles de 21:30h a 22:30h en directo y los jueves de 10:00h a 11:00h, y los sábados de 19:00h a 20:00h en diferido.````Programa musical d’actualitat de l’escena reggae a Catalunya emès a Contrabanda FM (91.4 FM de Barcelona) els dimecres de 21.30h a 22.30h en directe, i els dijous de 10:00h a 11:00h i els dissabtes de 19:00h a 20:00h en diferi

By Skarlata Ojara



While the UK will always be considered the home of DNB first and foremost, the success of artists from outside of the great United Kingdom over the past few years speaks in resonating volume that some of the most talent-rich markets can survive undetected, deep within the perils of overlooked obscurity for many years. It is our firm belief that Canada is one of the most passionate, earnest and talent-rich countries in the world when it comes to this soulful music that we all know and love. We are not content to simply sit by and nod our heads as literally hundreds of quality tunes by outstanding, top notch producers go completely unnoticed and fall off the radar never to be heard again. The sheer volume of music coming out of this country as a whole that does not recieve its much deserved credit is criminal in itself. We take a lot of pride in this beautiful country we live in. One of the finest things about living in Canada is the underlying diversity within each community, from province to province, from city to city, from mind to mind. Open-mindedness and rich, diverse musical roots and heritage is part of the drive which makes Canadian music so special and unique and that sentiment holds very true on all levels of music coming out of Canada. From jump up to techstep, liquid to ragga, we vow to leave no stone unturned in searching out and exposing the underrated talent in our country on a medium in which people the world over can discover and enjoy it...the podcast!! After many months of studying hours upon hours of different podcasts from around the globe, developing this concept and carefully selecting beats, CCDNB has now arrived. The podcast itself will feature an unbiased look at the music which is molding our scene and our country on a monthly basis. It will feature artist interviews in nearly every episode, showcases to shed light on various producers and upcoming labels, as well as feature guest hosts from around Toronto and the rest of the country. Above all, what truly separates CCDNB from any other podcast you've heard is it is comprised of 100% Canadian Content...Period! From Vancouver to Halifax, from Winnipeg to Montreal, Toronto to Edmonton, we will be reviewing and showcasing material from what we feel is this country's strongest, finest and most promising talent.

By Dj Kapulet

Centopéia Manca – Dub Reggae Dancehall Podcasting show

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Podcast do dedicado ao ritmo inspirador do dub e do roots reggae.``Podcast que acontece todos os dias 28 de cada m�s (all days 28 of all month's)``Artistas como King Tubby. Lee Perry, Scientist, Johnny Clarke dentre muitos outros.

By Iznup

Pull It Up Reggae Ragga Dancehall Radio Show - Podcast show

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Pull It Up est une émission de radio Reggae Roots and Culture qui à pour but de promouvoir ce style musical. Pull It Up est diffusé sur Radio Chalette tous les jeudi de 21h à 22h. Ce show est proposer et présenter par SELEKTA PUPPARICO.

By Selekta Faya Gong

FEDERATION INVASION (dancehall reggae mega-mix) show

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federation sound (max glazer & kenny meez) present a 1 hour dancehall reggae mega-mix. juggling, remixes, dubplates, roots & culture, oldies, foundation & more.

Idyllic Music show

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Jim Nye's Long Running Free Music Podcast Featuring Trip Hop, Ambient, Jazz, Dub and Downtempo Tracks by the Best Indie Artists from across the Globe.

By Jim Nye

DJ Diva Dee's Classics Groove Session show

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DJ Diva Dee takes you on an amazing musical journey spinnin the hottest Classic R&B, Hip Hop, Rap, Funk, Soul, House and Reggae music from the 70's - early 2000 AND all Neo/Nu Soul.

Dub Session Podcast show

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DUBSESSION.COM Dubsession is a weekly podcast/broadcast featuring reggae dub versions, downtempo grooves and acid jazz. Visit dubsession for special dub mixes, groove sessions, show archives, dj sets, mashups and remixes, cd reviews, artist profiles, and the exclusive Dubsession Soundsystem - a streaming jukebox live on demand.


Selecta AJ Mixtapes show

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Sit back and enjoy the mix as Selecta AJ takes you on a musically journey, enticing you with the very best in dancehall, reggae and soca music.

By Selecta AJ Mixtapes

Fifth Ave Sounds presents I Grade Selections show

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Fifth Ave Sounds’ resident selector, DJ I Grades, brings reggae and dancehall vibes to the massive! Some old, some new, some brand new, all guaranteed to make your head nod! Check out the description of each episode for the track listing.

By DJ I Grades