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Summary: DUBSESSION.COM Dubsession is a weekly podcast/broadcast featuring reggae dub versions, downtempo grooves and acid jazz. Visit dubsession for special dub mixes, groove sessions, show archives, dj sets, mashups and remixes, cd reviews, artist profiles, and the exclusive Dubsession Soundsystem - a streaming jukebox live on demand.

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 Dub Session - Episode 62 - Christmas Reggae Rockers Special | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:02:13

We kick things off this Holiday season with a special double-edition of the Dub Session. First off, we start with the Reggae Christmas Special, featuring a few new and well produced songs, along with some obscure 1970s Dub-DJ "Rockers" songs, and selections from ten different Christmas compilations. Our favorite of the bunch is the the John Holt/Ray I compilation titled "Natty I-Smas." As Ray I the Rockers DJ/Toaster says "'Tis the season for some Collie - tra la lalala lala la la." A reissue of our Reggae Rockers Christmas special

 Dub Session - Episode 61 - Christmas Chill Out Remix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:06:13

For part two of the Dub Session holiday double series, we have a series of Christmas remix collection selections which follows the moniker of your host, DJ Chill Will. For this episode, we present you with the Dub Session Christmas Chill Out Remix special. This is not your Momma's Chill Out elevatormuzak. This is trip hop, turntablism, dub, downtempo, acid jazz, breakbeats and jazzy grooves gathered from over ten christmas and holiday remix collections and put through the Dub Session beat blender for a tasty holiday treat. A ChillOut Christmas special reissue.

 Dub Session - Episode 60 - Sound Clash! Spacemonkeyz Vs Gorillaz Meet King Size Dubs | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:04:13

This Dub Session brings you a showdown of King Kong size proportions. In this corner, we have the latest rework of the Gorillaz. This remix by the SpaceMonkeyz brings forward one of the best fusions of dub, trip hop, cliq-hop, and pop rock since Sly and Robbie took up residence at Compass Island studios in the early 1980s. In the opposing corner we have the King Size Dub Series, volumes one through eight. This King Size series provides a sampling of some of the best modern reggae and electronica dubs being put out on the market. Get these two sound entities together in a king-size thematic ring and you have Dub Session episode 60, King Kong Dub Showdown. Monkey see, monkey do. Funky too.

 Dub Session - Episode 59 - Welcome to Dubrock Vol 1 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:11:24

Welcome to Dubrock! The show begins with a Hendrix/Zeppelin/TrubyTrio-Boozoo Blend to help you get your rocks off. Then we dub the remix with the Spacemonkeys, Gotan Project, and the Thievery Corporation. Next we take a trip to the moon with a remix of the Police's Walking on The Moon and an Easy All Stars reggae version of Breathe from the Pink Floyd's Dark Side of The Moon. Then we bring in Common and the Marley brothers Damian, Steven and Ziggy to close the show and lay down some lovers rock vibes for the ladies. Special thanks to Marie Juana from Buenos Iries for the voice-overs.

 Dub Session Episode 58 Video Session Vol4 With DJ GeneO | File Type: video/mpeg | Duration: 01:29:21

Come down Mixmaster DJ GeneO! We have a special video dub session for episode 58. Our fourth video podcast was produced by MixMaster GeneO from Maui, Hawaii. Mixmaster G has mixed up a tasty visual treat for episode 58. He is both the music and video selector for this episode, and is the producer of the cutting edge, creative and innovative video/music production transitions and animations in this video session. Thanks to MixMaster GenO for the excellent dub video science wizardry and selections in the mix. For more, check out DJ GeneO's Space Dub Mix in our DJ Mixes jukebox.

 Dub Session Episode 57 The Police - Undercover Versions | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:29:21

The 30th anniversary of The Police's 1977 debut received great acclaim, including a U.S. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame award, and a 2007 reunion and world tour. The Police is well known for mixing reggae music, funk, punk rock and rock and roll. They are also versionistas, creating reggae versions of The Bed's Too Big Without You and other reggae classics. Dub Session episode #57 takes you on a version excursion featuring reggae and DnB cover versions of The Police, duets with UK reggae toasters, Police reggae tribute album selections, along with Sting and The Police providing live and extended versions of reggae classics. In the early years and in live videos, Sting would often wear Bob Marley pins, create reggae rock songs with "eeyo yo yo" Marley call and responses. One of the first versions in this episode features The Police live in 1980 with a dubby cover of Bed's Too Big. In the early 1980s, Sting was a fan of contemporary punky reggae group The English Beat, lead by vocalist Ranking Roger. After the Police's break up in 1984, Ranking Roger and The Special Beat toured with Sting, and would toast in show encores of Message in A Bottle, and Bed's Too Big Without You, as featured from EP versions of these toasts. UK contemporaries Steel Pulse, Aswad, and Pato Banton provide versions from the Reggatta Mondatta tribute series, as well as Latin America's Police tribute Outlandos D'Amor. This episode includes selections from Stuart Copeland's African journey "The Rhthymatist." Additional version include Sting in duets with Ziggy Marley, Ranking Roger and Pato Banton from various b-sides, singles, extended remixes and EPs

 Dub Session - Episode 56 - Hong Kong Dub Sessions | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:21:21

The Dub Session has a very special guest joining us for episode #57. Celestial is a Hong Kong based dub reggae and pan-Asian groove collective and dub syndicate. Celestial's head quarters is the Hong Kong Dub Station - a place where musicians from China, Hong Kong, Japan, and Nepal, and Asia gather to collaborate and produce the heavenly dubtronic sounds of Celestial. Celestial's music is unique in its mixture of Jamaican bass lines, indigenous native Asian instruments from various nations and genres, expert musicians, multinational electronic-organic arrangements and rhythms, and meditative ambient grooves. Celestial is the brainchild and creation of dub master and award-winning music and media producer Peter Millward from Drum Music studios. Celestial is well-known in Asia for its highly acclaimed album Hong Kong Dub Station, and its 1996 breakthrough release Spirit House. This episode of the Dub Session features interviews and music with Celestial creator and producer Peter Millward, featuring tracks and discussion of Celestial's four albums, including their new release Electric Road. For more information on Celestial, artists and album profiles, videos, listen to the Celestial jukebox, and to purchase Celestial's CDs, visit http://www.hongkongdubstation.com

 Dub Session - Episode 55 - Hot Like Fire | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:21:21

It's summertime in the U.S. and across Europe. Most of the U.S. has been experiencing record hot temperatures, from California to the Midwest to the Gulf Coast and New England. In Europe, from Budapest to Bucharest, and from The Tower of Pisa to the Island of Ibiza, summer time is hot like fire! Twist up your Rizzla and get ready for this Sizzla! This episode of the Dub Session covers the summer heat wave and presents some burning tracks that are hot like fire. BUDS stands for "Best of The Dub Session" and is a replay of a previous episode. Stay tuned for new episodes. Next up, we will have a special "Asian Dub" episode, featuring the music of the innovative sounds of Celestial from Hong Kong. The episode after that is titled "Undercover Police" and provides a 30 year anniversary tribute with reggae and dub versions and covers of Police songs.

 Dub Session - Episode 54 - Revolutionary Dub Chronicles | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:18:21

Make my funk the G-Funk. I wants to get Funk Dub! The spirits of Bootsy Collins, King Tubby, Snoop Dogg, Les Paul, Django Reinhardt, Elvis, P-Funk, Dr Dre, Spearhead, Lee Scratch Perry, and The G-Funk All Stars bring us the Revolutionary Dub Chronicles, where the Godfather meets the Doggfather inna dub session stylee. You are dubbin with the Don, doggy style. We kick of Dub Session 54 with some west coast chronic dub poetry from the Long Beach's revolutionary doggfather. Then we plug in the amps, kick up the dials to 11 Spinal Tap stylee with reggae rocker Michael Franti's punky reggae revolution. The UK's Asian Dub foundation shows us a New Way, New Life and keeps the chronic train rolling, while the Salmonella Dub brings the thunder from down under inna Bromley East Roller stylee. Next up, we've got the stickiest of the ickiest electrofunk from Kieser Van Helten's version of Tosca's Honey. The Cars keep the chronic revolution Moving in Stereo to Vienna where Tikiman meets Stereotyp with some electrofunkdafied dub poetry in 'My Sound.' Le Printemps' Pepe LePeu takes a left turn down Orange Street in Paris, where Django's jazz guitar meets the heavyweight sounds St Germain in Montego Bay Spleen. Next, we head to sounds of the underground in Boozoo Bajou's Berlin bunker where the King of Rock meets the the Afronaut inna jazzy space jam titled Chocolate Elvis. Back on the mothership, 1979's Player of The Year Bootzilla summons us to Keep That Funk Alive inna "Brixton Fatboy meets the Brooklyn Beasties" mashup by DJChillWill. Rreewind for the signature sound of 1976 funky wah-wah title track of Kingston's Rockers, followed by a 20th anniversary remix of the 1977 reggae rock classic Roxanne. Back in Los Angeles, ska-groovers Fishbone ask the timeless question "Where'd You Get Those Pants?" Last stop: the sweet chariot swings down and lets me ride behind the scenes of The Chronic sessions' Outro, where Compton meets LongBeach in The Roach.

 Dub Session - Episode 53 - Gettin' Ziggy With It | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:03:11

For Episode 53, we celebrate the music of four-time reggae Grammy award winning artist Ziggy Marley, inna Dub Session stylee, including two tracks from his recent Grammy-winning album "Love is My Religion" Ziggy Marley's career spans more than 20 years, and includes more than eight albums,dozens of EPs, singles and remixes. For this special artist showcase, selector DJ ChillWill has hand-picked some of Ziggy's best rare tracks, remixes, dubs, versions, b-sides, covers, and collaborations and put them through the Dub Session beat blender. Dub Session DS episode 53 "Getting Ziggy With It" illuminates some of our favorite rarities and hits from Ziggy's 20+ year career playing with the Melody Makers, as a solo artist, collaborating with other musicians, with the Fugee All-Stars, and of course with the Marley brothers Stephen, Jr. Gong, Rohan and others. Not only can the eldest of the brothers get Ziggy with it, but many others have sought to get with Ziggy. This episode features some great duos, collaborations, out-takes, soundtracks, and key work supporting younger brothers Stephen and Jr. Gong in their budding solo careers as well as working together as "The Marley Brothers."

 Dub Session - Episode 52 - Dubtronic Sound System | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:20:11

We're kicking off the new year with a new mix - the Chronic Dubtronic Sound System. Dub Session has always enjoyed the mutual playground between the innovators of dub and the mixmasters of electronica. The result is the Dubtronic sound we come to fling down in a dubtronic soundsytem stylee for episode #52

 Dub Session - Episode 51 - Holiday Special 2 of 2 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:06:13

Holiday Special 2 of 2

 Dub Session - Episode 50 - Holiday Special 1 of 2 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:02:13

Holiday Special 1 of 2

 Dub Session Episode 48 - The Soma Sessions Volume 2 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:14:11

Volume Two of The Soma Sessions

 Dub Session Episode 48 - The Soma Sessions Volume 1 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:14:11

What do root canals, spinal injuries, and nagging bitchy girlfriends have in common? They are all intolerably painful, exceedingly difficult to manage; they show no mercy; and each can make you cry if you make a wrong move. The month of October finds resident DJ ChillWill spinning and slipping discs, and riding the Soma train until heading to the orthopedic chop shop later this month. For DS episode 48, we invite you to put a glide in your stride, a dip in your hip, and get on the mother ship for the Soma Dub Sessions. One of the greatest qualities of reggae music is its ability to deliver messages of despair, pain, grief, injustice, and alienation (as well as messages of hope, love, vision, gratitude, unity, appreciation) over an enjoyable, uplifting melodic structure and downtempo drum and bass grooves. Reggae can often serve as a healing music, delivering soothing rhythms and a meditative, chilled-out, introspective, calming experience. No other music is as universally loved on rainy days as well as sunny days for its effortless ability to enhance the joys and blues of the human experience, and to elevate the spirits of the listener. "One good thing about music - when it hits you feel no pain." - Bob Marley, Trenchtown Rock


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