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Geek Actually Podcast show

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Do you like to sit around and 'geek out'? What do I mean? You know, sit around with a few friends and talk about you favourite subjects in as much detail as you like, because you all speak the same language. We here at Geek Actually have two great loves: the entertainment industry and the tech industry, so we thought to ourselves, let's geek out and record it. As film geeks and tech geeks, we love our subjects and talk passionately about our stuff. Come and have some fun and join us every Friday. Just a warning though, because we speak candidly about our topics and we approach film and tech reviewing from a "real" point of view, this podcast has to carry an "explicit tag" for infrequent bad language.

By GeekActually.com

Katrina Kaif Cute show

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Katrina’s role with Bollywood started with Kaizad Gustad’s Boom. Though Boom literally went boom at the box-office, Katrina kaif was noticed and offered a number of roles. But most of them were very small and not important. Filmmakers were reluctant to sign Katrina Kaif because of her inability to speak Hindi and dub in her own voice. However, now Katrina Kaif is the most sought after bollywood actress on the internet.

The Jiggy Jaguar Show show

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with Talk Radio Star - Jiggy Jaguar. Comedy, phone-ins, mad chat, rants, in-depth interviews. You name it and it all happens on this show. Don't miss it !

By The Jiggy Jaguar Show

Planet Macabre show

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Planet Macabre features horror movie discussions from 5 totally diverse hosts and critics, BillChete, GregaMortis, Lady Phantom, HellHunter and Dr. Shock. They give the global audience insight on the horror genre, news and movie ratings and reviews from new releases and ones in the past. The podcast includes 5 exciting DVD and BluRay recommendation segments, and 2 other informative ones, all this inter-mingled amongst an over-arching theme each show. Don't miss any episode from the best horror movies podcast on the net that has a touch of international flare. New shows posted every other Sunday.

By Planet Macabre

The TV Critic Podcast Channel show

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Reviews and analysis of 30 Rock, Entourage, Family Guy, Dollhouse, Heroes, How I Met Your Mother, Lost, Prison Break, Scrubs, The Big Bang Theory, The Office, The Simpsons

By TheTVCritic.org

Lady Helga's Five Minutes of B&B show

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Five minutes of the bold and the beautiful. Hear some facts about the show and cast. Whats happening with the storyline and new cast members.

Dumbfounded America show

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A comedy show of unprecedented brilliance, humility, sexual tension, fabulousness, ridiculousness, and awesomenicity. If you skip church to sit at home naked and listen to that kickass new album, this is the show for you. We are serious about not being serious. Some politics, news, and current events, but mostly badassedness, hot guys and sexy women. We play games, host bits, skits, and prank calls. It\'s all here folks.

By MT & JW Press

Film History on Videotape Podcast show

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Film History On Videotape is a frequently updated blog specializing in films and the film industry. It was started in 2011 by two brothers; Max A. Pule (Houston, TX) & Danny L. Pule (Kansas City, MO). Film History on Videotape strives to be an internet focal point for bizarre commentary, movie reviews, podcasts, and video projects made to enlighten, enrage, and maybe get a cheap laugh or two.

By filmhistoryonvideotape.com

Two Big Mouths » Shows show

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Dennis is a happily married News Anchor/Reporter/Sushi Hater/Cigar Lover/Musician/Weekend Rock Jock and Gia Maria is a notoriously single Marketing Maven/Writer/Producer/Alcohol Enthusiast/ Inspiring Lounge Singer/Non-Bilingual Latina Together they are Two Big Mouths Two Big Mouths is an online talk-radio show performed by two real life drinking buddies with lots of opinions and little in common…except for the artist once again known as Prince. Still they manage to remain friends…for now.

By Allen Berrebbi

Wait, I Know This! show

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Hi all! Welcome to the classic tv/film/music trivia buff's homebase. Yes, we are a bunch of geeks who remember WAY too much useless factoids that won't ever help us pay the bills. But we're fun at parties!!! Does that count for anything?Anyway, I'm Eric and Maila is our other host. Get ready to have a blast. We hope to teach you some really cool backstage trivia via stories from the celebrities themselves! AND those celebs will chat with us and accept your questions live! How cool is that! Don't forget that you can join us for the live taping every Sunday night at 7pm. It's simple! Just dial this number... (724) 444-7444 and type in our code.... 33219 and this PIN 1#....and VOILA! You are in our chat. Go to this website for details!http://www.talkshoe.com/tc/33219 Or if you miss us on Sunday just use the blue widget at the top of the page to listen to any of our previous episodes. We hope to see ya there!

By Eric Chilton