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ZipZapZop is daily news, tips, music and entertainment for the Brave New World hosted by Clark Saturn in Brooklyn, NY. Spirituality, technology, lifestyles, health and gadgets.

By Clark ov Saturn

The Fantasy Times show

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The Fantasy Times is a website dedicated to fantasy news and information with a roundup of fantasy author websites and information.

Financially Intelligent Parent Podcast show

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Practical advice to help parents raise responsible, generous and successful children. From family and money experts Eileen Gallo, Ph.D., and Jon Gallo, J.D., authors of The Financially Intelligent Parent book. For more parenting tips and tools, please visit

By Dan Safkow

Echo of Freedom, Radical Podcast show

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Radical thoughts and ideas. Anarchism, Freedom, and Revolution.

By VolodyA! V Anarhist

E-Auction-Air...Everything eBay and More. show

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Every week on our internet radio show, we will be giving you straight answers to your questions on how to make your online auction experience fun and profitable. In addition, we'll feature interviews with interesting, sharp, well positioned players in the world of online commerce and auctions. Whether buying online or selling online, we've got you covered.``We're internet talk radio's most informative and entertaining show.````Brought to you by

Mirari Intuitive Coaching and Consulting Services show

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Coaching and Consulting for Personal and Professional Success

SALES STRATEGY RADIO ... with Tim McMahon show

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Join sales expert, bestselling author, and international speaker Tim McMahon for powerful selling strategies, tactics, and ideas to power your personal sales success. Technology and Entertainment Network - Powered by PodTech show Technology and Entertainment Network - Powered by PodTechJoin Now to Follow

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Hypnotherapy Podcast show

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Curious about hypnosis? Want to experience a hypnotic trance? Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist Rick Reynolds guides you on a different life enhancing inner journey each week. Plus he introduces you to a new hypnotic process called TranceBreakers which is designed to free your mind form limitting beliefs and the negative trances your family, your culture and society may have created.

By Rick Reynolds, CCHT

A New Holistic Protocol for the Treatment of Herpes and Cold Sores show

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My name is Christopher Scipio and I am an herbalist and homeopath who has specialized in the holistic treatment of herpes and the herpes family of viruses for the past 14 years. this is my first attempt at blogging and podcasting. I am trying to share a 30 minute radio interview where I discuss how to treat herpes with a holistic protocol anchored with whole plant botanicals. I am reaching out to people who may wish to make their own remdies at home and I give some receipes or may wish to know about an effective alternative to drug-therapy without the side-effects of drug therapy. christopher scipio homeopath/herbalist holistic viral specialist htttp://