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The King Adult Broadcast Network show

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Glenn King and Aiden Starr interview the hottest ladies in the world of Adult Entertainment. Find out what it's like to be an Adult Entertainer and hear them compete in games and contests!

By The King Adult Broadcast Network

Swing Life show

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Let Paul and Kim take you on their journey through becoming swingers right from the start. This is intended for adults only, the sexual nature of this podcast may offend. If you are offended by swingers or swinging in general, this is not for you. For the rest of you, sit back and enjoy the show. Paul & Kim XXX

By Paul & Kim

Big Gay News show

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Big Gay News with Pierre Tardif is a daily 5-10 minute podcast covering world headlines from a GLBT perspective, produced by Minneapolis-based Lavender Media Inc., (, [gay, news, headlines, queer, glbt, homosexual, queercast, sexuality, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, LGBT]

By Pierre Tardif

OBGYN-101 Gray Haired Notes show

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An audio companion to OBGYN-101 multimedia course in introductory obstetrics and gynecology.

By Mike Hughey, MD

dawnsworld's Podcast show

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A weekly girly rambling with my buddies.... I am Dawn Porter, writer and broadcaster. Currently I am living in Los Angeles and I have hooked up with my pals Gayle Day and Eileen Lee and started doing a podcast. The general topics of conversation are sex, food and fashion and I love getting emails from you guys with suggestions of what we should talk about. Please email in, or find me on TWITTER and follow me for constant updates. The only thing I don't want to talk about are celebrities. I just think there is too much of that already, so we talk about stuff that matters like why men never call and how to make the perfect sandwich...lets call it, Dawn Porter's Important Things! Be sure to subscribe Dawn x

By dawn porter

Es Amor show

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<p> <strong>Es Amor </strong>es un programa dirigido y presentado por <strong>Ayanta Barilli </strong>dedicado al más bello de los sentimientos, el amor. En este espacio ustedes son los protagonistas, pueden enviarnos sus <strong>cartas de amor </strong>(amor a su pareja, a su madre, su mascota, su equipo de fútbol...) a nuestra dirección de mail o a</p> <p> <em>esRadio, programa Es Amor<br> C/ Juan Esplandiú nº 13 planta C-2<br> 28007 Madrid</em></p> <p> El único requisito es que no se extiendan más de 30 líneas. También pueden proponernos los mejores diálogos de amor mantenidos en el cine y mandar sus <strong>recuerdos de amor</strong>, aquellos que le han dejado una huella imborrable.</p> <p> <a href=""><img src="" style="width: 360px; height: 60px;"></a></p> <p> Además contamos con el concurso <strong><a href="">INTIMINA</a>,</strong> una marca dedicada a la <strong>salud intima de la mujer</strong> que ha desarrollado una línea completa de productos para su bienestar. Para disfrutar al máximo de tu feminidad en todas las etapas de la vida. Apoyado por médicos y ginecólogos, los productos de INTIMINA sólo se encuentran en farmacias y tiendas especializadas, y en <a href=""></a></p> <p> <strong>Todos los viernes</strong> habrá un concurso en ES CORAZÓN, a las 10:30 am, en el que tendremos que descubrir <strong>quién es la mujer que se esconde tras las pistas</strong> proporcionadas en el concurso "Corazón femenino". Uno de los ganadores recibirá en su casa, con toda discreción, un regalo. El premio de esta semana: Las <strong>bolas Laselle</strong> de INTIMINA y <strong>limpiador íntimo</strong>.</p> <p> Las bolas Laselle son una herramienta perfecta para desarrollar y <strong>fortalecer nuestro suelo pélvico</strong>, de cara a evitar esos escapes de orina tan desagradables o a maximizar las sensaciones de nuestra vida sexual.</p> <p> <a href=""><img src="" style="width: 360px;"></a></p>

By esRadio

JOY 94.9 (Andy &amp; Adrian) show

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Listen in to the best bits from these funny buggers, taken from their popular breakfast radio program on JOY 94.9, Australia's #1 Queer Radio Station

By Andy &amp; Adrian

LifeStyleLife show

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A discussion of swinging from the perspective of an average married couple living in suburban America.

By LifeStyleLife

Stilettos &amp; Convos show

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Miss Lee will give you a fresh perspective on hot topics focused on love, religion, sex, education, family, values, society and everything in between. Stilettos and Convo’s is not a show that is only for the ladies, it is a show that the fellas will enjoy too! Join The Conversation – Embrace The Experience.


Redefining Sexuality show

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Welcome to "Redefining Sexuality," the show that gives you permission for pleasure, power, passion and peace. It's time to be sexy, be whole and be YOU! Subscribe to Redefining Sexuality by Email    "Allana Pratt Live"  •  Wednesdays • 10 PM Et - 7 PM PST

By Allana Pratt