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Frugal Friends Podcast  show

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Controlling your spending is hard to do. On every episode of Frugal Friends, we'll try to help you gain a little more control on one aspect of the countless directions your money is being pulled toward through frugality and a few laughs. If you're trying to save money, spend less, adopt minimalism, pay off debt or reach financial independence, we think you'll like the show.

By Jen Smith & Jill Sirianni

Goodfellows show

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The Unofficial Target Podcast. We just really, really love Target.

By Goodfellows

Rosemary Goes to the Mall show

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Welcome to “Rosemary Goes to the Mall,” an audio journal of artist Rosemary Williams’ quest to purchase one item from every retail store in the Mall of America. Each podcast represents one shopping trip to the Mall, usually covering between 10 and 15 stores, and is an audio blog covering the events of the day, including the psychology of the kinds of choices she makes in each store, interesting interactions with salespeople, rambling philosophizing about shopping, and occasional trips to the fortune teller machine in the amusement park. Some days Rosemary has themes for her shopping, such as trying to buy the best value at each store, or on crabbier days buying the item that most epitomizes our decrepit American consumer culture. Other adventures include getting high at the oxygen bar and buying a $500 GPS system for her car at Radio Shack.

By Rosemary Williams

The Bargain Minute show

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Host Adam Graham advises you how to save money on every day expenses, and to have a good life without living beyond your means.

By Adam Graham

eCommerce: Hacking The Holidays show

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Brought to you by VaynerMedia and Shopify Plus, this eCommerce-focused mini-series is rolling out just in time for the end-of-year shopping season, including Black Friday. As the brainchild of hosts Sabir Semerkant, the data-obsessed SVP of eCommerce at VaynerMedia, as well as Mac King, a growth hacking Partner Manager at Shopify Plus, “Hacking the Holidays” is driven by one simple goal: to help brands and entrepreneurs step up their eComm strategy. Each episode welcomes new guests from a broad landscape of industries, such as advertising, fashion, traffic and operations, to discuss online shopping as well innovative ways to hack platforms and practices for the best ROI. Listen now and stay tuned for fresh news, insights and perspectives that can help you gain a competitive edge this year or during any peak sales period.

By Vaynermedia

Q&A Selling Online - From Amazon FBA to Shopify, Digital Marketing and Facebook Ads show

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Quin Amorim the creator of the $27 Facebook Ad Campaign that was viewed by 34 Million people in 4 days and generated $118k in Amazon FBA Sales during those 4 days!<br> Quin is one of the original Dropshippers that started before the word Dropshipping even existed, back in 1997 by taking pictures of products at Brick and Mortar stores with a camera and selling them on eBay with a big profit.<br> <br> That experience turned him into an online entrepreneur that is always looking for more and better products to private label (white label) and sell online, mainly at Amazon FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) and on his Shopify eCommerce stores.<br> <br> Now over 20 years later Quin answers all your questions, about how to start a Private Label business selling online on Amazon FBA and Shopify, How to create Digital Marketing Agencies, Lead generation, customer acquisition, Copywriting, and of course advertising online with Facebook ads, Google Adwords, Linkedin and Bing <br> <br> In this Podcast, you will also learn the best tips and tactics on how to advertise your products online using Facebook ads, Google Adwords and even Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn.<br> <br> After over a decade of selling online Private Label, Wholesale and even Dropshipping, Quin, now teaches others how to achieve success online and how to build an Ecomm empire when having limited funds.<br> <br> Owner of a Digital Marketing Agency (Prolific Zone), Quin has been creating hipper targeted Facebook Ads Campaigns for many years <br> <br> Quin also has 2 more podcasts, 1 in Portuguese where he teaches the same to Portugal and Brazil, and the other "Millions on the Internet" where he interviews sellers, marketing experts, e-commerce gurus and dot-com millionaires. And the other is the Fail Fast Podcast, interviews with entrepreneurs about their failures and the lessons learned from them.<br> <br> Subscribe to the Podcast and ask your own questions to be featured on the show<br>

By Digital Marketer, Advertising and Social Media Expert: Quin Amorim - Amazon FBA Seller &amp; Online Marketing

Laboratory App: Lab Equipment Help (Video) show

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The Laboratory App podcast hosted by John Buie is focused on giving tips and insights when purchasing laboratory equipment. Each episode aims to help consumers achieve optimal laboratory results by finding the perfect lab equipment suited for their specific applications. Catch new episodes every Wednesday.

By John Buie, LaboratoryApp

WHAT THE FORCE ? A Star Wars Show show

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WHAT THE FORCE? A VERY META STAR WARS PODCAST. We will explore not only the movies, associated canon of Star Wars from an intersectional perspective. The Show, and @wtforceshow are hosted by Marie-Claire Gould. The show is exploring what the force Star Wars is this all about.

By WHAT THE FORCE ? A Star Wars Show

The Glossy Beauty Podcast show

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The Glossy Beauty Podcast is the newest podcast from Glossy. Each 30-minute episode features candid conversations about how today’s trends, such as CBD and self-care, are shaping the future of the beauty and wellness industries. With a unique assortment of guests, The Glossy Beauty Podcast provides its listeners with a variety of insights and approaches to these categories, which are experiencing explosive growth. From new retail strategies on beauty floors, to the importance of filtering skincare products through crystals, this show sets out to help listeners understand everything that is going on today, and prepare for what will show up in their feeds tomorrow.

By Glossy

Shopify drop ship store  show

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If you are looking for the clothing wholesaler who can provide you inventory access that you will dropship on your shopify store then contact My Online Fashion Store.

By Robert King